Top 21 SideQuest VR Games to Play in 2020

There are now over 500 SideQuest VR games that you can sideload onto your Oculus Quest. In this guide, we take a look at our favorite SideQuest VR games. From first-person shooter to adventure and exploration, a lot of these games are free to try today. 

There’s been a lot of recent interest in sideloading VR games apps onto the Oculus Quest. The most popular third party app store for the Oculus Quest is SideQuest VR. Unlike Oculus’ restrictive guidelines for putting games into the official store, SideQuest welcomes all professional and independent VR developers. 

If you have favorite SideQuest VR games you’d like players to know about, make sure you comment down below.

In this article, we’ve outlined 21 of the best titles available, along with their features, and how to play. We have demo videos for every game so that you can see the awesome work these developers have done. 

Check out our complete guide if you want to learn how to sideload games onto the Oculus Quest. 

After you are set up, come back here and check out the top games for SideQuest. 

Best SideQuest VR Games

#1. Pavlov: Shack

pavlov shack sidequest vr games

Pavlov is a competitive first-person shooter game originally released for wired-VR headsets. It focuses on a realistic experience, with sights and sounds matching real life where possible. You can play in both casual and competitive modes depending on how confident you’re feeling. As well, there is an offline mode if you don’t want the pressures of playing with other people.

Pavlov: Shack is a stripped down version of the Steam game developed for the Oculus Quest. Some graphics had to be scaled down for the Quest, but the game is still a blast to play. The official release of Pavlov: Shack is estimated for later in 2020. Until then, you can play the beta version by sideloading it from SideQuest VR. 

Crossplay is not supported between the two versions yet! Take a look at the quality of Pavlov in the gameplay video below.

#2. Tea For God

tea for god sidequest vr

Tea For God is one of the most unique SideQuest VR games available for the Oculus Quest. It is a stealth shooter game that uses your roomscale to create unique, one-of-a-kind maps each time a level is generation. This means that you get to endlessly walk and creep around your house in virtual reality without ever going outside your VR roomscale.

You really need to install the game in order to appreciate its design. Even better, Tea For God is completely free as well.

The game comes with multiple difficulty levels and options for customizing and upgrading your gear. Some options can seem over-complicated at first until you get used to it. Tea For God is the first (only?) game that makes you want to clear out your space for a larger roomscale. Some users online have reported using their garage or nearby basketball courts to generate larger maps in the game. Whatever space you have, the game does a flawless job of generating a fun experience.

#3. Virtual Desktop

virtual desktop sidequest vr

If you have an Oculus Quest and want to play PC-VR games, Virtual Desktop is the best way to do so. Virtual Desktop wins in ease of use, image quality, latency and reliability. Plus, the ability to use Bluetooth peripherals is a nice bonus too.

With Virtual Desktop, you can stream games from your PC to your Oculus Quest wireless. That means you can use your powerful gaming rig to run more intensive VR games than the Quest can natively. With Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest, you can achieve much more.Virtual Desktop combined with the Quest’s image quality and portability, delivers the best virtual desktop experience you can imagine. 

To get started, you need to first purchase the official Virtual Desktop from the Oculus Store. The version in the SideQuest store is an add-on that enables you to play SteamVR games in VD. We have a full guide for setting up Virtual Desktop on the Oculus Quest with low latency and high quality. 

#4. Hand Physics Lab

hand physics lab sidequest vr

Hand Physics Lab is a perfect showcase of the new hand tracking feature on the Oculus Quest. It showcases how accurate and function hand tracking is on the Quest. Hand Physics Lab is a game that pushes the limits of hand tracking, combining it with physics to provide a more life-like VR experience.

The game offers a number of switches and buttons to play with that activate different features. You can play with blocks, force push, color eggs, finger paint, stab things, hold a crowbar and more.

Overall, the game is a showcase of hand tracking technology. It gives other developers some really great ideas in how to implement the technology in practical ways. 

#5. Hyper Dash 

hyper dash sidequest vr

Hyper Dash is a new fast-paced multiplayer shooter featuring cross-play with PC VR. It’s one of the top rated multiplayer SideQuest VR games available. Hyper Dash is free while it is still in development.

The game supports up to 5 vs 5 player matches in VR with spectators who can log in without a headset. The non-VR participants control a drone that can be seen in game. There are eight weapons currently in the game that are all one-handed so you can duel wield. It features three modes:

  • Payload is similar to Overwatch and Team Fortress 2
  • Domination challenges teams to capture three points and hold them for five seconds to score. The first team to three points wins.
  • Capture Point is a mode where you try to hold a point in the middle of the map for 300 overall seconds

The game combines multiple movement systems including smooth locomotion and rail grinding. This gets you around a map quickly after a respawn. There’s also a dash/teleport mechanic as the main way of moving around in the game. The dashes recharge so that you can boost more. After Echo Arena, this is the next multiplayer game you should try out.

#6. Crisis VRigade

crisis vrigade sidequest vr

Crisis VRigade is a VR first-person shooter that lets players take on the role of a SWAT trooper. You have to deal with a hostage situation in a bank robbery and you’re put in the middle of the action.

Together with a SWAT team, you will have to deal with the situation and take care of the terrorists who are robbing the bank. Your mission is crystal clear: finish off all hostile elements and keep your teammates and the hostages alive. Make your way through the bank to the safe where the terrorists have hostages.

Crisis VRigade is not for beginner players. There are only 3 levels in the game, but each requires precision, accuracy, and some good thinking to complete. The game has racked up over 190,000 views on SideQuest VR, making it one of the most popular Quest games ever.

#7. Deisim

deisim sidequest vr

Deisim is a VR God simulator. In the game, you play God and create a world as you want it.

When you start a new game, you are provided a plain and clean canvas to start your creation. Perform miracles and provide resources to the people in your world. If things get out of line, you can even choose to leave them starve and die. You can also draw a land or water area and add different kinds of items to each.

For simulation game fans, Deisim is well worth checking you.The game is currently in alpha state and is free on SideQuest to try out. Once enough features are added, the developer plans on switching to a paid model to support the game. There have been frequent updates to Deisim since it was released in July 2019.

#8. VRWorkout

vrworkout sidequest vr

VRWorkout is one of the most intense experiences on Oculus Quest. You’ll need plenty of space to give it a try.

There are plenty of fitness-focused apps on SideQuest now, many with high production values and great songs to workout to. What makes VRWorkout so special besides being free? Well, it uses hand-tracking to keep track of your workout progress. That means no more controllers and, as a result, a much more draining workout.

In VRWorkout, you have to complete 7 different exercises: 

  • Squat
  • Push up
  • Jump
  • Side Plank
  • Crunch
  • Run
  • Burpee. 

There’s a Beat Saber-like segment in which you punch different orbs. You get point multipliers for running in place too.Where other workout games for the Quest charge a fixed price or monthly fee, VRWorkout is completely free. In fact, VRWorkout gets your whole body working in ways other apps don’t.  

Check out our Supernatural vs VRWorkout guide, where we compare VRWorkout against one of the most popular Oculus Quest fitness games!

#9. To The Top

to the top sidequest vr

In To the Top, you play a human-animal-robot-hybrid. You have to run, leap, and climb around obstacles in virtual reality. “Fast-Paced Platformer” may not sound like it would work well in VR, but To The Top rises to the challenge.

The best way to describe To The Top is that you’re Spiderman crossed with Sonic The Hedgehog. If that doesn’t sound fun, we don’t know what will. The environments look nice and there are over 35 levels to conquer. 

To The Top is not one of the SideQuest VR games developed independently. The game is already really popular on SteamVR and has been ported to work on the Oculus Quest.

One note of caution is that To The Top is not for beginner VR players. All the fast movement can cause motion sickness, so make sure you are up to the challenge first.


enhance sidequest vr

ENHANCE is a brain training app for virtual reality. It’s not your run-of-the-mill puzzle game, but rather tests your attention and concentration. ENHANCE lets you work on different cognitive skills, including: 

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Flexibility
  • Problem Solving
  • Motor Control
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Information Processing

ENHANCE comes with various mini games. In “React,” you test your focus and attention by hitting colored cubes in a specific order. New games are being added to ENHANCE every month! 

Credit to the developer for making ENHANCE one of the most unique SideQuest VR games to try out. The data from the game goes to help research for brain training and mental health.

#11. Liminal

liminal sidequest vr game

 Liminal is a collection of short virtual reality experiences that make you feel different emotions. It empowers people to consciously choose how they feel and perform. The video categories are calm, energy, pain relief, or awe, and new experiences to be added over time. 

Calming experiences are relaxing and beautiful. Energy videos are fun and invigorating. Pain relief experiences are designed to make you more comfortable. Finally, awe experiences will leave you speechless. 

You can use the Liminal as a guest or sign up for free to get the most out of your Liminal experience. With an account, you can earn credits, unlocking new experiences and more.

The Liminal platform initially launched for free on Oculus Go and Gear VR with Daydream. For the Oculus Quest, you can install Liminal via SideQuest today. 

#12. Flowborne

flowborne sidequest vr game

Flowborne is a new meditation game on SideQuest, available now as a pre-release for Oculus Quest users. It uses the Touch controllers to monitor your breathing patterns and guide your movement. You don’t need any external devices to use this meditation experience.

The way this is achieved is by holding a Touch controller against your abdomen. Flowborne can accurately tell when you’re breathing through your diaphragm. The Touch controller will vibrate softly to indicate when its in the right position.

As you breathe in and out, the game will move along its path. The deeper you inhale and exhale, the more path you reveal. Flowborne is unlike any other VR game available today. If you are into yoga and meditation, you Flowborne and Liminal are top picks to check out. 

#13. Pew Pew Stuff Dies

pew pew stuff dies sidequest vr game

Pew Pew Stuff Dies is a port of an augmented reality (AR) game originally appearing on smartphones. In that version, you fought off virtual monsters in the real world by aiming with your phone. The VR edition creates a virtual environment and gives you two weapons to use in the fight against evil.

Pew Pew Stuff Dies was released in June 2020 on SideQuest. It plays a lot like a 2016-era VR wave shooter and is pretty bare bones. Enemies walk at you in a straight line and take a few shots to kill. Ammo in the game is limited so you can’t get too trigger-happy. 

Pew Pew has a scoreboard to compete in as well. It’s an easy game that you can pick up and go quickly. Take turns with friends competing for high scores.  

#14. Contractors VR

install contractors vr sidequest

Contractors VR is a first-person shooting game by Caveman Studios. The thing that makes Contractors outstanding is the game’s intuitive interface and polish. The version on SideQuest is an alpha version, but players are excited by how well it feels.

Visually, the graphics in Contractors VR are stunning. There are plenty of reflections, shadows and high-quality textures. Mechanically it feels very satisfying to fire the guns. The variety of load out options is really satisfying. On a gameplay level, Contractors VR is faster and higher paced than other shooters like Pavlov. You can sprint around the map fast and slide across the ground for some stylish take-downs.

Contractors VR feels similar in style to Call of Duty. If you like first person shooters, take advantage of Contractors while it is free. We have a full feature guide on Contractors VR to check out here.

#15. QuestZDoom

questzdoom sidequest vr game

QuestZDoom is a port of the original Doom game for PC. It has been adapted for the Oculus Quest with full 6DoF motion! One of the Best FPS games comes to life like never before. 

In QuestZDoom, you blast your way through the original Doom, Doom 2, TNT, Plutonia, Heritic, Hexen, Chex and more. With smooth frame rates and amazingly smooth controls, this is the way Doom was meant to be played.

Be aware that Doom will not play on its own. The QuestZDoom application on Sideuest alters the original Doom game to support full virtual reality. You need a copy of the original Doom game, which you can download from Steam. You also need to download the Baggyg’s QuestZDoom Launcher to play the game and adjust settings without needing a connection to a PC. You can find that launcher here

#16. Lambda1VR

lambda1vr sidequest game

Lambda1VR brings Half-Life to the Oculus Quest. From the same makers as QuestZDoom, Lambda1VR is a mod for the original Half Life which adds full locomotion movement and 6 DoF support. 

Lambda1VR only acts as an engine to run Half-Life in VR on your Quest. You need to own the original Half-Life in order to use this mod. You can buy that off of Steam here. Lambda1VR allows you to customize a mask to prevent motion sickness. You can also adjust height for seated or standing play.

In Half Life you play Dr. Gordon Freeman, who is assigned to inspect a mysterious alien artifact. Soon, things go very wrong when the artifact opens a destructive and unstable portal to the world of Xen. What ensues is an action, adventure, and horror game like never before. 

#17. Hibow

hibow sidequest game

Hibow is a competitive multiplayer VR game with fierce arrow shooting and refreshing flying experience. It comes from the same developers as Kingdom of Blades.

In Hibow, you play on a team of archers and your goal is to eliminate the other team. You have to fly through the arena and shoot your enemies with arrows. You can invite your friends to play with you too.

Creative features for bows and arrows allow sniping, scattering, explosion and even blinding. The game has a unique flying system which is cool to experience in VR. The game feels a bit similar to Echo Arena in a more casual way. 

#18. Groove Fit Kingdom!

groove fit kigndom sidequest game

Groove Fit Kingdom! is an action game, developed and published by Ima-Create Co. It is a new kind of Rhythm Fitness VR where you move your body to the rhythm. It has elements of Beat Saber, OhShape, Supernatural, and other similar games. 

Groove Fit Kingdom is set in a kingdom of animals. There are a few different mini games to engage in. There is a tennis style game where you have to return different serves. Or a boxing style game where you have to smash targets heading your way.

Groove Fit Kingdom can calculate the number of calories you burn while playing games. The calories you burn will be recorded, so you can see your daily exercise record in a graph. 

#19. Harvest VR

harvest vr sidequest game

Harvest VR is a first person farming simulator game. You work on your own virtual reality farm, where you can use your farming tools and your skills to plant and harvest crops. You have to earn money to grow your farm or buy items for your house.

Watch plants grow through full day and night cycles. Prepare your land and grow produce, selling them on the market. You can buy new seeds and livestock. As well, you can customize your farm and your home with additional furniture.

Use your own hands to cultivate your plot and turn your farm into the farm of your dreams. Harvest VR comes with new features all the time. Recent updates have added more items to buy from the store, a chicken coop, and more fish to find. 

#20. Escape Legacy

escape legacy vr game

If you are a lover of puzzle games, then Escape Legacy is for you. In the game, you take control of Erica. She is an archaeologist who follows the adventurous steps of her grandfather. As you play the game, you will collect, find, and reveal the secrets of ancient scrolls.

You need to solve puzzles, explore all escape rooms, and search for items. The goal is to quickly escape each level before time catches up with you. If you have ever been to an escape room in the real world, Escape Legacy will feel familiar to you.

Escape Legacy allows you to compete with other players from across the world. The game features a unique scoring system with global scoreboards. There are 10 different levels with over 80 rooms to explore. There are escape room VR games that are very pricey. Escape Legacy is an awesome solution on SideQuest for only $2.99. 

#21. Pokemon VR

pokemon vr game on sidequest

Pokemon in full virtual reality is one of the most sought after games by fans. Available for free, Pokemon VR is a fan-made game that mimics the old RPG titles. While a bit buggy, it does a commendable job at adapting the original Pokemon battle experience for the VR format. You’ll be surprised by how fleshed out the experience feels compared to some other “unofficial” Quest releases. 

The experience begins in a classroom filled with the original starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. After creating your account, you get to pick your starter Pokemon. After that, you have to set out and travel through lands to defeat Pokemon gyms and earn badges. Along the way, you have to battle Pokemon and people and interact with others.

Pokemon VR receives new updates to extend the story. Check it out today and see what you think!

What are your favorite SideQuest VR games? Let us know in the comments down below!

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