Meta Quest Pro: Everything You Need to Know

meta quest pro features specs how to buy everything you need to know
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Below, I’ll tell you everything that you need to know about the Meta Quest Pro, a powerful VR headset designed for the metaverse.

In this guide, we go over:

  • Everything we know about the Meta Quest Pro
  • How to Buy the Quest Pro VR headset
  • Key features that we think you’ll want to know about

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How Do You Buy the Meta Quest Pro?

The Meta Quest Pro can be purchased online via Amazon or the official website. Certain countries have local retailers which offer the headset as well.

Use the links below to buy your headset today.

What is the Meta Quest Pro?

The Meta Quest Pro, or Project Cambria, is an upgraded version of the Quest 2 by Meta. The headset has been under development since 2021, officially being announced at the Meta Connect 2022 keynote.

Unlike the Quest 2, which is made for gaming, the Quest Pro is more of a super-user device. A lot of its features are made for working in VR and taking advantage of social experiences in the metaverse:

  • Wireless charging
  • New redesigned controllers
  • Face tracking
  • Body tracking

The Pro was rumored for a while as an upgrade to the Quest 2, which is the highest selling VR headset of all time.

Meta Quest Pro: Everything You Need to Know

Oculus Quest Pro Pictures and Videos

Check out some picturers of the Quest Pro headset below:

meta quest pro new docking station
meta quest pro 2 see-through front view
meta quest pro headset on a table
oculus quest pro vr headset
meta quest pro touch controllers
oculus quest pro controllers and wireless charging pad

Here are some video reviews on the Quest Pro:

Meta Quest Pro Hands-On Impressions!
Meta's new (and very expensive) Quest Pro VR headset in under 4 minutes

Pancake Lenses

The Quest Pro features all new pancake lenses, which are 40% smaller than the lenses on the Quest 2. Pancake lenses fold light inside the optical module and reduce the space needed to display images in your head.

Because of the pancake lenses, the Quest Pro is 40% slimmer than the Quest 2.


The Quest Pro features an LCD display with 1800 x 1920 pixels per eye and a default 90 Hz refresh rate.

Meta says that the new Pro display has 75% more contrast than on the Quest 2. This provides a more vibrant color palette and more realism when the passthrough camera is active.

Field of View

The Quest Pro features a 106º horizontal and 96º vertical field-of-view. This is a nice upgrade over the Quest 2, which only has a 90 degree field of view.


The Quest Pro features the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ system on a chip. It is the first processor developed since Meta and Qualcomm announced their partnership together. The XR2+ offers 50% more power than the original XR2 found in the Quest 2.

The Pro features 12 GB of RAM.

Mixed Reality

The Quest Pro headset features full color passthrough. This allows you to see your room surroundings in full color. The passthrough cameras are 4 times higher quality than on the Quest 2.

The headset itself fits like an oversized pairs of glasses. This lets you see your room in your peripheral vision around the edges of the headset. If you want more immersion, you can install the included light blockers and block outside light from getting in.

Facial Expressions

The Meta Quest Pro features inward facing cameras which track your face and mouth expressions. This is utilized in certain social apps, which can have your avatar mimic your facial expressions.

Some of the body parts tracked by the tracking are:

  • Smile
  • Eye-brows
  • Eye movement

IPD Adjustment

The Quest Pro features an automatic IPD adjustment between 55 and 75 mm wide. This is much more than the Quest 2’s 58 to 68 mm range.

The software adjusts your IPD in the display automatically to match the wearer by using the inward facing cameras.

Meta Quest Pro Controllers

The Quest Pro features all new Pro Touch controllers. Each controller has 3 cameras on it and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor in it. This allows your controller to track its position and movement in space all on its own, without the use of the headset at all.

The processor in the controller allows for full 360-degree range of motion.

meta quest pro touch controllers

Charging Dock

To promote easier charging and more grab-and-go functionality, the Quest Pro comes with its own wireless charging dock. This dock allows you to charge your headset and controllers at one time on your desk.

meta quest pro headset on a table


The Quest Pro features a unique halo strap which fits around your head. Unlike the Quest 2, the strap is fixed to the frame of the headset and cannot be swapped out, like the Quest 2 can be with an elite strap.

The strap does not have a top loop like the Quest 2 does.

meta quest pro new docking station


The weight of the Meta Quest Pro is 720 grams. This is 50% heavier than the Quest 2.

Backwards Compatibility

The entire Quest Pro ecosystem is backwards compatible with the Quest 2. All existing apps and features will work on either headset, so that you aren’t forced to upgrade.

Notably, this was originally marketed by Meta when the Quest 2 was released, comparing it to the Quest 1. Over time, games that took advantage of the 2’s extra power were released, and support for the original Quest was lost.

How Much Does the Meta Quest Pro Cost?

The VR headset and everything else listed below in the box costs $1,499. This is the most expensive headset that Meta has ever released.

In Canada, the Quest Pro costs $2,299.

What’s Included in the Meta Quest Pro Box?

Included with the device are all of these things:

  • Meta Quest Pro Headset
  • 2 Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers
  • Charging Dock 
  • USB-C Power Adapter 
  • Controller Charge Cable 
  • Charging Cable 
  • 2 Stylus Tips 
  • 2 Partial Light Blockers (L & R)
  • Cable Clip
  • Protective Cover
  • Cleaning Cloth 
  • 2 Wrist Straps

What is the Release Date of the Oculus Quest Pro?

The Meta Quest Pro was officially unveiled and available for pre-order on October 11, 2022 right after the Meta Connect 2022 keynote speech. The Quest Pro was released on October 25th, two weeks later.

The Quest Pro product and ecosystem is entirely compatible with the Quest 2 platform. Users who already own a Quest 2 will not be forced to upgrade in order to play any new games.

Apple is also rumored to be releasing a VR headset this year and it should compete with Project Cambria. We’ll find out a whole lot of new details soon!

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