Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games to Play

Magic Guardian

Price = $5

Magic Guardian is a wizard tower defense game. You have to deploy spells and attacks with your magic wand and deflect enemy attacks. There are three temples in the game that you have to defend. The game features an adventure mode where you have to face different tests and a resistance survival mode.

Click here to view Magic Guardian

Magic Guardian Gameplay - Oculus Go / VR / May 2019

Maloka (Beta)

Price = FREE

Maloka is a VR meditation experience on a private island. You have to use your mind to make your island flourish and grow. The app is designed to help you create a long-term and consistent meditation practice.

Click here to view Maloka (Beta)

MarineVerse Cup

marineverse cup vr app lab game

Price = $20

MarineVerse Cup is a VR sailing game! You get to learn how to sail and race in different locations and various sailboats. MarineVerse has an active VR sailing community that enjoys playing together and interacting.

The game features a good tutorial to get you started in the game. There are time trials available with global leaderboards for each race. Multiplayer racing against other players is available with a MarineVerse “Sailing Pass”. The Sailing Pass is available on Patron for $9 per month.

MarineVerse has set up legitimate eSports tournaments using the game.

Click here to play MarineVerse Cup for the Oculus Quest.

MarineVerse Cup Alpha Oculus Quest VR Sailing Game SideQuest Review and Gameplay

Master of the Tattooverse

Price = FREE

Master of the Tattooverse is a VR tattoo App Lab game! Pick up a tattoo gun and take care of your parlour. Answer spcial requests from clients and tattoo your art on your body. The game features a progression system where you unlock new tattoo machines, inks, and accessories. The game is fun and casual and this is the demo to a full release in the future.

Click here to view Master of the Tattooverse.

TATTOO SIMULATOR VR // Master of The Tattooverse Quest 2 Gameplay // Giving Tattoos in VR!

Metal Multiball

Price = $4

Metal Multiball is a unique VR game that is a mix between pinball, Guitar Hero, and pong. It is a celebration of metal music where you have to hit balls to activate your riffs. There is a global leaderboard you can play to be on and the game works both sanding or seated.

Click here to view Metal Multiball.

Metal Multiball VR | AppLab | Gameplay | Oculus Quest 2

Minsar Studio

Price = FREE

Minsar Studio helps developers create interactive and engaging augmented and virtual reality experiences. You can import your 2D or 3D images, videos, and sounds and then use the software to design experience for mixed reality.

Once you are done, you can export your product to social media, your website, app, or another device.

Click here to view Minsar Studio.

Minsar Studio #GoBeyondReality: The Retail Experience


Price = $5

Monkeybrain is a VR memory game. Remember where the numbers are and turn around your discs in the correct order to pass each level. The game gets harder as you pass each level and it is completely procedurally generated and random.

Click here to view MonkeybrainVR.


Price = FREE

MRRox is a professional virtual platform for events, exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences. It is available for PC, cell phone, Microsoft HoloLens, and virtual reality.

Brands and companies can use MRRox to host their events on the platform. Then, consumers log into the app to interact with others and take in the event.

Click here to view MRRox.


multibrush oculus app lab game

Multibrush is a fork of the now open source for for TiltBrush. The game includes multiplayer implementation, letting you play, create, and enjoy art with your friends.

In Tiltbrush, you have a 3D canvas to create art. Draw objects in 3D with a variety of different tools, shapes, and colors. In multiplayer mode, you join in a single room with your friends and hang out while you create are together.

Click here to try out Multibrush.

MultiBrush - Free Tilt Brush Multiplayer App for Oculus Quest

Mythic Mage

Price = FREE

Mythic Mage is an action game that takes place in a procedurally generated world. This means that the game is generated in your room-scale guardian in a 1:1 scale so that you can walk around.

As you explore your dungeon, you have to battle monsters and practice your attack skills. The game features RPG components such as levelling up and earning more attacks and weapons.

Click here to view Mythic Mage.

Mythic Mage Dungeon Crawler for Oculus Quest. Early access sword and sorcery game from SideQuest.


Price = FREE

Nanome is a tool for global real-time collaboration using Virtual Reality from general chemistry to pharmaceutical drug discovery. You can build your own molecular structures or explore a DNA strand. Import your own structures from RCSB Protein Databank, Pubchem, or Drugbank. Then, you can manipulate the structure by grabbing it and manipulating it in VR.

Click here to view Nanome.

Nanome | Virtual Reality Tools for Drug Discovery

Neon Blast VR

Price = $3

Neon Blast VR is an endless shooter App Lab game. You have to shoot different neon enemies with your blaster gun. Visual sound effects make this game look and feel gorgeous. Time is limited, so make sure you shoot enemies and keep your high score up.

Click here to view Neon Blast VR

Neon Blast VR | App Lab | 3 Hidden Game Keys | Gameplay | Oculus Quest 2

Neon Sprint

Price = $6

Neon Sprint is a unique animal riding game for virtual reality. Jump on a horse and ride through a neon environment. Dodge obstacles, sprint over walls, and increase your speed as you go. The game is fast paced but does not give you motion sickness. There is a campaign mode and an endless mode to explore.

Click here to view Neon Sprint

Neon Sprint Gameplay On The Oculus Quest


Price = $3

Nikakudori is a puzzle game similar to Mah-jong where you have to clear matching tiles off of a game board. The Nikakudori VR game features 18 different game levels and a high score tracker. It is easy to learn how to play, but hard to master. The game is fun and casual.

Click here to view Nikakudori

Nikakudori - VR [Oculus Go]


Price = FREE

NoMeN1VR is a 360 experience movie. We don’t have any other information about the movie and it is Japanese language.

Click here to view NoMeN1VR.

NP Skills Lab

Price = FREE

NP Skills Lab is a learning application for nurse practitioner students. Using the Oculus Quest, nurses can practice their hands on learning in a safe and virtual environment.

Click here to view NP Skills Lab.

NP Skills Labs - Endotracheal Intubation Demo

Occupational Safety and Health for Electricians

Price = FREE

Occupational Safety and Health is a training program for Electricians to teach them the safety of working on electrical equipment in VR. This training covers key electrical safety topics such as isolation of energy, hazard identification, use of PPE, and other key topics.

Click here to view Occupational Safety and Health for Electricians

Occupational Safety and Health Training in Virtual Reality


Price = $6

OceanCraft is a VR survival game that takes place on a boat in the ocean. Your job is to survive by crafting, building, growing food, and other things. You can play on your own or with your friends in the game’s cross-play multiplayer.

This is an early access game, but new features and mechanics are being added regularly. You can play in public and private games and full voice chat is supported.

Click here to play the OceanCraft App Lab game.

SURVIVING on a RAFT but it's in VR! (OceanCraft VR)

Omagatoki VR

Price = FREE

Omagatoki VR is a samurai action game. You play a blind female samurai who has to face bandits, warriors, and other samurais. The game has a unique artistic style worth checking out. In the game, you play in an endless mode until you die. The game has a local leaderboard.

Click here to view Omagatoki VR.


Omega Blade

Price = $5

Omega Blade is an action VR game that features several different challenges. You are armed with a set of blades or guns and must hack or shoot your way through each level. Some levels require you to be accurate and precise, and others have you swinging through bad guys as fast as possible.

The game features challenges and leaderboards to keep you hooked. It is a nice showcase of close, medium, and long range contact in virtual reality.

Click here to check out Omega Blade.

Omega Blade VR, The Very BEST Retro Shooter! | Oculus Quest 2 via SideQuest

Open Brush

Price = FREE

Open Brush is another open source fork of the Tilt Brush code. You have a 3D canvas to create art and you can draw objects in 3D with a variety of different tools, shapes, and colors.

Click here to view Open Brush.


Price = $8

OPERATION SERPENS is an arcade-style shooting game. If you are looking for fast-paced action and a challenging VR shooting game, you will want to check this out. In the game, you play on an elite squad formed to dismantle the evil Snakes organization. Each level has different challenges and scenarios to complete.

SERPENS has lots of guns, grenades, flashbangs, and other weapons to use. There is also a Zombies survival mode. It also has bHaptics full body suit support too. Check it out today!

Click here to view OPERATION SERPENS.


Oxygen Dreams

Price = $3

Oxygen Dreams is a VR platform App Lab game. It looks and feels like a first-person version of old Super Nintendo platform games. You have to move, jump, and shoot your way through each level. There are mini-puzzles like switches to arm and disarm.

Click here to view Oxygen Dreams.

Oxygen Dreams - Gear VR - Gameplay


Price = $10

Pangman is a VR platform App Lab game. When alien spheres from outer space invades, Pandman is called on to burst spheres using his pair of guns. Your guns transform into hooks when you throw them. Pangman features 140 different levels to complete and work your way through. There is also a multiplayer game with up to 8 players.

Click here to view Pangman.

Click here to view the Pangman demo.

Pangman - 2 Minute Review


Price = Free

Paradiddle is a VR drum kit. Learn how to play drums in virtual reality. The game features over 25 different percussion instruments that you can arrange and set up as you want. Each instrument has realistic sound.

Paradiddle features the ability to load any song or audio file into your Oculus Quest and play it back in the app. You can also save and load different drunk kits depending on what style you are playing.

Click here to view Paradiddle.

American Idiot - Drum Cover in VR (Paradiddle)

Pavlov Shack Beta

pavlov vr fortnite alternative

Price = FREE

Pavlov Shack is a realistic VR military game. It is a multiplayer shooter with realistic weapon mechanics and various maps. Gameplay is 4 vs 4 and there are some different game modes to try out.

Pavlov Shack is one of the most popular Oculus Quest games available. It was traditionally only available through SideQuest, but is now an App Lab game. There are plans to launch the final version in the Oculus store later in 2021 for $25.

Click here to view Pavlov Shack Beta

Pavlov shack build 23, TTT mode, in depth look and review at one of the most popular VR shooters

Peco Peco

Price = $10

Peco Peco is the third jigsaw puzzle game added into the App Store (after Puzzling Places and Jigsaw360). in addition to a collection of puzzles included in the game, you can also cut your own custom ones for friends as a gift.

Peco Peco features over 24 different puzzles to complete, each with multiple puzzle cuts. You can also create your own puzzles for your family and friends.

The game physics in Peco Peco work and feel great. Pieces can be manipulated and snapped together with ease. Sounds and animations make your experience even better.

Click here to view Peco Peco.

Peco Peco - Lighthouse puzzle (Mixed Reality) (Quest 2)

PentaPuzzle Demo

Price = FREE

PentaPuzzle is a tetris-style game where you have to complete puzzles using 12 unique five-square shapes. The demo contains 12 puzzles for you to work your way through. Select your shape and place it onto your board. Complete the level to move on to the next. PentaPuzzle features a unique and original soundtrack.

Click here to view PentaPuzzle Demo.


Price = $10

PePiBo is a pinata bowling game. You play young Peregrino, tasked with saving the island from the ancient Lava Dragon. The storyline is fun and mostly unimportant, used to have you bowl different pinatas for points. Each level must be cleared out similar to Angry Birds, using a limited number of balls. There are different power-ups like explosions to help you clear levels.

Click here to view PePiBo.

PEPIBO - Release Trailer + Gameplay

Percussive VR

Price = $30

Percussive VR is a set of virtual instruments that you can play accurately in virtual reality! Some of the instruments included are:

  • Marimba
  • Xylophone
  • Vibraphone
  • Steelpan
  • Glockenspiel

You can import sheet music into the game and play them. Each instrument has adjustable heights and other features that make them realistic. Percussive VR is one of the most expensive App Lab games, but a lot of fun if you are a musical person.

Click here to play Percussive VR.

Kokiri Forest (Cover) - Percussive VR

Perpetuum Mobile

Price = FREE

Perpetuum Mobile is a vector graphics game in virtual reality. You play a pilot on that has to fly through tunnels of doom and destroy an army of villains. Navigate the max and stay safe while you shoot and battle enemies.

Click here to view the Perpetuum Mobile App Lab game.

Perpetuum Mobile , My Game For The #highjam Atari remakes Game Jam

Phases of the Moon

Price = FREE

Phases of the Moon is a VR experience. You travel through a three-dimensional poem that you fly through as you read it. The story is about a toxic love story and it is told through 60 different chapters. It’s a non-game App Lab experience worth trying out.

Click here to view Phases of the Moon.

What are the Lunar Phases of the Moon? | 360 | VR |

Pick-Up League Hockey

pick-up league hockey oculus app lab game

Price = FREE

Pick-Up League Hockey is a hockey VR game with realistic physics and a full-sized rink to play on. It is a 3 vs 3 multiplayer VR game.

Pick-Up League Hockey features realistic skating and braking features. You can stick handle with single and dual hands too. Outside of the 3 vs 3 games, you can practice shooting and puck handling. This will let you get used to the controls before you play. Any hockey fans should give this one a try today.

Click here to play Pick-Up Hockey.

Pick-up League Hockey 2020 - VR Trailer

Pipe Dream Co.

Price = $10

Pipe Dream Co is a VR puzzle game based on similar mobile games of the past. You have to add, remove, and rearrange pipes in order to keep the water flowing smooth from the tap to the drain. You are scored based on your time and number of pieces you use. There are also multiple game modes to check out. Pipe Dream Co is a new game, designed for the Oculus Quest.

Click here to view Pipe Dream Co.

Pipe Dream Co. | Oculus Quest Launch Trailer

PLAY’A Video Player

Price = FREE

PLAY’A Video Player is a popular third party media player for VR. It has a simple interface, can play any media file, and is a great alternative or supplement to the official Oculus Browser. You can adjust the zoom, tilt, pan, and other parts of VR videos. It Is popular for adult VR content.

Click here to view PLAY’A Video Player.

PLAY'A VR Video Player


Price = FREE

POLINATOR PARK is a tech demo about a future Europe in the year 2050. It is a crossover between a zoo, theme park, museum, and crystal ball. The experience lasts between 20 to 30 minutes and shows off the park through the story of its founder.

Click here to play POLLINATOR PARK.

Pollinator Park trailer


Price = $8

Pong is a classic game where you have to use paddles to redirect balls and destroy bricks. Each level has bricks setup in a different way. There are different power-ups and special powers that help you pass each level faster. This version of the game has been redesigned for virtual reality.

Click here to view Pong

Power Force

Price = FREE

Power Force is an endless shooting game in space. Control your turret gut and other weapons and stop aliens from attacking your ship. Each alien has a different attack and they come from every side. The game features six different levels that you have to pass. Then, there is a gigantic alien spaceship to defeat as the final boss.

Click here to view Power Force

Feeling the Power Force VR on Oculus Quest


Price = FREE

Presence is an App Lab meditation space where you can lose yourself and find yourself. Each environment in Presense is designed to invoke your sense and lift you up into a dream state. Feel anticipation, serenity, creativity, and achievement.

Click here to view Presence.

Private Agent

Price = $5

Private Agent is a VR shooting game. You are a secret agent asked to destroy a crime organization called Echidna. Switch between weapons and conquer the boss in each stage. Private Agent has simple controls and is easy to learn. There is no need to reload or learn difficult actions.

Click here to view Private Agent.

VR Gun Shooting Game "Private Agent" (Play Demo)

Project Fairwinds

Price = FREE

Project Fairwinds is a recreation of the famous Walt Disney attraction at the World’s Fair in New York. The Tower of the Four Winds was a marquee sculpture designed as the visual marker for it’s a small world, a robust mobile that rose high above most of the Fair. 

Click here to view Project Fairwinds.

Defunct Disney Attractions Recreated in VR

Project Snowflake

Price = FREE

Project Snowflake is a VR documentary film about the Adventure Thru Inner Space ride at Disneyland. The ride sought to use the tools of cinematic set design to explore the lessons of science, with massive structures representing water molecules and elaborate projection revealing the microscopic world of the atom. The ride was developed during Walt Disney’s final years and you can view the entire history in this experience.

Click here to view Project Snowflake.

Defunct Disney Attractions Recreated in VR

Project Z

Price = $4

Project Z is a zombie survival game! After waking up in a zombie infested hospital, you have to escape by moving your way around the hospital and solving puzzles. Find keys, lock zombies in rooms, lure them towards you, and outsmart them.

This Prroject Z App Lab game demo has 14 levels and over an hour of play time.

Click here to view Project Z.

Pub Darts

Price = $5

Pub Darts is a realistic darts game. You can play solo or invite a friend to join you for a match. The game has been calibrated to feature accurate dart throwing and board response. Pub Darts features both left and right handed playing. Like real darts, games are played from 501 points down.

Click here to view Pub Darts.

Pub Darts VR / Oculus Quest 2 [App Lab] / Deutsch / First Impression / Spiele / Test / Quest 2021

Puzzling Places

puzzling places oculus app lab game

Price = FREE

Puzzling Places is a 3D jigsaw puzzle App Lab game. You put together miniature landmarks from around the world which have been created in puzzle form. Puzzling Places can be played seated, standing, and at full roomscale.

Puzzles in the game are generated from unique photogrammetry 3D scans. Each piece you place together adds to the unique and immersive soundscape in the game. It works similarly to Tetris Effect, which has a similar feature.

Puzzling Places started with a 98 piece puzzle of the Tatev monastery in Armenia, but is being updated with new content to check out. Now that it is an App Lab game, we hope to see new updates and features coming soon.

Click here to play Puzzling Places.

Puzzling Places on Quest 2

Quest For Runia

Price = $10

Quest For Runia is a puzzle game wheer you have to break all the barriers in each level with a fixed number of shots. Your aim is to find the most effective way to solve the puzzle by destroying as many cubes as possible with one shot and clear the entire barriers. Earn three stars in every level by finding the most effective way to finish it.

click here to play Quest For Runia.

Quest for Runia - First 30 levels - VR

Quill Interactions: Stone Age Racing

Price = FREE

Quill Interactions is a unique indy-style racing game. The game was designed in Oculus Quill, an animated tool from Oculus built to empower artists and creators. Race hard, navigate, and interact with the environment like never before.

Click here to view Quill Interactions: Stone Age Racing

Discovering some Stone Age Racing On Oculus Quest

QOR (QuestORama)

Price = FREE

QuestORama is an action-adventure game where you play a computer virus. You are sent by hackers to take down a server from the inside. Climb, hook, and jump your way around each node of the server, stealing data and bringing the whole thing down. Each level is procedurally generated, so things are random each time. You can slow down time and other stunts as you play.

Click here to view QOR (QuestORama).

QuestORama Promo (v0.2.9)

Range Day VR

Price = $18

Range Day is a VR shooting game simulator. You visit a gun range and select your firearm from a list of authentic options. Then, you get to shoot your guns in different indoor and outdoor ranges. Over 40 guns are supported. Range Day is going to eventually launch as a single player game, before implementing cross-platform multiplayer as well.

Click here to view Range Day VR.

Range Day VR All guns (Oculus Quest Gameplay)


Price = $20

RealFit is a VR workout game that will have your heartrate up and body active. You choose from a bunch of different bodyweight workouts which focus on specific body parts. There are also gamified modes where you play games in VR while you work out.

RealFit has support for multiple user profiles. It also features stat tracking so that you can keep track of your workouts.

Click here to view the RealFit Oculus App Lab game.

5th test run of RealFit VR (Take 2)

Realms of Eternity

Price = $10

Realms of Eternity is a combat game inspired by titles such as “Blade of the Darkness”, “Dark Messiah”, and “Thief”. You have access to different kinds of weapons, whichi you can use to complete different levels and challenges. Each quest can be solved using force or stealth, so you can play the game how you want.

Realms of Eternity is in active development and the physics are being tweaked regularly for user experience.

Click here to play Realms of Eternity.

Realms Of Eternity - 2021 Update

Reflecto Ray

Price = FREE

Reflecto Ray is a VR puzzle game involving mirrors. You have to guide a ray into the final destination by using mirror reflections. The game features multiple levels, more of which are being added over time.

Click here to view Reflecto Ray.

Reflecto Ray - Official Trailer


Price = $10

REFLEX UNIT 2 is the sequel to the first action game. When an army of drones attacks cities around the globe, you have to pilot war plans and fight back invading forces. The game features a 1 or 2 player campaign mode and 2-4 play verses and survival modes.

REFLEX UNIT 2 is completely cross-platform between iOS, Android, Oculus, and Nintendo Switch. You can play with your VR motion controllers or with a Bluetooth controller such as the xBOX Game Controller.

Click here to play REFLEX UNIT 2.

Reflex Unit 2 VR Gameplay Oculus Quest


Price = Free

Remio is a virtual business headquarters for companies to use in virtual reality. Businesses can use Remio to collaborate, work, or relax. Teammates join the same office in Remio and collaborate using whiteboards, presentation rooms, and public and private offices.

The team can also play activities together such as paintball, tower defense, basketball, hide-and-seek, and more. There are also Yoga and Tron rooms too. Everything is built for 4 or more people.

Click here to view Remio.

Remio - Team Building and Engagement in VR

Repeat Please

Price = FREE

Repeat Please is an action and puzzle game based off of Superhot VR Time only moves in the game when you do. Defeat enemies using punches and weapons. Work through each level and figure out how to win.

Click here to view Repeat Please.

Repeat Please - Official Trailer


Prrice = $1

Resilience is a unique VR game that takes place in the year 2043. You control a rebellion drone and you have to rid the world of sentinel robots. Each level is procedurally generated, making over 10,000 different combinations.. Hoist yourself higher to eliminate the sentinels and avoid their deadly absorbing rays.

Resilience is unique, progressively difficult, and fun to play, It has a retro gameplay style and a world ranking to track your progress.

Click here to view Resilience.

Resilience VR Gameplay - FREE Sidequest Game Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay

Resonark X Lite

Price = $13

Resonark X Lite is a VR rhythm game, similar to Beat Saber. You use your hands to clap and manipulate six strings. The stage direction changes depending on your performance. Resonark features electronic music, trance, instrumental, techno, and ambient music. Each song has three different difficulty levels and each chart is created by hand.

Click here to view Resonark X Lite.

VR music game Resonark X

Rest in Pieces

Price = $4

Rest in Pieces is a monster combat game with high quality graphics and gameplay. You have to save the earth by battling hordes of undead monsters and demons. The game features over 20 weapons, from knives to guns, that you can choose from and upgrade their stats while you play. There are multiple mission types and horde levels, giving  the game high replay value.

Rest in Pieces features realistic blood and gore. There are global leaderboards to compete with other players on and different difficulty levels for each mission. The game is full of features and for a really reasonable price.

Click here to play Rest in Pieces.

Rest in Pieces Oculus Quest FPS game. Horror wave shooter for Oculus Quest. Gameplay and review.

Revolver Widow

Price = $2

Revolver Widow is a wild west shooting game. Armed with a revolver, you have to pass eight different shootouts. The boss of each level is one of the fastest gunfighters from the old west. The game features simple graphics and atmospheres, but realistic gun physics. Speed and accuracy are important if you want to win.

Click here to view Revolver Widow.

Revolver Widow - Gameplay and Commentary - Oculus Go Getters

Rhythm ‘n Bullets

rhythm 'n bullets oculus app lab game

Price = $9.99

Rhythm ‘n Bullets is a musical shooting game where your hands become starfighters that shoot orbs. Enemies fly in around you travelling to your core. You have to shoot them before you die.

Each level in the game is timed to the music and you get more points if you shoot on beat. There are power-ups to collect as you play too. Rhythm ‘n Bullets also features a multi-level campaign mode. It has a global leaderboard so you can compare your stats verses other Oculus Quest players.

Four different themes are included in the game: Tech City, Japanese Garden, Galaxy Zone, and Holiday Forest.

Click here to view Rhythm ‘n Bullets on the Oculus App Lab Store.

Rhythm 'n Bullets - Oculus Quest

Rodent People: Origins

Price = $10

Rodent People is a VR escape room game. You play a human-rat hybrid who has to solve puzzles and escape from jail in a number of different missions.

Rodent People is best experienced in multiplayer mode with three of your friends. You can solve missions together and work together to escape. You do have the option of playing the game on your own too.

Click here to view Rodent People: Origins on the App Lab.

Rodent People: Origins Official Trailer

Roll or Die!

Price = $3

Roll or Die is a VR platform game with unique VR mechanics. You are in a giant hamster ball that you spin with your hands to move. Escape eah level as fast as you can, grabbing gems along the way. Some levels have unique details, special gem, and other surprises to find.

Click here to view Roll or Die!

Roll or Die (VR) - Level 2 (for Oculus Quest, Go, and PC VR on

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