Nvidia Fixes VR Stutter Issue in v461.33 of RTX Driver

Nvidia has released a fix for the “VR Stutter” issue affecting most RTX GPU owners, including all RTX 30-series owns. The version of the driver that contains the hotfix is 461.33.

This article was updated on January 20th, 2021. The hotfix has now been released.

The issue involves randomly dropping frames and bad frame times. It has been present in Nvidia GPU drivers from version 451.48 and newer.

The fix for this driver issue comes in two parts:

  1. General stutter in VR games will be fixed. If you are not running any GPU monitoring utilities in the background while playing VR games, you should not see any stutter.
  2. Experience while using GPU monitoring utilities will be improved, but this will not be a complete fix. More time is required to diagnose and fix this issue completely.

A lot of users have noticed frequent stuttering while playing virtual reality games using the new Nvidia RTX 30-series and older RTX 20-series GPUs. The issues have been frequent and present in most VR games. Users who use monitoring software see more frequent problems than other users. Examples of monitoring software include fpsVR, MSI Afterburner, and EVGA Precision X.

If you want to see what users see when the VR stutter issue occurs, check out the video below.

Valve Index dropped / missing Frames with NVIDIA Driver 451.48 or newer

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 30XX Series (Ampere architecture) are Nvidia’s 2020 graphics cards for high performance gaming PC and virtual reality applications. RTX series cards have performance enhancements over Nvidia’s GTX series and new releases always bring a lot of attention.

They are some of the top choices for those looking to build their own PC or buy a pre-made workhorse.

The RTX 30XX series graphics cards replaces the 20XX series (Turing architecture), which were the first GPUs to feature ray tracing technology. RTX 30XXX includes second generation ray tracing.

The RTX 3090 card replaces the Nvidia Titan RTX card to bring three models into the base RTX series. These cards are the direct competitors to AMD’s Big Navi series, half of which (6800 and 6900 XT) were announced in the fall of 2020 and the other half set for early 2021.

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