Oculus Rolls Out App Sharing and Multi-User Accounts on the Quest 2

Oculus has begun to roll out the ability for multiple user accounts to log into a single Oculus Quest 2, and for those accounts to share purchased apps amongst them. The feature is being rolled out as a hot-update to those with the v25 software update already installed.

oculus quest 2 multi-user and app sharing

To find the new features, you will see a new “Multiple Accounts and Library Sharing” in your Settings page.

Separate User Accounts on One Oculus Quest 2

The new features allow multiple user accounts to be set up on a single Oculus Quest 2. Each user account will have separate:

  • game achievements
  • game progress
  • friends list
  • browser history
  • privacy settings

You can also set up a lock and unlock pattern to keep your account completely separate from friend and family.

The feature is only for Oculus Quest 2 users so far, but Facebook will be enabling App Sharing and Multi-User support to all Quest users in the future.

VR is a social experience, and that doesn’t just mean online multiplayer. We know Quest has become a shared device for many of you. We want to make it easier to share your Quest with the people you care about, whether with a partner, a roommate, family, or friends. After all, how many first-time VR experiences start with someone saying “Hey, check this out” and passing the headset? But letting other people use your Quest and try VR for the first time shouldn’t mean they have unfettered access to your account details, to say nothing of your hard-won Pistol Whip high scores.

Oculus Blog, February 18, 2021

App Sharing will apply automatically to all new apps in the Oculus Quest Store from this date forward. Existing games may or may not support app sharing. The feature has to be added by each developer who has a game released in the store already.

Other Features

Facebook also released a few fine print details about the new features:

  • For now, the admin account (a.k.a. the account you used to set up your headset) can add up to threeadditional accounts and enable App Sharing on a single device. Remember, this is experimental—it might change as more households begin to own multiple Quest devices.
  • To use Multi-User and App Sharing, the admin and additional account holders must each log in to the shared device with their respective Facebook accounts.
  • Additional account holders can only access the admin account holder’s shared apps on the device where App Sharing is enabled. If the additional account holder purchases their own device or already has their own device, they won’t be able to access the admin account’s shared apps on their own headset.
  • Additional account holders may purchase their own apps and content on shared devices, but these apps won’t be shared with either the admin account or other additional accounts. 
  • You can still log in to multiple devices at the same time. However, you will not be able to use the same account to run the same app across multiple devices simultaneously. Different accounts can concurrently access a shared app on multiple headsets, keeping in mind that you can only enable App Sharing on a single device at the moment.
  • The admin account cannot be changed without a factory reset. The admin account can add additional accounts, but additional accounts cannot add other accounts.

Let us know if you are having trouble finding out how to set up multiple user accounts on the Quest and we will help you out!

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