See Everything New in Population: ONE Season Two

Season two of Population: ONE launched today across all platforms and it brings a bunch of exciting new changes and content with it. Season 2 is called the Frontier and it takes on a wild west theme to it.

In this guide, we have a list of everything new in Population: ONE. Use our top Population: ONE tips guide to win more games this weekend!

New Map Destination: The Frontier

When Big Box announced Season Two, we weren’t sure what The Frontier meant. It turns out, it’s a new area of the map to explore! The Cliffside area has been hollowed out and features a new western town theme. There is a saloon you can enter and a fire other pathways and dessert cliffs.

The Frontier is sure to be a popular spot for players since it is new.

New Weapons and Items

A few new weapons and items have been added into Population: ONE. The most popular addition will be the Matador shotguns, which can be duel wielded. You can also reload the guns by flicking your wrist.

The Shield Shake is a new protein-style drink that can be drank to replenish your shield.

Lastly is the Harmonica. The harmonica can revive your teammate’s shields when played in front of them. It doesn’t help you out, but encourages some extra team work.

Other Features

Population: ONE is also bring customized private rooms into the game. When you set up a game with your friends, you can now customize the allowed weapons, timing, accessible areas, and more.

To online play, the game is now expanding from 18 up to 24 players! That means two more teams will be joining into every single game. That makes Population: ONE the biggest online multiplayer VR game for the Oculus Quest.

All of the weapons, features, and map additions above are completely FREE with the launch of Season Two.

There are also a few other premium additions for those who choose to buy the Season Two Battle Pass for the game.

Gun and Character Skins

Maeve and Logan have received western-style skins to use in the game. Each skin contains a western hat and retro gear.

The M1014 and AWP are also receiving legendary gun skins for this season.

Exclusive Rewards

Battle Pass players are also getting some exclusive rewards for buying the pack:

  • Exclusive “Desperado” title
  • Exclusive Western calling cards
  • Exclusive sprays

You can see all of the new additions to the game in the below image! Comment down below and let us know what you are most excited about

population one season 2

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