The Walking Dead Trial Mode Launches on Oculus Quest: Tips and Tricks

Trial Mode has launched on The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners for the Oculus Quest. It gives players a new game mode to play in and fight off hordes of zombies in.

Trial Mode is a horde-style gameplay mode. You have to fight off different waves of zombies using weapons and other hardware in the area. You get points for killing zombies in unique and stylish ways. The game is similar to ‘zombies’ mode in Call of Duty games. Environments from the Saints and Sinners campaign game are incorporated into Trial Mode.

Last week, Skydance Interactive announced that Saints and Sinners sold ten times more copies on the Oculus Quest over all other VR platforms.

In the game, you face all the horrors that the living and the dead can offer in the Walking Dead universe. 

The game takes place in a ravished New Orleans. You have to explore, craft, and hunt your way to safety. Sneak up and kill walked with whatever weapon you have on you. As the game progresses through each day, you unravel a city wide mystery. You’ll meet other people, some friendly and some foe. Each choice you make has decisions on the food and supplies available to you.

The story is a good length, between 6-10 hours depending on side work. Game physics when attacking walkers is very satisfying. Overall, the game is a must-have.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is on our best VR games list for the Oculus Quest, PC VR, and Playstation VR.

If you aren’t familiar with the game yet, check out the gameplay video below.

Oculus Quest 2 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Gameplay
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