SideQuest Announces ‘Fitness Week’ Starting January 17th

SideQuest VR has announced a ‘Fitness Week’ promotion starting on January 17th where users can earn badges on the platform in exchange for trying workout games.

The goal is to introduce Quest players to fitness games on the platform and also to promote VR fitness. Each game and challenge you participate in will earn you a badge in the SideQuest communities platform.

The games taking part in the promotion are:

  • Song Beater
  • RealFit
  • VRWorkout
  • Histream
  • GrooveFit Kingdom
  • Smash Drums!
  • Crazy Kung Fu
  • YUR
vrworkout for oculus quest
VRWorkout is one of the games taking part in the ‘Fitness Week’ promotion.

The exact schedule will be announced soon, but you can install any of the games above onto your Oculus Quest via SideQuest. An early schedule is as follows:

  • January 17th – Active Day – Game TBA
  • January 18th – Rest Day
  • January 19th – Active Day – Game TBA
  • January 20th – Rest Day
  • January 21st – Active Day – Game TBA
  • January 22nd – Rest Day
  • January 23rd – Active Day – Game TBA
  • January 24th – Rest Day
  • January 25th – Active Day – Game TBA
  • January 26th – Rest Day
  • January 27th – Active Day – Game TBA
  • January 28th – Rest Day
  • January 29th – Active Day – Game TBA

Fitness Week is meant to kickstart a healthy lifestyle change that should go beyond the event.

SideQuest is the #1 app store for the Oculus Quest and features over 500 titles, many of which are free VR games.

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