8 Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap Alternatives That Won’t Break!

If you’ve been following Reddit, there are reports of the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap breaking during normal use.

Breaking a lot.

Over 50 reports on Reddit complete with pictures so far.

If this has you nervous to buy the upgraded $50 strap from Oculus, we have 8 Elite Strap alternatives below to check out. The newest additions to this guide are the Upgraded Elite Strap from Kiwi Design and the Headstrap Replacement from VRCover!

If you know of any other headbands for the Oculus Quest 2, comment below and let us know.

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The Best Elite Strap Alternatives for the Oculus Quest 2

  1. Kiwi Design Upgraded Elite Strap
  2. Vive Deluxe Audio Strap with Frankenquest 2
  3. BeswinVR Head Strap
  4. Oculus Quest 2 Pro Headmount
  5. IOVROIGO Adjustable Halo Strap
  6. VRCover Headstrap Replacement
  7. VR Balance 2.0 Counterweight Strap
  8. AliExpress Quest 2 Halo Headband

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap Breaking – What’s the Deal?

Shortly after its release, a few users on Reddit because posting vertical cracks in the sideband of their Elite Straps. While anecdotal at first, the number of complaints has risen above 30! Below, you can see some of the reoccurring issues that some users are see with their Elite Strap breaking. The issue looks similar in most cases: a vertical crack in the center of the side band. It looks like this might be the spot where the most pressure is placed on the headband.

Its hard to tell for sure if this is an isolated issue or manufacturer’s defect. However it is worth nothing that Oculus has removed the Elite strap from ordering on their official website. They have no issued a warranty fix or recall details yet.

If this has you nervous at all, there are other headband options for making your Quest 2 more comfortable over the original soft strap that comes with the hardware by default.

Below, we take a look at some of your options.

Next up, we will go into more detail about our top Elite Strap alternatives for the Oculus Quest 2.

Kiwi Design Upgraded Elite Strap

Kiwi Design sells some of the most popular Oculus Quest 2 accessories. And their upgraded elite strap is a perfect alternative to the one sold by Oculus.

Kiwi Design’s starp has a number of enhancements that users will like.

To start, the side straps are made out of hard polymer, which is over 100,000 more durable than plastic. This should prevent the Kiwi design strap from cracking if you tighten it a little too much.

Second, the head support at the back of the headstrap is more enlarged than other options. This wraps your head better and distributes weight better for you.

Lastly, the Kiwi Design strap comes with a more comfortable face cushion by Kiwi. The cushion is made from soft PU leather and is easy to clean in between use. The head strap connects to this face cushion for maximum compatibility.

As a bonus, the Kiwi Design upgrraded strap is also rerasonably priced. Buy yours today.

KIWI design Head Strap for Oculus/Meta Quest 2 Accessories Elite Strap for Enhanced Support and Comfort in VR
  • Enhanced Side Straps: The side straps of our elite strap adopted upgraded polymer material which is eco-friendly and has extreme tenacity and sturdiness that could stand over 100,000 times bending so you don't have to worry that the side strap will snap.
  • Optimized Wearing Design: With the 52° adjustable hinge, just gently flip up Quest 2 and you can check your surroundings without the trouble of loosening the knob to take off the head strap. Also, this design is very convenient for you to put on or take off the head strap, especially for people who wear glasses.
  • Enlarged Head Support: The whole head strap weighs 350g, it has larger head support than the official one, fits head circumference 17.7-29.5inch, the enlarged head support can better fit and cup your head, which will make the head strap more stable and comfortable.

Vive Deluxe Audio Strap with Frankenquest 2

The Vive Deluxe Audio Strap (DAS) is one of the most popular VR headset band thats been released. They are designed with adjustable earphones, which give you more immersive sound over the default audio built into the Quest’s sideband.

The padding on the DAS is superior, with soft padding on all parts that touch your face. The DAS features an adjustment dial that you rotate on your head to fit everything into place. If you prefer to play Oculus Link, the DAS allows you to comfortable place your cable through the headband.

In order to get the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap working with the Oculus Quest 2, you need to purchase the Frankenquest 2. These are 3D-printed side pieces that attach to your Quest 2 and connect to the DAS solution.

The cost of the DAS is $99 and the cost of the Frankenquest 2 is $19.99. This solution is double the price of the elite strap, but you get immersive off-ear headphones to work with the Quest 2. Plus, it is one of the most favorite Elite Strap alternatives according to user reviews and happy customers who have the DAS.

Click here to buy the FrankenQuest 2. Buy the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap off of Amazon below.

HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap
  • Designed with adjustable earphones, allowing you to enjoy the 360-degree realistic sound in even more comfort and convenience.
  • Features interior padding for extra contentment. An adjustment dial allows for just the right fit. You can place the cable path at a side position to enjoy an even more immersive experience.
  • Provide integrated earphones with great sound quality so you will have a more convenient VR experience.

BeswinVR Head Strap

The BeswinVR head strap was originally designed for the Oculus Quest 1. However, it can be utilized with the Quest 2 with a little bit of customization (see below). The new 2020 updated version is improved even more for users. When you install the BeswinVR head strap, it takes away the squeeze and pressure on your face and nose.

We like how durable the BeswinVR is, which makes it a good Elite Strap alternative. Like the DAS, this head strap features an adjustment dial that allows you to get the fit perfect on your head. It also has a patented design so copycats are not allowed.

In order to get this head strap working with the Oculus Quest 2, you have two options:

Purchase this head strap below.

BeswinVR Halo Strap for Quest 2 and Oculus Quest - Quest 2 Adapter Ready- Virtual Reality Accessories (USA Stock 3-5 Days Shipping)
  • 【Quest 2 Compatible】Quest 2 adapter ready, Quick install without any D.I.Y spacer. The new adapter tighten fit with Quest 2 well.
  • 【Latest Version】2020 ergonomic Designed head strap for Oculus Quest, No squeeze on face and nose, 50: 50 Balance weight between Oculus quest headset and head Strap.
  • 【Comfort and Convenience】Easy-to-use size adjustment dial and hard-sided construction, 99% comfortable like HTC Vive Audio strap.

Oculus Quest 2 Pro Headmount

The Pro Headmount is a futuristic looking Elite Strap alternative that can be quickly installed on your Quest 2. The nice thing about this headmount is that it supports one of Anker’s Powerbank batteries to extend the life of a headset charge (more on that below).

This headband forehard cover is very soft and is completely washable. The rear strap has a ratchet, similar to most bike helmets. This allows for easy tightening and loosening of the mount. All of the straps included in this Pro Headmount are adjustable for different head sizes.

In order to counterbalance better, the Pro Headmount comes in 3 different models that support Anker’s Powercore external batteries. The Powerbanks deliver up to 10000mAh and also act as a counterweight to the otherwise front heavy Quest. This counterweight is placed right in the nape of your neck, making the headset near pressure-less on your face, relying more on the headband on the forehead.

To purchase the Pro Headmount and Powerbanks, first click the link below to check out and buy the headmount. Then, buy the Powercore associated with the Pro Headmount you purchased.

Click here to buy the Oculus Quest 2 Pro Headmount.

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IOVROIGO Adjustable Halo Strap

The IOVROIGO Oculus Quest 2 head strap is a new alternative to the market. The design looks like the original elite strap in a lot of ways, but it has some really nice features we think Quest users will like.

To start, the headband has not been 3D printed and is manufactured with durability in mind. The main body is made from high-quality ABS plastic which always looks clean. High-quality leather and foam cushion is used for the soft parts for maximum comfort on your face.

The IOVROIGO contains a fit-wheel dial that is easy to adjust to tighten and loosen. The company promises a front-to-back ratio of 50:50 so that your headset sits perfect on your head.

The headset is shipping from November 10th, 2020 onward!

iovroigo Adjustable Halo Strap, Suitable for Oculus Quest 2 VR Eyewear Head Straps Increase Supporting Force and Improve Comfort-Virtual Reality Accessories
  • 【Premium Material】The main body of the Head Strap is made of high-quality ABS plastic, high-quality PU leather and foam cushion. ABS plastic ensures that the surface is always kept clean, and the PU foam pad design is soft and comfortable.Easy to install and remove.
  • 【Beautiful and durable】All parts of the head strap have not been 3D printed, so it has a long service life, which is both strong and beautiful.
  • 【Easy to adjust】The head strap adapter adopts a rotatable adjustment method, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the personal head wearing posture. Provide longer game time and more comfortable game experience.

VR Balance 2.0

The VR Balance 2.0 is the successor to the popular third party headset strap for the original Quest. The new version improves on the padding and counterweight design from the first. Unlike most Quest 2 elite strap alternatives which use a tightening design, the VR Balance 2.0 requires none. It is a counterweight design that places weight at the back of your head.

The VR Balance 2.0 weighs as much as three powerbanks. However, it is made of soft padding and is a lot more comfortable than the default elite strap. It doesn’t have any rear knob or screws, making it better to learn back against a wall, couch, or headboard with.

The VR Balance contains soft PU leather which can be wipes clean when needed. The original VR Balance is often recommended by users and the 2.0 looks like it improves on that design nicely.

Click here to buy the VR Balance 2.0 elite strap alternative.

vr balance 2.0 elite strap alternative

VRCover Headstrap Replacement for the Oculus Questt 2

VRCover has a replacement headstrap for the Oculus Quest 2. It has a similar design to the stock strap, but with comfort and weight distribution closer to the Elite Strap.

The VRCover headstrap comes with the following features:

  • Ergonomic adjustable strap
  • Improves wearability of the headset and increases comfort
  • Replaces the stock head strap

The Headstrap Replacement can be adjusted in various ways to give you a better Oculus Quest 2 experience. You can tighten or loosen the strap at the top, sides and back to spread out the weight of the headset. It helps ease the pressure on your face, distributing weight better around your head. This makes longer VR sessions more comfortable and enjoyable.

Click below to buy the VRCover Headstrap Replacement for the Oculus Quest 2:

8 Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap Alternatives That Won't Break!

AliExpress Quest 2 Halo Headband

Ali Express is selling a new Oculus Quest 2 halo headband option. It looks similar to the Elite Strap, but with an adjustable halo design that rests on the top of the headset. It is one of the first third party Elite Strap alternatives designed specifically for the Quest 2.

The posting for this halo headband claims that it is easy to wear, flexible, and adjustable to different fits. You can adjust both the front and the back to adjust angle, fit, and comfort level. It will help balance the weight of your Quest 2 on your head and make things more comfortable.

At only $32, this Elite Strap alternative is cheaper than the official strap. If it is good quality, it could be the right solution to try.

Click here to buy this halo headband off of AliExpress.

8 Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap Alternatives That Won't Break!

What other Elite Strap alternatives have you found for the Oculus Quest 2? Has your Elite Strap broke or do you have any concerns about the quality of them now? Comment below and let us know!

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