Beat Saber Adds 90Hz Support for the Oculus Quest 2

A new update for Beat Saber has added 90Hz support for the Oculus Quest 2. The version is v1.13.2 and it was pushed out this morning, January 21st.

90 Hz refresh rates is one of the biggest new features in the Oculus Quest 2 over the original hardware. This update adds the support for all Quest 2 headsets, while Quest 1 users will still see the same 72 Hz as before. A higher refresh rate allows for smoother motion and less flicker in the display. It is helpful in games such as Beat Saber, which contains fast motion during gameplay.

Also introduced in the latest new update is a feature that allows you to jump into Beat Saber multiplayer with your Oculus friends faster. This feature is only for the Oculus version of the game and not the Steam VR or Playstation VR versions. PSVR users are still waiting for multiplayer support as well, which was announced as coming in early 2021.

The latest v1.13.2 version does not work with BMBF, the popular tool for adding custom songs to Beat Saber. If you use custom songs in the game, DO NOT update to the latest version.

We will lets users know when it is safe to upgrade in our Beat Saber custom songs guide.

Custom songs on Beat Saber allow you to play the latest Taylor Swift, Drake, Marshmello, or Five Finger Death Punch songs in Beat Saber. Doing this allows your Beat Saber song list to grow into hundreds of real life tracks easily! This is one of the reasons why the game is one of the most popular Oculus apps of all time.

For all versions of the game, the new update adjusts the No Fail modifier to be a 0.5x multiplier only after you deplete all your energy. It also brings back player statistics

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