Oculus Quest to Support Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing

Facebook announced today that they will support multi-user accounts and app sharing features starting next month in February. They made the announcement on the Oculus Developer blog, saying that these were some of the most requested features from users.

Once implemented, multiple users will be able to log into a single Oculus Quest or Rift S headset next month. As well, the headset’s primary account holder will be able to share their apps and purchases with all other accounts on the same device. This feature allows multiple users to play the same games with their own progress and achievements.

This app sharing only applies to the one headset and games cannot be shared across multiple headsets. In addition, secondary accounts that make purchases on the headset cannot share that content with the primary account or other secondary accounts either.

Facebook did say that it will “later expand to allow a primary account holder to share their purchases across three devices.” This should lighten up the restrictions in the future.

Both the primary and secondary accounts will still require a Facebook login, a controversial feature that some users are not happy with.

For Oculus app developers, all new apps submitted to the store from February 13th will need to support app sharing features. Existing apps in the store will be opted in to the app sharing feature starting on the 13th as well.

The Oculus blog post provides a few other details:

  • A user can log into multiple headsets at a time, but can only play an app on their account one time.
  • Different accounts can run the same app at the same time.
  • The primary user of a headset cannot be changed without a factory reset.
  • A secondary user account cannot add any other accounts on a headset; only the primary account can do this.
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