PS5 VR Controllers Details Released: Full Features

ps5 vr controllers guide - playstation vr 2 controllers
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The official PS5 VR controllers have been unveiled, two weeks after Sony confirmed that new PS5 VR hardware would be coming in early 2022. In this guide, we go over the Playstation VR 2 controllers in full detail, showing you exactly what Sony has in store.

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PS5 VR Controllers Overview

playstation vr 2 controllers

The PS5 VR is going away with the linear look in favor of a circular orb shape. Sony says that these allow you to hold onto the controller more naturally while you are playing. They look more similar to VR controllers on the Oculus Quest or Valve Index.

The new controllers support the overall mission of achieving a deeper sense of presence and stronger feeling of immersion on the Playstation VR 2.

ps5 vr controllers


The first thing that jumps out to us immediately is how ergonomic the design with. The round halo design has become dominant in VR for a few reasons:

  1. It fits naturally in your hands
  2. The halo stores all of the controller’s sensors and hardware without getting in the way
  3. The weight of the controller is more balanced in your hands.
PS5 VR Controllers Details Released: Full Features


The buttons on the new PS5 VR controllers more closely match what is found in other hardware today. This isn’t surprising, because it makes sense for maximum compatibility between devices for developers.

The buttons located on the new controllers are:

  • Left and right trigger buttons for your index fingers
  • Left and right grip buttons for your middle fingers
  • An analog stick on each hand
  • Two buttons on each controller (labelled triangle and square on one hand and cross and circle on the other)
  • The left controller features a “Create” button and the right controller has an “Options” button. These would be similar to the Oculus and Menu buttons on the Quest controllers.
ps5 vr controller side view


Sony has redesigned their VR controllers with a ton of useful features that PS5 owners will really like.

Adaptive Triggers

The trigger button on each controller is adaptive and adds palpable tension when pressed. This means that when you take action that requires effort, such as drawing your bow to fire an arrow, the trigger will give you extra tension as you pull back on the arrow.

This type of sensory adds to the entire experience.

Haptic Feedback

Like other VR controllers, the ones for the Playstation VR 2 will offer haptic feedback. Each sensations, bullet, attack, and interaction will give you a quick vibration. You will be able to feel every swipe in Beat Saber as you play.

Finger Touch Detection

The controller will detect your finger placement even when you place them on the grip of the controller or non-button areas. This enables the use of more natural gestures with your hands during gameplay.

Tracking Ring

Like other modern VR controllers, the tracking sensors for the hardware are located in the halo ring. This is what is tracked by the VR headset for accurate position, speed, and movement in your games.

Other Details

According to the Playstation Blog, developers will be getting their hands on the new controllers later in 2021. They also promise that there are a lot more details to share with everybody soon.

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As soon as we have more information on the sensors and how new games will utilize the features, we will update our guide! What do you think about the new PS5 VR controllers? Comment down below and let us know what you think!

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