Samsung AR Glasses Leak in Promo Videos

A pair of promo videos for the Samsung AR glasses have leaked out, indicating that Samsung is about to enter the augmented reality space in a big way!

Both videos were shared by WalkingCat on Twitter, a popular leaker for Microsoft and Samsung products. The videos feature two products: Samsung AR Glasses and Samsung AR Glasses Lite. They show actors and styling found in other recent Samsung promo videos, adding to the authenticity of the videos.

Samsung AR Glasses

The Samsung AR Glasses are called “Next Wearable Computing”. The video showcases a few different features:

  • AR Office: Document creation and editing in augmented reality. The actor uses a holographic keyboard shown on the table to type and control documents with.
  • Holo Call: Video chat with full sizes holograms of who you are talking to.
  • AR Simulation: In the video, the actor opens up a full house design in their room to view in full room scale.

Samsung Glasses Lite

the Lite Glasses show off a feature set that is very similar to the Goovis Lite and other top AR Glasses currently available in 2021. The frames are thicker than the non-lite pair of glasses.

The following features are shown off in the video:

  • Integrated Control: You can control the glasses with an attached Samsung smart watch.
  • Portable Media: Movies and TV shows can be watched in the display.
  • Dex Display: Similar to the Samsung AR Glasses, the screen is turned into a working environment with a holographic keyboard and Windows environment.
  • Video Call: Live video phone calls.
  • Sunglasses Mode: Sunglasses Mode adds a tint to the display so that the glasses wear like more traditional glasses.
  • New Dimension Display: The actor in the video controls a drone outdoors and his glasses mirror a video camera on the drone with a HUD display.

There is no indication on the price or release date of the Samsung AR Glasses. Today, these videos should only be considered a leak. If an official release date is coming, we will keep everyone updated on our home page.

Samsung joins Apple in being rumored to be heavily invested in augmented reality technology. Apple appears to be heading towards a traditional VR headset first, followed by AR smart glasses later. Samsung has previously unsuccessfully tried to enter the VR space with the Odyssey headset.

Let us know what you think about this leak from Samsung by commenting below!

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