Oculus Offers 25% Off on Any Quest Game

Oculus is offering a 25% off mobile deal on any Oculus Quest game from the store. This promo is unique, since Oculus does not usually offer blanket discount deals like this. There is no telling how long the deal will stay live.

To apply the discount:

  1. Open up your Oculus mobile app.
  2. Search for and click on the game you want to buy.
  3. Click on the price tag to head to the checkout page on the app.
  4. In the promo code area, enter MOBILE25
  5. Your price will be updated to reflect the 25% off of.
  6. Check out like normal

The promo looks like it works on any game in the official Oculus store or App Lab.

There is no word if this deal works on Oculus Rift games, but comment below if you can confirm or deny!

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