Shadow PC Updated With Better Quest 2 Compatibility

Shadow PC, the popular cloud gaming computer service, has been quietly updating their VR app with better Oculus Quest 2 support. When it was initially released, the app only supported the original Oculus Quest 1. Now, both Quest headsets are available with full functionality (for an alpha release).

The latest update to the Shadow VR app on SideQuest comes with the following new changes:

  1. Reworked UI to match with other Shadow apps
  2. Proper Quest 2 support (fixed IPD issues)
  3. Implemented a workaround to be able to start Shadow VR while the Shadow is Shut down

You can learn how to install Shadow PC by clicking on our guide here.

Or, click here to directly sign up for Shadow PC today (there is a wait list)! Make sure you enter RYACDVES into the Referral Code box for $5 off your bill!

Below are more details on the bug fixes for Oculus Quest 2 users.

Reworked UI

Our team believes in starting small and fast, releasing then polishing. Our previous launcher design was never meant to stay but it was fast to implement and functional. We thank it for now!
Say hi to the first iteration of our new launcher which design matches that of our other apps.
Please share your feedback as to what functionalities and buttons you’d like to see to completely feel at home. We know we are going to have to implement a settings panel at one point and your feedback will help shape it.

IPD bug on Quest 2 fix

We released Quest 2 support on version 3.4.1 but we were missing something as users with different IPD settings would get a distorted/duplicated image making it unusable. We have fixed it, now properly taking into account the IPD settings used.
Quest 2 is a go!

Starting Shadow VR from scratch!

One of the key promises of Shadow VR is to be able to do it all from your VR headset without having to pre launch your Shadow on another device only to switch to your Quest. We have identified that starting and launching Shadow VR then SteamVR directly from a Shadow that was shutdown would systematically result in severe performance issues. There does not seem to be something we can do to correct this at the moment so the team has come up with a work-around.

Now when starting Shadow VR, if your Shadow is not started yet, the stream will launch in desktop mode first, resolving performance issues and allowing you to switch manually to VR mode from within the headset. We plan on adding a shortcut to do the switch even faster in a future release.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic bitrate has been implemented by default. Whenever your network slows down we adjust the stream quality to keep the experience as fluid as possible
  • Fixed a bug where centering your position with a long press of Oculus button would not work. It now works consistently both in stream and in the launcher.
  • You do not need to click twice on Start Shadow VR to reach SteamVR anymore. One click is enough.
  • Credentials should be saved from now on between version updates
  • Quest 2 controller model has been implemented within SteamVR if you are using a Quest 2
  • Fixed a bug where Quest 2 controllers would blink in the launcher

Before the Shadow VR app will be considered ‘beta’, head movement fluidity needs to be addressed. Shadow has a team member completely focused on this task!

Improvements to the desktop mode and launcher are also coming.

For those without gaming PCs, Shadow is one of the most exciting things about the Oculus Quest. It will allow users to play PC VR games without the use of any computer in their home at all!

Another service, Plutosphere, has also announced a cloud gaming service. Those details are pending still.

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