6 Best Apple Vision Pro Cases Better Than Apple’s One

best apple vision pro case
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If you plan on travelling with your Apple Vision Pro, you better have a case to protect it nicely. I’ve tested all of the top cases for Apple’s headset and in this guide, I’ll tell you the best Apple Vision Pro cases to travel with.

If you are in a rush, the Waterfield Shield case is the most premium option you can buy, while the Syntech Hard Case is versatile enough and much cheaper in price.

I’ll go through these two cases, plus several more, down below!

What is the Best Apple Vision Pro Case?

  1. Waterfield Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro

  2. Syntech Hard VR Carrying Case

  3. EUCARLOS Hard Carrying Case

  4. Sarlar Hard Carrying Case

  5. Sarlar Carrying Travel Case

  6. Spigen Klasden Puch Case for Apple Vision Pro

Waterfield Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro

The Waterfield Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro is my pick for the best premium Apple Vision Pro case. This case has a great size – 7.75″ high by 7.5″ wide by 5.25″ deep. This is about 40% smaller than Apple’s official travel case, which is 11.7″ high by 8.8″ wide by 6.5″ deep. Using it, this case is much less thin than than the official Apple one.

Crafted with precision in San Francisco, the case is available in 1050 denier black ballistic nylon or a rugged 14oz waxed canvas.

waterfield shield case for apple vision pro

Organization System

One of my favorite things about this case is its thoughtful organization system. Despite its smaller size than the official Apple Travel Case, the Shield Case efficiently accommodates the Vision Pro and all of the accessories you need to travel with.

The central accessory pouch is tailor-made for the Vision Pro, ensuring a snug fit, while the additional battery slot under the top flap adds practicality to its design.

Using waterproof zippers enhances the case’s durability, protecting the elements. The top and bottom layers of closed-cell foam act as a robust defense, resisting compression and safeguarding the Vision Pro from potential impacts. The plush lining, backed with extra soft foam, prevents scratches, maintaining the pristine condition of the device.

waterfield shield best apple vision pro case


The Waterfield Shield Case also stands out for its versatility. With ½” D-rings sewn onto the back, it becomes compatible with accessories like the Simple Strap or Supreme Suspension Strap, offering additional carrying options. The case’s front full-grain leather panel adds a touch of sophistication and features an easy-access pocket with sufficient depth for bulkier items.

Overall, I appreciate how this Vision Pro case from Waterfield Designs prioritizes protection and aesthetics. Its professional design, durable materials, and convenient features make it an excellent investment for keeping the Apple Vision Pro safe and stylishly organized during travel and everyday use.

Key Features

  • The central compartment securely fits the Apple Vision Pro with a snug fit.

  • A battery slot and a removable insert for accessories make the case a versatile solution for keeping the Vision Pro and its components well-organized.

  • Crafted with high-quality materials.

What I Like About This Case

One standout feature that I love about this Vision Pro shield case are the ½” D-rings sewn onto the back. This seemingly small detail adds significant versatility, allowing compatibility with accessories like the Simple Strap or Supreme Suspension Strap.

If you aren’t concerned about price and you want a premium case to travel with your Apple Vision Pro, this is the one you want. It compliments the $3,500 Apple headset really well.

Click here to view the Waterfield Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro.

Syntech Hard Carrying Case

The Syntech Hard Carrying Case was already one of my favorite Meta Quest Accessories. After trying it out with my Vision Pro, I can confirm that it works great for Apple’s headset as well. The reason I think the Syntech is so popular is that it blends style with practicality really nicely.

Ample Room

I appreciate how the case offers ample room, perfectly accommodating the Vision Pro headset with the Solo Knit Band and Dual Loop Band, battery pack, and other Apple Vision Pro accessories. This ensures that everything stays neatly organized and protected, eliminating the hassle of carrying multiple bags.

syntech best apple vision pro case


The hard protective shell is crafted from impact-resistant EVA material and in premium splash-resistant fabric. I’ve had this case for years and really like how well-guarded everything is against unexpected bumps and movements. The oval shape of the case is maintained even with the sturdy protective shell, adding to its durability and overall aesthetic appeal.

One of my favorite things about this case is the smooth dual zippers. They keep the case securely closed without gaps and contribute to the overall ease of use. The durable hand strap adds another layer of convenience, allowing for grab-and-go portability at home or on the move.

Key Features

  • Sleek aesthetics and enhanced functionality.

  • Tailor-made storage for Vision Pro headset, battery pack, and VR accessories.

  • Premium splash-resistant fabric with a sturdy EVA shell.

  • Improved dual zippers and a durable hand strap for secure and convenient transportation.

What I Like About This Case

One feature that truly stands out for me is the smooth dual zippers. Not only do they provide a secure closure without any gaps, but their flexibility makes accessing my VR gear a breeze. It adds convenience to the overall experience, allowing for quick and effortless retrieval of my headset and accessories.

The attention to detail in the zipper design reflects Syntech’s thoughtfulness to ensure a seamless user experience. As someone who appreciates hassle-free functionality, this aspect makes a significant difference.

EUCARLOS Hard Carrying Case

The EUCARLOS Hard Carrying Case is a tailored and reliable companion for the Apple Vision Pro, offering a compact yet spacious solution for on-the-go VR protection.


As a user who values neatness and accessibility, I appreciate how everything can be neatly assorted within the EUCARLOS case. It does a better job than other cases in reducing frustration of tangled cables and misplaced accessories.

EUCARLOS comes with an extra accessories bag, which adds a thoughtful touch to the package. The protective shell makes the case waterproof, dirt-resistant, and scratch-resistant.


One of my favorite features is the firm exterior strap and zipper, which instill confidence in the case’s ability to withstand impacts. The thickness of the hard case further contributes to its sturdiness, offering dependable protection for my VR gear. The convenience of this case extends to its ease of travel – whether held in hand or placed in a suitcase.

Key Features

  • Can fit the Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest 3 or 2 nicely.

  • Spacious enough to neatly organize the headset, battery pack, and other accessories.

  • The case is waterproof, dirt-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

  • An extra controller bag enhances the overall package for extended device care.

What I Like About This Case

I really like the shape and size and the EUCARLOS travel case. The shape is rounder than some of the other options on this list, which works better in my suitcase or backpack. The outer shell is durable. Despite not technically being made for the Vision Pro, I think everything fits great. The pouch on the inside of the case is perfect to slip the battery pack into.

 Click here to view the EUCARLOS Hard Carrying Case

Sarlar Hard Carrying Case

The Sarlar Hard Case for the Apple Vision Pro is a great case for those people who want something high quality without paying a ton.

The high-density, durable material, complemented by a fixed elastic band, enhances the overall aesthetic and provides shockproof and anti-scratch protection. Knowing that my VR gear is securely stored and shielded from potential damage is reassuring.

High Quality

Sarlar takes pride in its exclusive patented design, featuring a high-end linear design that elevates the overall grade and majesty of the case. This unique touch adds an element of sophistication, making it not just a protective accessory but a stylish statement for my VR setup.

The premium eco-friendly felt fabric used in its construction is recyclable and eliminates odor, showcasing Sarlar’s commitment to a comfortable user experience. The non-glue lamination process further contributes to its eco-conscious design.

In terms of shape, the mini version design optimizes storage space while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance. Its small form makes it easy to carry, fitting seamlessly into my travel bag without adding unnecessary bulk.

Key Features

  • The mini design of the Sarlar Hard Carrying Case combines elegance with functionality.

  • The case offers a fashionable appearance and robust protection, ensuring shockproof and anti-scratch defense for your valuable VR gear.

  • The high-end linear design, a patented feature, adds a touch of majesty and sophistication.

  • It utilizes premium eco-friendly felt fabric with non-glue lamination to ensure a pleasant and odor-free experience.

What I Like About This Case

I particularly appreciate the compact elegance of the Sarlar case, making it my preferred choice for on-the-go VR adventures. The fixed elastic band, a standout feature for me, enhances its stylish appearance and provides a tangible sense of security, ensuring my VR gear remains protected from unexpected bumps and scratches. I also like the aesthetics and functionality, making the Sarlar Hard Carrying Case an essential accessory for my VR journey.

Sarlar Carrying Travel Case (Best Adapatability)

The Sarlar Carrying Travel Case is a versatile and practical accessory for Apple Vision Pro users. The patented geometric polyhedron adds a personalized visual experience. It is a durable one-piece hard shell structure, which easily protects your Vision Pro headset.

High Quality

I think this case is crafted with high-quality materials to withstand the elements. The one-piece hard shell structure is anti-vibration and anti-drop. Including a VR Lens Cover in the box is a thoughtful addition, which protects your lenses while you move.

The case is compatible with the official solo or dual loop strap, or any third-party head straps you might have.


The exclusive expandable design is a standout feature that I really like. The zipper in the middle position allows for adjustable capacity, making it convenient to accommodate varying accessories. This adaptability is practical if you have different storage needs over time.

The ability to wear the Sarlar Carrying Travel Case in various ways – chest bag, shoulder bag, or crossbody bag – provides versatility for daily activities. The case’s waterproof feature further enhances its suitability for outdoor activities, adding value for users with an active lifestyle.

Key Features

  • The outer shell looks great

  • Custom-designed to keep your Vision Pro and accessories in order.

  • The middle-position zipper allows for an adjustable capacity.

  • Wear it as a chest, shoulder, or crossbody bag.

What I Like About This Case

I like the exclusive expandable design of this Vision Pro case. The middle-position zipper offers the flexibility to adjust the case’s capacity based on my specific storage requirements. This adaptability is particularly beneficial when I need to take different accessories verses just the headset and battery pack.

I value versatility and convenience, so the Sarlar Carrying Travel Case is my pick for an adaptable Apple Vision Pro Case.

Spigen Klasden Pouch Case for Apple Vision Pro

The Spigen Klasden Pouch Case for Apple Vision Pro has premium materials for an exceptional spatial computing experience. Its rigid exterior, crafted from premium nylon fabric and a durable EVA shell, is a formidable shield.

Tight Fit

One of my favorite things about this case is its precise fitting. The padded interior ensures that my Apple Vision Pro is protected and securely locked in place during transport, thanks to its soft pillowy divider.

spigen best apple vision pro case


The case’s built-in organization is a standout feature, providing designated spaces for cables, the Apple Vision Pro Battery, and even a secret hidden pocket for an AirTag. I appreciate the Velcro-lined inner pouch, which keeps everything organized if you plan on adding additional accessories to the case.

The premium nylon fabric exterior and leather carrying strap exude durability and style, making it a fashionable and functional accessory. The EVA shell further enhances the case’s protective capabilities, making it a reliable guardian for your valuable VR gear.

One knock on this Apple Vision Pro case is that its dimensions – 11.9 x 7.95 x 5.66 inches – are the same as the default Vision Pro one, which is too heavy for some people.

Key Features

  • Crafted from a premium nylon fabric exterior, a leather carrying strap, and a durable EVA shell.

  • The interior features a soft pillowy divider and precise fitment.

  • Features a Velcro-lined inner pouch for easy organization.

What I Like About This Case

I like the built-in organization, especially the Velcro-lined inner pouch. It makes managing cables and accessories effortless, ensuring they are readily accessible when needed.

Click here to view Spigen Klasden Pouch Case for Apple Vision Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do You Need to Buy the Official Apple Vision Pro Travel Case?

The Apple Vision Pro has a white puff case that can work for traveling. You do not need to buy any other official Vision Pro case, but you can buy an alternative (official or third-party) if you want.

Do Meta Quest Cases Fit the Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, all Meta Quest 3 cases fit the Apple Vision Pro just fine. The size of both headsets is very comparable, and cases are interchangeable.

Where Can You Buy a Cheaper Apple Vision Pro Case?

Several third-party companies make high quality Apple Vision Pro cases that are less expensive that the $199 that Apple charges you. This guide lists several options from Syntech, Spigen, and other brands that work just as good or better than Apple’s travel case.


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