16 Best VR Fitness Games to Lose Weight: Fun and Effective VR Workouts!

vr fitness games
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Are you looking to get a good workout in while you wear your VR headset? This guide looks at the best VR fitness games to play in full virtual reality.

These games are perfect to help you

  • meet your fitness goals
  • stay active
  • lose weight in virtual reality

We’ve collected 16 of our favorites for you to check out. Some successfully meld a video game with a fitness app, while others are quite the workout.

What are the Best VR Fitness Games?

  1. Holofit (Best Overall)
  2. Supernatural (Most Immersive)
  3. VRWorkout (Free VR Fitness Game)
  4. FitXR (Best VR Group Workout Classes)
  5. Thrill of the Fight (Best VR Boxing Game)
  6. Beat Saber (Most Fun)
  7. Les Mills Body Combat (Best VR Martial Arts)
  8. No More Rainbows (Best Arm Workout)
  9. Until You Fall (Best VR Roguelike Workout)
  10. Underdogs (Best Workout and Storyline)
  11. Dragon Fist VR (Best VR Kung Fu Game
  12. Blade and Sorcery (Most Violent)
  13. Synth Riders (Best Casual Workout)
  14. OhShape (Best Full Body)
  15. Holopoint (Best Arm Workout)
  16. VZFit (Best VR Biking Game)

Below, I’ll go over each game in detail, explaining each type of game and how they help you lose weight and work out in virtual reality!

Why You Should Workout in VR

One of the inherent benefits of VR is that it gets you up and active while you play video games. VR fitness games are popular because they motivate you to work out while you have fun. 

You get the benefit of being in a routine while playing games daily. Some games we list below allow you to burn 400 or more calories as a cardio workout during one session!

Virtual reality can inspire and motivate you to get moving. There are plenty of fitness-based VR apps that will whip you into shape. Some of these games use hand tracking, and others are controller based.

The Best VR Headset to Workout With

In theory, any VR headset can be worked out. There are covers for every headset that prevents sweat from building up on the outside of the headset. 

The one major drawback about the Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, and most other headsets is that you must be tethered to a nearby gaming PC.

For this reason, the Oculus Quest 2 is the best VR workout headset. It is completely wireless, so you can move around your house as you need. It’s no coincidence that every VR fitness game below is compatible with the Oculus Quest.

Oculus also sells a nice Fit Pack for the Quest 2 for those that like to work out in VR.

Stop Sweat From Getting on Your Headset!

Before you get too intense in a VR fitness game, you should buy a VR cover for your headset. A silicone cover can go over to the base fabric or cushion and prevent sweat from soaking into your headset.

Trust us, the friends you have over to try out your VR headset will thank you!

Click here to go to the VR Cover website to buy a silicone protective cover for any headset.

Oculus Move

Oculus Quest users have an exercise tracker built right into the operating system of the headset. Oculus Move is a cross-app fitness tracker. Its main feature is a fitness dashboard that keeps track of your movement and calories in each game you play in virtual reality.

It has a global dashboard, a per-game dashboard and shows several fitness statistics and trends about the games you play in virtual reality.

The new Move dashboard perfectly complements those who work out and play VR fitness games on the Oculus Quest 2 or 1.

Click here to read our full Oculus Move guide.

Oculus Move dashboard sample

Holofit (Best VR Fitness Game)

holofit vr fitness game

Price: $10.90 per month
Buy/Info: Official Site

Holofit reinvents interactive fitness through virtual reality. With Holofit, each workout session becomes a new, fantastic adventure that continuously encourages you to explore further and reach your fitness goals. Holofit is compatible with nearly every VR headset.

With Holofit, your real workout equipment pairs with your VR headset so that you can bike, row, and elliptical through exotic environments. The company sells a physical cadence sensor that attaches to your gym equipment and communicates information about speed, incline, and distance.

As of June 22, 2020, Holofit also includes workouts that do not require external workout equipment. You can virtual row, cycle, or run wherever you are using your VR controllers and the Holofit app.

Compete with your friends at the gym or online through the app. You can track, improve your progress and get fit while having fun. A racing mode from 500 meters up to a marathon gives you plenty of options and scenery to enjoy in VR.

Holofit users pay a monthly subscription for access to workout programs. You can see your rank by country or sport. The dedicated app keeps track of all your workout information. With immersive environments and modes specifically for your cardio goals, it’s an easier way to get in shape quickly with Holofit.

I Tried Virtual Reality Rowing...I Wasn’t Expecting THIS

Supernatural (Most Immersive)

supernatural vr fitness game

Price: $19 per month
Buy/Info: Official Site

Supernatural is a beautiful, well-realized VR fitness game. It borrows some game mechanics from Beat Saber and expands them into the realm of fitness. Squatting, lunging, and going for powerful hits is the name of the game here. Supernatural contains licensed real music tracks to work out to classic and current hits.

Supernatural is probably the best VR workout game that doesn’t require any other equipment. to make things better. The workouts feel legitimate and new ones come out daily.

This isn’t the kind of VR that lets you sit and swivel around in a chair. It sets high-intensity, choreographed, game-like workouts to popular music. You get encouragement and guidance from expert fitness trainers. Supernatural looks great on the Oculus Quest, which is completely wireless.

Workouts are set in 360-degree captures of some of the most beautiful places on Earth. This is a really nice bonus as you are transported from the Great Wall of China to Machu Picchu for your next tune.

Supernatural VR Oculus Quest 2 gameplay - Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (High intensity) + warmup

VRWorkout (Free VR Fitness Game)

vr workout best vr fitness game full body

Price: FREE
Buy/Info: Official Site

VRWorkout is a fitness rhythm game with full-body engagement. It’s designed to accelerate your heart rate. VRWorkout works with Oculus Quest hand tracking, so you don’t need a controller in your hands at all.

VRWorkout has you doing popular exercises like a squat, push up, burpee, jump, side plank, crunches, and running. It’s one of the best workout routines in VR today.

It’s actively being developed and has seen several updates since its debut. The game has even graduated from SideQuest and onto the official Meta store. If you were one of the first to try out the game and you haven’t. ina while, it probably looks a whole lot different now!

VR Workout Trailer 2022

FitXR (Best VR Group Workout Classes)


Price: $29.99
Buy/Info: Official Site

FitXR is a cardio-fitness trainer that features always-changing live and tapes classes in exchange for your subscription. FitXR was previously known as BoxVR, a rhythm-based VR boxing game.

Tday, the app has great cardio workouts designed to help you burn calories. From short 3-minute warm-ups to 20+ minute endurance workouts, FitVR has everything you need for a fantastic cardio workout. FitVR is available on most VR headsets.

FitXR is a full virtual reality studio that offers full-body group workout classes in virtual reality. The company has partnered with real like workout studios, who offer live and tapes classes you can follow along to.

Every workout is recorded so you can see how your calories burned, distance travelled, and more. Set your goals and see your progress daily to stay motivated. Choose from various music tracks by real artists and create your own workouts with varying intensity levels. Build and save as many custom routines as you like.

BoxVR/FitXR is one of the original VR fitness games for users.

Thrill of the Fight (Best VR Boxing Game)

thrill of the fight vr

Price: $11.99
Buy/Info: Official Site

Thrill of the Fight bills itself as an authentic boxing game. It is a room-scale only experience that will have you punching around your house in real-time. One of the best aspects of VR gaming is the chance to put yourself into someone else’s shoes. In Thrill of the Fight, you face extreme danger and then get to walk away completely unscathed.

In this game, you get to step into the shoes of an up-and-coming boxer and try to work your way up the ranks. You use timing to land the knockout punches, evade swings, land jobs, and block.

Unlike BoxVR, which focuses more on moving your body to the rhythm, Thrill of the Fight is a more realistic boxing workout. There is a full career mode you can play through. If you can complete an entire set, the game promises you could burn up to 450 calories in one hour. That is real results packed into a VR fitness game!

Beat Saber (Most Fun)


Price: $32
Buy/Info: Official Site

Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games of all time. It’s not marketed as a VR fitness game, but its frenetic action, original tunes, and play style make it one. In this workout game, you swing your hands in different directions to the time of the music. The game is available for all VR headsets and platforms. Each song has multiple difficulty levels from easy up to expert+.

Even better, you can load Beat Saber custom songs onto your game and work out to popular music. Our complete setup guide will have you up and running quickly.

There’s no denying that swinging a couple of swords around to music is terribly addictive. Like many of these titles, it’s only on the higher difficulty levels that you’ll really burn some calories.

How Beat Saber Improved my Life (Beyond Weight Loss)

Les Mills Body Combat (Best VR Martial Arts Workout)

les mills body combat best vr fitness games

Price: $29.99

Buy/Info: Meta Quest

Les Mills Body Combat is a fantastic VR fitness game that brings a high-energy, martial arts-inspired workout from the gym to your home. Having used it extensively, I think its an awesome choice for anyone looking to stay fit using virtual reality.

Les Mills includes a variety of punches, kicks, and elbow strikes. I really like the Volcano Update, which introduces a striking new volcanic environment and five fresh workout sessions.

The gameplay is intense and engaging. You throw punches, perform knee strikes, and duck to avoid obstacles, all in rhythm with the workout. The movements provide a full-body workout, targeting various muscle groups while improving cardiovascular endurance. There are 50 workout plans tailored to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The VR (virtual reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) options allow you to choose your preferred experience. I like working out with real-world surroundings in mixed reality.

The workouts are crafted to ensure you get the best results. The high-quality coaching from Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham keeps you motivated and ensures you perform each move correctly. Their guidance is invaluable, especially if you are new to martial arts-style workouts.

Another feature that I enjoyed about the game is the soundtrack. With tracks from artists like Noam Dee and Fas Fash, the music is synced to energize you throughout your sessions.

Les Mills BodyCombat VR Review

No More Rainbows (Best VR Arm Workout)

no more rainbows best vr fitness game

Price: $19.99

Buy/Info: Meta Quest

No More Rainbows is a thrilling VR platformer that gives you claws from the point-of-view of the Beast. The game employs intuitive arm-based locomotion mechanics, requiring you to run, jump, claw, and climb using only your hands and arms. Think of No More Rainbows like Gorilla Tag, but with more chaotic action and movement.

One feature I liked about the game is Molten Shores, a newly introduced world. The volcanic terrain is exhilarating and visually stunning.

The game is also fun to play online, with modes like Deathmatch and Chicken Catch. Battling it out on 17 thrilling maps keeps me returning for more. Collecting cosmetics and customizing my beast with over a million possible combinations was a fun way to show my progress and personality.

The single-player campaign in No More Rainbows is expansive, featuring five unique worlds and over 30 levels. Boss encounters add depth to the narrative, making the adventure feel rich and compelling. Each level offered new surprises and challenges, ensuring I was always on my toes.

I Got Added to This Game... | No More Rainbows VR

Until You Fall (Best VR Roguelike Workout)

until you fall vr deals playstation vr games

Price: $24.99

Buy/Info: Meta Quest

Until You Fall is a VR fitness game blending hack-and-slash action with rogue-lite elements. I love its vibrant, neon-lit world filled with challenging, magic-infused monsters. The game’s dynamic combat system is fun. You must physically swing your arms, dodge attacks, and strategically block incoming strikes.

One of the aspects I love most about Until You Fall is the variety of weapons. My favorites are the one-handed sword for rapid strikes or a hefty, two-handed axe for powerful blows. As I progressed, I loved earning power-ups and enhancements to tailor my fighting style and keep the gameplay fresh and challenging.

The game’s rogue-lite nature means that no two runs are the same. Each session presents randomized rewards, enemy configurations, and room layouts. This variability has kept me engaged and motivated to push further with each attempt.

Until You Fall Is An AWESOME VR Sword Fighting Game

Underdogs (Best VR Storyline + Workout)

underdogs best vr fitness game

Price: $29.99

Buy/Info: Meta Quest

Underdogs is a great title for anyone looking to get fit while indulging in a unique and thrilling VR experience. It’s a game that throws you into the chaotic world of underground mech fights. Strapping into a five-ton metal suit, I became an unstoppable force in this physics-based brawler, whose goal is to smash, crush, and rip apart enemy bots in a no-holds-barred battle arena.

The gameplay is intense and physically demanding, requiring me to swing my arms and move my body with force to control my mech. Each battle feels like a full-body workout as I dodge, punch, and grapple with towering mechanical opponents. The incredible immersion makes me feel every hit and movement as I battle for survival in the pits.

One of the most unique aspects of Underdogs is its Roguelike elements. The game offers over 100 items and power tools to upgrade my mech, allowing for a highly customizable experience. Between fights, I can hire hackers and saboteurs to gain an edge over my rivals, adding a strategic layer to the game.

My in-game ally, King, provides both assistance and comic relief. He hacks enemies and delivers witty commentary as I fight. His presence adds an extra layer of engagement, making me feel like I’m not alone in the dog-eat-dog environment of New Brakka.

Visually, Underdogs is dark and atmospheric, capturing the brutal essence of underground mech battles. The arenas are packed with roaring crowds, adding to the adrenaline rush as I tear through opponents in front of a bloodthirsty audience.

Underdogs VR Mech Fights are Insane

Dragon Fist (Best VR Kung Fu Game)

dragon fist vr kung fu best vr fitness games

Price: $19.99

Buy/Info: Meta Quest

Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu is a VR fitness game that genuinely makes you feel like you’re living out your martial arts movie. Inspired by classic Kung Fu films, this game lets you step into the shoes of legendary martial artists, each with their unique fighting style and special moves.

When I first booted up Dragon Fist, I was amazed by the variety of characters available. With over 40 different fighters, including old wise masters, young gifted students, Shaolin monks, and Bruce Lee-inspired icons, I found myself spoilt for choice. Each character has a colorful costume and distinct fighting style.

The gameplay is where Dragon Fist shines. Facing opponents using real-world martial arts techniques is a test of reflexes, strategy, and endurance. The physics-based combat system gives you complete control over your actions, so blocking, dodging, and counter-attacking all feel incredibly satisfying. Every match left me sweating and my muscles burning, exactly what I want from a VR fitness game.

One of Dragon Fist’s most immersive features is its integration with bHaptics gear. Feeling every punch, kick, and special move adds a new level of realism to the experience. When I put on my bHaptics gear, I felt like I was in the ring, trading blows with my opponents. The Mixed Reality (MR) mode takes this further by using your actual room as the battleground.

Dragon Fist VR | First Person Mortal Kombat That Hits Me Just Right

Blade and Sorcery (Most Violent)

blade and sorcery splash banner

Price: $19.99
Buy/Info: Official Site

Blade and Sorcery is a VR sword fighting game where you must battle hordes of enemies coming after you. The game is a constant game of endurance as you move through different arenas and fight enemies while waving your arms.

Blade and Sorcery mods are also popular, which lets you customize the game with new weapons and modifications. You can also install new custom maps to battle enemies on. The game is an open sandbox, allowing modders to add anything they want.

For VR fitness games that are disguised as real ones, Blade and Sorcery is top of the list. We would love to see an Oculus Quest version coming soon.


Synth Riders (Best Dance Game)

synth riders vr fitness game

Price: $19.99
Buy/Info: Official Site

Synth Riders is another VR rhythm game similar to Beat Saber. Unlike Beat Saber, you have to move your hands in a much more rhythm way. You get a wider range of motion while you play and must sustain your hands in the air a lot longer too.

Synth Riders also features custom songs integration, and it’s a lot easier than Beat Saber too. You can load in real-life songs and move your hands to the rhythm.

Synth Riders was also one of the first VR games to feature YUR.fit support. That means you can sync your YUR watch to the game for accurate calorie tracking.

Expert+ Beat Saber Player Tries Synth Rider First Time (Synth Rider Oculus Quest)

OhShape (Best Full Body Workout)

ohshape vr fitness game

Price: $19.99
Buy/Info: Official Site

OhShape is a unique VR fitness game where you must contort your body to pass through virtual walls. Unlike most games that focus on the upper body, OhShape is more of a full-body experience.

OhShape isn’t just dancing through. You also have to dodge obstacles and punch walls to pass each of the 32 hand-crafted levels in the game. OhShape added custom songs support, too, so that you can load real-life music into the game!

OhShape VR has successfully launched on Steam, Oculus Quest, and Viveport now, so all users can check out this VR fitness game.

Expert+ Beat Saber Player Tries OhShape (OhShape Oculus Quest gameplay / footage)

Holopoint (Best Arm Workout)

holopoint vr fitness game

Price: $14.99
Buy/Info: Official Site

Unlike most games on this list, Holopoint is an old-fashioned sports VR game that gets your heart rate pumping. It is an archery wave shooting game that really works to have you moving around and exercising.

In addition to shooting arrows, you have to dodge, spot, and move left to right to pass each level. It was a fan favorite when it launched on Steam and is now available for the Oculus Quest 2. Spinning and dodging is a lot more natural on the Quest when you have no cable holding you back

In Death: Unchained might be a better archery game for presentation, but Holopoint is a better VR fitness game for getting your heart rate up as you play.

VZFit (Best Biking VR Game)

vzfit best vr biking game

Price: FREE
Buy/Info: Meta Quest

VZFit. is the best VR biking game. If you have a stationary exercise bike at home, you can sync it with your Meta Quest. While you bike through real-world locations, you will burn calories on your exercise bile.

If you don’t have a stationary bike at home, don’t worry. The game has a standing mode that let’s you get a full-body HIIT workout. ina similar style.

VZFit has done a great job to integrate Google Maps into the Quest. You travel through Google Street View in several locations around the world that are hand-picked.


What are some of your favorite workout and VR fitness games? Did we miss any?

Post below in the comments and let us know.


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