Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games to Play

Sea Level Rise Explorer: Elkhorn Slough

Price = FREE

Sea Level Rise Explorer is an educational 360 video through Elkhorn Slough, the 3rd largest extent of salt marsh in California. This experience summarizes the key findings from the Central Coast Highway 1 Climate Resilience Study. The developers hope it will shed some light on similar planning related to transportation and natural resource issues in face of climate change and sea-level rise.

Click here to view Sea Level Rise Explorer: Elkhorn Slough.

Sea Level Rise Explorer Elkhorn : Slough,CA on Gear VR

Seas the Day!

Price = FREE

Seas the Day is a relaxing island adventure in virtual reality. Explore the island and find different activities to try such as rowing, fishing, and tai chi. Seas the Day is brought to you by VR Vision, who has plans to fill out the island with even more adventures.

Click here to view Seas the Day!

Seas The Day - An Immersive Experience for People Living with Dementia using Virtual Reality

Sense Arena

Price = FREE

Sense Arena is a hockey goaltender training game. You play a hockey goalie and you have to stop the puck from reaching the back of the net in a variety of different skill tests. The tests will help improve reaction time, play tracking, puck tracking, and active hands. It will help develop your cognitive skills and concentration.

Sense Arena has videos from real hockey organizations and is marketed as a true goaltending assistant.

Click here to play the Sense Arena App Lab game.


Price = FREE

SENTIO VR is a platform for the construction industry. Consultants can upload their 2D floorplans, renders, and walkthroughs for their customers to look at in virtual reality. It helps consultants get more work and helps projects be more on time and accurate.

Click here to view SENTIO VR.

How to use SENTIO VR app

Sep’s Diner

Price = $8.99

Sep’s Diner is a restaurant simulator game similar to Cook-Up and other classics. In each level, you have to serve customers by creating burgers that match their requests. You have to finish up your orders before time runs out.

There are over 30 different combinations for recipes to create and over 12 levels to master and complete. Sep’s Diner has beautiful scenery and colored lights.

Click here to view the Sep’s Diner Oculus App Lab game.

Sep's Diner - Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay and Review - SideQuest


Price = $10

SETVR is a self defense training platform. This App Lab game teaches you martial arts and self-defence techniques. SETVR uses hand-to-hand combat to train your muscle memory and reaction time.

Click here to view SETVR.

SETVR Introduction

Shelley’s Creation

Price = $5

Shelley’s Creation is a documentary about the making of the book Frankenstein. You travel to 1816 when author Mary Shelley started her novel. You find yourself part of the story and you have to make choices that take you down different paths. It is a unique gaming and movie hybrid experience.

Click here to view Shelley’s Creation

Shmupper (Demo)

Price = FREE

Shmupper is a retro-style space shooting game. You control a space ship and shoot at different waves of enemies. The twist to the game is that the movement of your ship happens through the movement of your body. You lean or step forward, backward, left, or right to move as you shoot.

Click here to play Shmupper.

SHMUPPER Pre-Release Demo Gameplay

Shooting Therapy

Price = $5

Shooting Therapy is a zero gravity shooting App Lab game. It has accurate physics integration and collisions. You can play seated on your couch, where your living room is transformed into a space station with low orbit view. Slow time, ricochet bullets, select a sword, and blow up debris around you.

Click here to view Shooting Therapy.

Shooting Therapy - VR Shooting Physics Simulation Sandbox Game for Oculus Quest


Price = $4

Shoottris is a twist on the classic Tetris game. However, you can shape each piece how you want by destroying the blocks you don’t want. You use your motion controller to point and shoot at pieces falling down onto your game board.

Click here to view Shoottris.

Shoottris - Oculus Go & Gear VR - Gameplay & Review


Price = FREE

SHOWSTAGE is a Japanese VR live service. The company manages the virtual live space and you can log in to view live productions and performances.

Click here to view SHOWSTAGE.

にじさんじ2周年全国ツアー真最中!ちょっと合間に「電流金網 JK組お花見配信」告知映像

Showtime VR

Price = FREE

Showtime VR is a remote management app for many VR headsets at one time. Showtime is a 360 degree play that can view videos and panoramic photos. The controller app gets installed on a tablet, PC, or Mac. Then, you can synchronize content to play on each headset at the exact same time.

Showtime VR is perfect for business presentations which must be synced or for training purposes.

Click here to view Showtime VR.

Showtime VR installation / operation manual

SimLab VR Viewer

Price = FREE

SimLab is a viewer for VR content such as 3D models and 360 images and videos. You can create content using the SimLab Componer tool and then view the result in this view. You can also import 3D objects created in other applications such as SketchUp, Rrevit, Rhino, SolidWorks, Inventor, or AutoCAD.

Click here to view SimLab VR Viewer.

Simple Theremin

Price = FREE

Simple Theremin is a VR musical instrument simulator that allows musicians to play a Theremin. You can use hand tracking or your touch controllers to play. There are four different waveforms to choose from and reverb adjustment, so that you can create your own sound. Simple Theremin also has a “live mode”, where you can connect your Quest headset output into an amplifier for live performances.

Click here to view Simple Theremin.

VR Theremin (Simple Theremin)

Sky Squadron

Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games to Play

Price = FREE

Sky Squadron is an action flying Oculus App Lab game. You control Keith Koala, assigned to defend your island from ruthless villains who are trying to invade. You fly around and use your guns to aim and shoot. Sky Squadron is based on classic rail-shooter games (similar to Pistol Whip and other Beat Saber alternatives).

Sky Squadron features online co-op mode and global leaderboards. There are branching missions with different objectives to complete.

Click here to play Sky Squadron.

Co-op Sky Squadron VR Playtest (Review and Gameplay)

Solicitude Wake-Up

Price = $4.99

Solicitude Wake-Up is a 2021 VR horror game. You wake up in a dark operating room in an abandoned research facility. Your job is to escape out of the building unharmed.

As you start to move around, you will hear voices and noises that help and hurt your chances to escape. The only thing you have with you is a flashlight and you need to find batteries to keep it working.

Click here to view Solicitude Wake-Up.

Solicitude Wake-up VR Review & Gameplay - A Horror Survival Game

Shinobi Breaker

shinobi breaker oculus app lab game

Shinobi Breaker is an action game in space. You play a space ninja who has to defeat monsters that want to bring harm to the universe. It is similar to the classic brick-breaker game but in full virtual reality.

Your weapon of choice is a sword and you have to use it to slice shooting ninja stars and other attacks. Shinobi Breaker features classic-style graphics. Similar to games like Fruit Ninja VR, your task if to last as long as you can.

Click here to view the Shinobi Breaker Oculus App Lab game.

[VRgame]Shinobi Breaker PV

Smash Drums

smash drums oculus app lab game

Price = FREE

Smash Drums is an Oculus App Lab game that turns you into a drummer. It is a combination of Beat Saber and Rock Band adapted for VR. Right now, the game is a demo that includes one rock song to play.

More features and songs are being worked on. When the full game launches, it will contain 21 indie rock songs. No word on whether custom song support will be available, a popular feature on Beat Saber and Synth Riderz.

Click here to play the Smash Drums App lab game.

Smash Drums VR Demo Playthrough On The Oculus Quest

Space Shooter

Price = $3

Space Shooterr is a classic arcade shooting game similar to Galaxia or Galactica. You have to fly your ship in virtual reality while attacking and destroying enemies with your infinite bullets. Dodge enemy fire and defeat every level.

Click here to view Space Shooter.

Virtual Reality Game | Space Shooter VR - Oculus RIFT Game

Space Junk

Price = $4

Space Junk is an arcade shooter game where you shoot and magnetize space junk! There are over 20 different levels to play through and a high score system for you to beat. This demo has about 1 hour of gameplay.

Click here to view Space Junk.

Space Junk (2019) 720p VR version

Space Slurpies

Price = $7

Space Slurpies is a virtual reality snake game. Your hand is the head of a snake, which grows are you move around and eat food. You have to complete each level without running into yourself. There are over 20 unique maps to play and try out.

Space Slurpies also features cross-platform multiplayer, so you can play against friends. There are options to customize your snake as well.

Click here to view Space Slurpies.

SPACE SLURPIES IS SNAKE VR! // Space Slurpies Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay // Snake Nokia 3310 VR!

Space Walk VR Experience

Price = $7

Space Walk is a unique VR experience where you get to feel what space is like in virtual reality. There are three different adventure levels included in the game, including orbiting the earth, floating around the Space Station, and saving the world.

Space Walk VR Experience can cause motion sickness, so beware if you can’t handle that. Otherwise, there are plenty of levels and things to explore in this game.

Click here to view Space Walk VR Experience.

SpaceWalk VR Experience for Oculus Quest, Quest 2 and Go.

Spark AR Player

spark ar player app lab game

Price = FREE

Spark AR Player lets you view all of your creations from Spark AR Studio in a virtual environment. You can choose from indoor and outdoor locations like an art gallery or a beach. You can change lighting conditions to simulate different times of the day. It is an accurate demo of seeing how your AR experiences will look.

Spark AR Studio is a tool to create augmented reality experiences. It has templates and asset libraries that you can use create different AR effects. Sparks can be shared on Facebook to reach billions of different people.

Spark is a Facebook creation that helps to develop their future mixed reality framework. This Oculus App Lab game player is a good demo of where the technology is going in the future.

Click here to check out the Spark AR Player.

#SparkARQuickTips v106

Special Delivery

Price = $10

Special Delivery is a VR paper delivery game. You have to grow your subscribers and expand your paper route by delivering on-time and accurately. Special Delivery is a seated game with comfortable bicycle locomotion.

Special Delivery features 28 game days with gradual progression in difficulty. As the levels get harder, you have to dodge objects like dogs, grannies, tornadoes, and more. There are four neighborhood sections in the game. This is afully-featured App Lab game worth trying out today.

Click here to view Special Delivery.

Special Delivery (PSVR) Review

Speed Cube

Price = $5

Speed Cube is a Rubik’s Cube game for virtual reality. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to solve a cube, this is the best way to learn how. The game features both free play and a competitive global leaderboard. It will guide you how to solve cubes so that you can learn while you play.

Click here to view the Speed Cube App Lab game.

Spice & Wolf VR2

Price = $25

Spice & Wolf VR2 is a VR animated experience. It is a sequel to the original Spice and Wolf. The story is 30 minutes long and has an interactive game component to it.

In Spice & Wolf 2, you watch a story about a traveling merchant named Lawrence who settles down with the wolf goddess Holo to open a bathhouse. One day, as Lawrence is going about his fur side business to further fill the family’s coffers, a slight incident occurs.

Click here to view Spide & Wolf VR2.

【Spice & Wolf VR 2】 Full Story | No Commentary 1440p

Sploder Golferoni

Price = FREE

Sploder Golferoni is a simple and goofy VR golf demo. You have to hit golf balls from a driving range. There are giants standing in your way, which you can slice in half with your shot. You collect points for hitting targets and the game keeps track of your high score.

Click here to view Sploder Golferoni.

Splunk VR

Price = FREE

Splunk VR is a data analysis tool that allows you to create KPIs and dashboards in full virtual reality. You can create graphs, charts, and other data tools. Manipulate your canvas how you want and present business information like never before.

Click here to view Splunk VR.

Experience your data in 3D with Splunk VR

Sport Mode

Price = $10

Sport Mode is the sequel to Physics Playground, and is an open sandbox where your creativity is the limit. You can spawn and create objects, weapons, characters, and props. Create levels, fight enemies, and beat your highest score.

In the future, Sport Mode has a bunch of features planned. Physics-driven puzzles will be added, plus online leaderboards and new levels to play.

Click here to view Sport Mode.

Sport Mode VR - First Impressions for BONEWORKS like game?!

Stardust VR

Price = $6

Stardust VR is an action App Lab game inspired by Space Invaders. You have to shoot and dodge enemies around a beautiful floating island. The game features solo, co-op, and versus modes.

Click here to view Stardust VR.

Stardust VR - Oculus Quest Review


Price = FREE

SweeperVR is a virtual reality Minesweeper game. You get to move around your game board in 3D VR and flag, count, and open cells up close. Otherwise if you’ve played the game Minesweeper, all of the same mechanics apply here.

Click here to view SweeperVR.

Not wanting what's mine in SweeperVR on Oculus Quest

Symphony of Stars

Price = $4

Symphony of Stars is a galactic exploration game where you are the pilot of a ship. Fly around and gaze at stars and planets. Engage in combat with enemies, take over planets, and built up your empire. There is a lot of strategy involved in the game and you have to build up resources and make sure your existing planets are defended.

Symphony of Stars has 3 playable factions, each with their own style. Each game map is procedurally-generated and unique. Smart AI features make things difficult and rewards. The game also has online multiplayer with up to 9 other humans.

Click here to view Symphony of Stars.

Synth Riders Demo

Price = FREE

Synth Riders is one of the best Oculus Quest games you can buy. And now, a free demo is available as an App lab game for free.

In Synth Riders, you have to move your hands, which are colorful orbs, to the beat of the music. It is a fun Beat Saber alternative that will have you moving to the beat.The demo features 5 songs, which you can play on all of the difficulty levels. If you buy the full game, you get access to over 67 full songs, plus downloadable content extras.

Click here to play the Synth Riders demo.

TECHNO DANCING IN VR | Synth Riders VR Oculus Quest Review


Price = $25

SynthVR is a fully-functioning synthesizer environment built for virtual reality. It comes with studio-quality synth modules including oscillators, sequencers, effects, logic and more. If you built something cool you can share it in the community. There are over 30 different synth modules to play with. You can also animate the environment with your sounds.

Click here to view SynthVR.

SynthVR Crash Course Tutorial - Confused? Start Here!

The Fight

Price = $5

The Fight is a VR fighting game. You can fight as a boxer or a street fighter against a selection of different opponents.

There is also a training mode too where you can train on different equipment like a heavy bag, speed bag, boxing machine, and more.

Click here to view The Fight.

The Final Overs

the final overs oculus app lab games

Price = FREE

The Final Overs is the first VR Cricket game. It features realistic Cricket gameplay and game modes. T20 mode has been added into the game recently. Final Overs features realistic physics and slow motion replays. You can celebrate on scoring 50 or 100 runs.

The game features six varieties of bowlers, each with a different specialty such as leg-spin, off-spin, or outswing. There are several competitive leaderboards which are separate for each game mode.

Click here to view The Final Overs.

The Final Overs VR Gameplay.

The Knight of Queen

Price = $5

The Knight of Queen is an old school RPG game in full virtual reality. You play the knight of the queen and your job is to fight the Devil King and restore piece. The game has a lot of traditional RPG elements included in it and a turn-based battle system. 

Click here to view The Knight of Queen.

THE KNIGHT OF QUEEN VR (Pre-Release) Review & Gameplay

The Last Shark

Price = FREE

The Last Shark is a stealth action-adventure VR game. You have to protect and rescue the last living sharks on Earth using your two hands. The game features missions above and in the water. You have to infiltrate illegal fishing operations and retrieve information on where sharks are held.

Click here to view The Last Shark.

The Last Shark Demo Gameplay - Quest

The Premium Cube

Price = $1

The Premium Cube is a simple tech demo. It’s a cube.

Click here to view The Premium Cube

The Premium Cube - Out Now on Oculus Quest

The Unity Cube

Price = FREE

The Unity Cube is just that. It is a cube app put onto the App Lab to prove that the review process is largely automated.

Click here to view The Unity Cube

The Viewer

Price = FREE

The Viewer is a companion application for Tvori, which is a 3D application builder. You can control presentations, play animations, switch between scenes, and collaborate with team members in virtual reality. Discuss 3D ideas with your team more easily than ever before. This viewer works on the Oculus Quest, PC VR, and in 2D desktop mode.

Click here to view The Viewer.

Tvori Viewer: collaborative design reviews in VR

Tiny Castles

Price = FREE

Tiny Castles is an action puzzle game that is optimized to utilize hand-tracking on the Oculus Quest. It’s a tech demo project developed internally at Oculus to test necessary interactions for a hands-only game experience.

In Tiny Castles, you play as a powerful god. Your job is to free your believers from the evil god and his minions. You have to advance forward to destroy the obelisk which powers the evil in this world. The game was built to identify the types of game mechanics that could work well with hand-tracking.

So far, the game lacks real challenge and difficulty balancing and focuses more on showcasing a variety of hand interactions instead.

Click here to play Tiny Castles.

Tiny Castles - Oculus Quest 2 Applab Gameplay

To The Top

Price = $20

To The Top is a popular VR platform game that has you swinging and grabbing to complete over 35 levels. It was one of the first non-Oculus Store games for the Quest to achieve success. You can swing, leap, and fly around each level. There are global leaderboards to compete in and 8 player online co-op and race modes too.

Click here to play To The Top.

I FEEL LIKE SPIDERMAN | To The Top #1 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

Touchy Feely

Price = FREE

Touchy Feely is a short hand tracking demo allows you to test out touch response on objects. The end goal of Touchy Feely is a short story about someone packing the apartment of a loved one that has passed away. The game is early in development, so you can download and get in early.

Click here to view Touchy Feely.

Touring Karts PRO

Price = $15

Touring Karts Pro is a Mario-Kart style VR racing game! You can play in three different game modes. There are 22 different tracks to race on and 30 customizable cars to pick from. Step on power-ups and speed boosters and race your way to victory. There are over 500 collectible prizes to collect in both single player and online game modes.

Click here to view Touring Karts Pro.

Click here to try the Touring Karts Pro demo.

Midlife Game-ist VR & Scottish Gamer VR - Touring Karts Pro - Oculus Quest 2 - Multiplayer App Lab

Transformer Oil Sampling VR Training

Price = FREE

Transformer Oil Sampling is a training course for Electricians and Engineers. You have to collect the necessary tools and carry out the procedure for sampling transformer oil out of voltage class 110 kV.

Click here to view Transformer Oil Sampling VR

Transformer Oil Sampling Virtual Reality Training

Trash Gun

Price = $3

Trash Gun is an arcade shooting App Lab game where you have to shoot at and blow up space debris. Use your quick trigger finger to destroy garbage before it crashes into you. Represent the Space Sanitation Department well and go for a high score!

Click here to view Trash Gun.

Travel The Words!

Price = $5

Travel the Words is a VR word search puzzle game. In this App Lab game, you have to search for words in different puzzles. Each puzzle is overlayed into a full 360 degree environment. There are bonus levels and games to play, plus obstacles that try and mess up your flow. A free demo is also available to play!

Click here to view Travel the Words.

Click here to try the demo of Travel the Words.

TripeaksDreamland VR

TripeaksDreamland VR is a complete solitaire game in virtual reality. It features over 150 different levels in three different difficulty modes. You play in your own home environment and your solitaire game appears as an overlay in your house.

Tripeaks features full VR controller support, online high scores, and five different languages.

Click here to view Tripeaksdreamland VR on the App Lab.

TripeaksDreamland VR

Ultra Height: Mist City Climb

Price = $2

Ultra Height Is a different city climbing game. Unlike The Climb 2, this game is much more difficult and a great workout! There are over 40 levels to pass, each one more difficult than the last. You can add sandbags on your wrists and a sand vest to make your workouts harder. This is an awesome arm and upper body workout in VR.

Click here to view Ultra Height: Mist City Climb



Price = $8

Unstung is a fun and unique arcade game where you play the Queen bee. Command your swarm of bees as they grow and work to defend your flowers against an army of bugs. In this App Lab game, you draw zig-zag lines through the air to command your bees. Help he meadow bloom by bringing pollen to flowers, making new bees, and always – protecting the hive from the evil, nosy Lord Mothmer and his bug minions!

Click here to view Unstung.

Unstung VR by Neomajika | Fly, Build, and Protect Your HIVE! BRAND NEW Quest 2 game!


Price = FREE

UPENDERS is a multiplayer shooter game. With shade cell graphics, you have to sneak around corners and attach unsuspecting enemies. Each map is full of twists and turns that you have to strategically navigate around. 

As a twist to the game, you can also warp between floors, walls, and ceilings. Find the best lines of sight and protective cover. One shot is all it takes to kill a player in UPENDERS, so play smart.

Click here to view UPENDERS!


Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games to Play

Price = FREE

V-Speedway is a racing Oculus App Lab game that is easy to play. You drive by grabbing the steering wheel, gear stick, and hand brake to control the car as you race. You can choose between manual or automatic transmission.

V-Speedway receives regular updates to improve the game with more races and cards to use. It features a classic 3-lap race against 11 opponents or a time attack mode where you have to beat your own time.

Click here to play the V-Speedway Oculus App Lab game.

Drifting in VR Oculus Gameplay V Speedway Car Race

Verto Studio VR

Price = $14

Verto Studio is a 3D modelling studio. You can import FGX, OBJ, DAE and other modelling file types into the app right in front of you. Then, you can adjust and customize each object while in virtual reality. Verto Studio is made for casual and business applications.

Click here to view Verto Studio VR

Introducing Verto Studio VR


Price = FREE

Virtuoso is a unique music creator in VR. It features over six instruments including a three-dimensional Oorgan and Wavemin. There are responsive drum pads that you can rearrange how you like. Different synthesizers allow you to tweak your sound as you create it.

You can loop your track as you play it. Virtuoso can connect to MIDI over network so that you can export your sounds and beats for others.

Click here to play the Virtuoso App Lab game.

Darude Sandstorm in Virtuoso (VR)


Price = FREE

VirtualSpeech gives you an entire environment to practice live speaking in. You talk in front of realistic avatars. The game keeps track of how many words you hesitate on and how fast or slow you talk. It also gives you a grading on your eye contact with the crowd and how often you glance around the room.

For those who have trouble with public speaking, this is a really unique solution to practice and get better with.

Click here to try out VirtualSpeech.

VirtualSpeech VR App - Features Demo

Virus Popper

Price = FREE

Virus Popper is a fun educational App Lab game about practicing good hygiene. You have to wash your hands in the virtual sink to clean them. Pop the virus with powerful sprays and disinfectants. Destroy filthiness with weapons like toilet scrubbers.

The goal of Virus Popper is to see how long you can go without being infected.

Click here to view Virus Popper.

Let's Play Virus Popper VR + Initial Impressions Review - Free Game on Steam

Volleyball Fever

Price = $15

Volleyball Fever is a realistic beach volleyball game. You have to serve, set, and spike your way to victory. The game features online multiplayer support so that you can play beach volleyball with your friends. Or, you can also play solo with bots. Volleyball Fever features different courts and different times of day to play in.

Click here to view Volleyball Fever.



Price = FREE

Volta is a unique VR music visualizer. Bass is a ripple, synthesizers are a multi-colored ribbon, and other instruments have other features. Dance, play, interact, and create music alongside your favorite songs.

Click here to view Volta.

Volta VR tool "will make producing audio more expressive" | Technology | Dezeen

Voxel Shot VR

Price = $10

Voxel Shot VR is a fun VR zombie game! Use whatever weapons you have on hand to eliminate zombies and survive the Voxzombocalpyse. The game features four different levels: City, Desert, Base, and Airport. The game is similar to the Horde mode on Walking Dead, but more fun and casual in presentation. Voxel Shot is chaotic and fun.

Click here to view Voxel Shot VR.

Voxel Shot VR Gameplay (Pre-Release) in Mixed Reality on HTC Vive - Cute VR zombie shooter!

VR New York Story

Price = $60

VR New York Story is an overseas study application for Chinese and Korean students. You can learn how to speak over 3800 expressions in English and explore New York City. Communicate with characters around the city and practice interaction. This App Lab game features over 120 episodes including travel, daily life, life at work, relationships, and more.

Click here to view VR New York Story.

VR New York Story - Trailer [PCVR]

VR Tourviewer

Price = FREE

VR Tourviewer plays virtual tour HTML5 files exported from Pano2VR. You can use the app to browse featured tours or your own tours that you have uploaded. The app features monoscopic and stereoscopic tours, hotspot navigation, image and video overlays, surround sound and 360 panorama videos

Click here to view VR Tourviewer.

VR Tourviewer for Cardboard


Price = $4

VRIT is a VR fitness game with full hand tracking support. You have to run, doo push-ups, abs, squats and other exercises. Your workout is disguised into a game about shooting and destroying robots who are stealing your clouds. It is a good work out and a good showcase on the use of hand tracking on the Oculus Quest.

Click here to view VRIT.


Price = FREE

VRtuos is a VR piano app. A real life piano is placed in front of your to place just like in real life. VRtuos features optional hand tracking support, so you can play without using your controllers at all. You can download or import .mid files into the game to help you learn or play!

Click here to view VRtuos.

Oculus Quest | VRtuos


Price = FREE

VRWorkout is one of our top rated VR fitness games. You get to work out in your home to a number of exercises including jumping, squatting, push-ups, side plans, crunches, running, sprinting, and burpees.

There are four different difficulty levels to play in. Plus, the game allows you to upload your own custom songs into the game. It then randomly picks exercises to the tempo of your song. The game has been receiving constant updates over the past year or so and is the best free workout game for virtual reality.

Click here to view VRWorkout.

VRWorkout: The Fitness App That ACTUALLY Works You Out!

Waifu’s Spooky Space Station VR

Price = $4

Waifu’s Spooky Space Station is an adventure horror App Lab game that takes place on a mock of the ISS. Wander through hundreds of modules in the station and discoverr different secrets and mysteries. Uncover the secrets on the Space Station and survive.

Click here to view Waifu’s Spooky Space Station VR

[Waifu's Spooky Space Station #1] Hired in an idol space station!

War Yards

Price = FREE

War Yards is a 1-on-1 multiplayer shooting game. It features a unique made-for-VR gameplay that allows you to control the speed of your opponent’s bullets. When you active bullet time mode, you are restricted to room-scale movement and cannot reload your own gun. This uniqueness makes this game a must try.

Click here to play War Yards.

War Yards features four different maps, all inspired by classic western settings. The beta is available for all headsets, so you can play against users wearing different VR headsets.

War Yards Best Wild West Oculus Quest 2 VR Game

Warlike Space

Price = $10

Warlike Space is a VR space battle game. You have to fight the enemies in a vast galaxy that contains 45 different star systems. Pilot your ship through space and defeat enemies while evading fire. 

Click here to view Warlike Space.

Warlike Space - VR Trailer [Oculus Quest]

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters


Price = $14.99

Warplanes is a World War 1 themed aerial combat VR game. You are a pilot who has to complete hundreds of missions set in diverse locations during the world. You can control over 16 different planes, from scout planes to bomber jets. As you play, you gain medals which can be used to upgrade your skills and squadron.

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters has adjustable gameplay for those who prefer arcade games or flight simulators. You can also make things easier or harder with automatic or manual takeoffs and adjustable AI too. Warplanes is one of the most polished Oculus App Lab games you can play today.

Click here to play Warplanes: WW1 Fighters.

QUEST 2 COMBAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR // Warplanes WW1 Fighters VR // Oculus Quest 2 Dogfight Gameplay

Warriors of Titus

Price = FREE

Warriors of Titus is a multiplayer App Lab game played between two teams of three players. The purpose of the game is to defend your base and destroy the other team’s first.

You play a warrior with a unique set of skills, weapons, and upgrades. As you play the game, you level up to earn new abilities and things to help you win more. For a free game, Warriors of Titus features everything you would expect including cross-play, in-game voice chat, leaderboards, public and private lobbies, and more.

Click here to play the Warriors of Titus App Lab game.

Warriors of Titus Gameplay On Oculus Quest 2 - First Few Minutes Of Bot Match


Whack-Whack is a whack-a-mole game in VR. Test your reaction time by hitting objecs with a hammer as soon as they appear. The game is easy and casual and keeps track of your high score. Take turns with friends and see who can score the highest.

Price = $3

Click here to view Whack-Whack.

White Hole

Price = $7

White Hole is an exploration game where you have to build your own ship to go and explore the universe with. Along the way, you discover other civilizations and unearth clues about how to fight evils in the galaxy.

The cool thing about White Hole is that you build and customize your ship in your room scale guardian boundary. Walking around your ship happens in a 1:1 scale around your guardian. This is a fun use of your personal VR area.

Click here to play White Hole.

White Hole on SideQuest, Could be amazing! Support it! | Oculus Gameplay

Work Window

Price = FREE

Work Window is an educational App Lab game where you job shadow professionals in different industries. It is designed for students who want to get a better understanding of different career paths. The app is designed to make you feel like you are there, working side by side with career professionals.

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Price = $20 (Free Demo)

X-BOOSTER is a VR fitness App Lab game. You have to punch, cut, block, and dodge different targets. The game is very similar to FitXR with a different theme. Punch as you can to earn the most points.

X-BOOSTER has a number of original songs and you can also import your own music files as well. It is an awesome workout VR game.

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X-Booster VR - Sweating like a Ho in Church


zoe oculus app lab game

Price = FREE

Zoe is an interactive learning tool that you can use to create environments and use your imagination in. This App Lab game lets you design, program, and play with interactive experiences that you create.

First, you have to set up your background and scene. Then, you can drag and drop different object models into place. Resize, scale, rotate, and place each model in your scene and decide if they are static or dynamic. Adjust how gravity effects each objects as you interact with it.

Once you are done, Zoe brings your environment to life and you get to play with and interact with your creation. It’s a fun and interactive demo of the Oculus Quest’s capabilities.

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ZOE - AR/VR Creation for the Classroom.

Zombie Gunner

Price = $5

Zombie Gunner is a wave based zombie shooter App Lan game. There are 13 different guns to pick from, like an AK-47 and a sawn off shotgun. In each level, you have to open fire on zombies and fend them off. See how long you can last before you diee.

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Zombie Gunner Trailer

Zooma: Deluxe Edition

Zooma is a virtual reality version of the popular match-3 puzzle game. You have to shoot different colored orbs in order to match the same colors up. The biggest combinations you can put together, the more points you score in Zooma.

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Zooma VR Play Zuma style game in VR 3D No Commentary | Rift, Index, Vive & WMR

ZYLIA Concert Hall

Price = FREE

ZYLIA Concert Hall is a VR audio demo. Walk around a stage featuring 34 musicians from the Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra. As you stand near different mussicians, youo will hear their sound in vivid detail. Sound changes like real life as you walk around. It is an interesting musical concept demo for VR.

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ZYLIA 6DoF VR demo - orchestra - binaural audio

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What is your favorite Oculus App Lab game? As new are added into the store, we will update our list so that you know which games to check out!

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