18 Breachers VR Tips: How to Get More Kills in 5 Minutes

breachers vr tips tricks and help to play better
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Breachers is an exciting VR multiplayer game where you must use a good strategy to help your team out and eliminate the other. After playing this game for hundreds of hours, I’ve compiled the best Breachers VR tips and tricks you need to know to play better.

These tips include:

  • Ways to get more kills

  • Strategy tips

  • How to be a better teammate

  • Ways to neutralize more experienced players

Before we get into all of our Breachers VR tips, let’s break down the game first.

What is Breachers?

Breachers VR is a team-based, close-quarters combat game where players are divided into two factions:

  • Enforcers

  • Revolters

Your objective varies based on your faction.


Enforcers aim to eliminate opponents and disarm their bombs using EMP devices. They can do things like:

  • rappel

  • breach walls

  • swing through windows

  • employ gadgets like drones, cloaking devices, flashbangs, and breaching foam

All of these strategies are designed to give you the upper hand.


Revolters have to prevent Enforcers from disarming their bombs. They must eliminate Enforcers before they can accomplish their goal.

Revolters use gadgets such as:

  • doorblockers

  • tripmines

  • static field emitters

  • proximity sensors

All of these tools help Revolters defend their position.


Customization plays a crucial role in Breachers VR. You can purchase and modify weaponry to suit your preferences at the beginning of each round. This keeps the game fresh and diverse by letting you pick your strategy before each game.

Breachers offers an intuitive yet endlessly playable VR experience, where tactical prowess, teamwork, and skillful gadget usage are essential for victory.

The game unfolds in stunning environments, and you must adapt quickly to your role, whether as an enforcer seeking to breach and eliminate or a revolter striving to hold the line and protect your objective.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the game, let’s delve into some practical tips to help you excel in Breachers VR:

breachers vr tips tricks and help

The Best VR Accessories for Breachers

Breachers is an intense first-person shooting game. To help your gameplay out, here are some VR accessories worth buying:

VR Gun Stock

To experience a realistic shooting encounter, investing in a VR gun stock could be pivotal. The gun stocks will aid in stabilizing your shots, reducing recoil, and enhancing the realism of holding a rifle, which could be crucial when taking those precise headshots.

VR Covers and Face Cushions

Long hours of gameplay call for comfort. Equip your Meta Quest with VR covers and face cushions to reduce pressure points, absorb sweat, and facilitate prolonged comfortable gaming sessions.

Advanced VR Grips

When it’s about mastering the weapon recoil and maintaining a firm grip on your weapons, advanced VR grips come to play. They offer a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue and ensuring you have a firm hold of your weapon during intense firing sessions.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Standing on a comfortable anti-fatigue mat could be beneficial during long sessions, reducing the strain on your legs and allowing you to maintain a comfortable stance throughout your gameplay.

High-Speed Router

Given the multiplayer nature of Breachers, a high-speed router ensures a lag-free gaming experience, fostering real-time reactions and seamless gameplay, which could be a determinant in fast-paced shooting games.

Third-Party Head Strap

If you plan on playing for longer sessions, there are some great third-party head straps for the Meta Quest 2, which let the headset sit better on your face. These straps are better for longer playing session and can help get more comfortable while playing Breachers.

Next, we go into all of our favorite Breachers VR tips!

The Best Breachers VR Tips and Tricks

Aim for the Head

One fundamental rule in first-person shooters also applies to Breachers VR: aim for the head!

Headshots deal significantly more damage than shots to other body parts. In Breachers VR, some weapons, particularly rifles, can even deliver one-shot headshot kills.

Remember that headshots might not always result in instant kills, but they will significantly reduce your enemy’s health.

Master Door and Window Gaps

Understanding the layout of the game’s environments is essential. Breachers VR features barricaded doors and windows, but here’s the twist:

These barricades have gaps at the bottom.

While windows remain airtight, doors have just enough space at the bottom for you to see an opponent’s feet. You can use this gap to gather information, shoot at enemy feet (although dealing substantial damage might be challenging), or even roll a grenade to surprise your enemies.

breachers vr tips lean mechanics

Improve Weapon Recoil with Attachments

Reducing weapon recoil is vital for accurate shooting. Attachments like front grips can help stabilize your aim, making it easier to control your weapon during sustained firefights.

You can maintain better accuracy with improved recoil control, especially when using automatic weapons. This translates into landing more shots on target, increasing your chances of success.

Manage Your Money Wisely

Breachers VR utilizes a credit system to determine your gear. Wisely managing your credits ensures you have the right equipment for each round. Overspending early on can leave you ill-equipped for later rounds while saving too much might hinder your performance when you need advanced gear.

Balance is critical when it comes to spending credits. Consider your team’s overall strategy, role, and the current round’s objectives before making purchases.

This ensures you contribute effectively to your team’s success throughout the match.

breachers vr tips use money wisely

Loot Bodies and Share Equipment

Don’t forget to loot their bodies for equipment and resources when you eliminate opponents. Sharing the loot with your teammates can maximize your team’s overall effectiveness.

If you find items you don’t need, but your teammate does, passing them over can make the difference between victory and defeat. Sharing equipment fosters teamwork and resource optimization. It ensures that your team is well-equipped and can adapt to changing situations within the match.

Utilize Leaning and Movement

Breachers VR offers a leaning mechanic that allows you to peek around corners without exposing your entire body. Mastering this technique is essential for minimizing your exposure to enemy fire. Combine learning with movement to maintain unpredictability during engagements.

In other words, practical leaning and movement can give you the upper hand in one-on-one duels and room clearances.

Showing only a small portion of your body simultaneously reduces the chances of getting hit while maintaining accurate fire on your target.

Be Stealthy with Crouch Walking

Crouch walking is a valuable tool for creeping and reducing the noise generated by your footsteps. This can be critical when trying to sneak up on opponents or when you need to traverse a dangerous area undetected.

Use crouch walking when you suspect enemies are nearby and you want to maintain the element of surprise. It’s an effective way to approach situations cautiously without announcing your presence.

Shoot Through Walls

Some weapons in Breachers VR can shoot through walls. This mechanic can be a game-changer when you know an enemy’s location but can’t get a clear line of sight.

To use this tactic effectively, learn to recognize wall penetration spots and practice using weapons that offer this feature. It allows you to eliminate enemies who think they’re safe behind cover.

breachers vr tips break wall

Communicate and Use Pings

Effective communication with your team can decide whether to win or lose a match. Use voice chat to share information about enemy positions, your actions, and the game’s current state. Additionally, utilize the ping system to mark important locations and targets for your teammates.

Coordination is critical in Breachers VR. Keeping your team informed about enemy movements and your actions helps everyone make better decisions and work together more efficiently.

Customize Your Loadout

Each round in Breachers VR begins with an opportunity to customize your loadout. Take advantage of this to tailor your weaponry to your play style and the specific objectives of the round.

Consider your preferred weapons, attachments, and gadgets. Customizing your loadout allows you to enter each round well-prepared and maximizes your effectiveness in fulfilling your role on the team.

Utilize Auto Sprint

Breachers VR offers an Auto Sprint option that can significantly enhance your mobility. It allows you to move quickly without manually sprinting by clicking the joystick. This is particularly valuable when building or maneuvering around the map during matches.

Enabling Auto Sprint simplifies movement, making it easier to focus on other aspects of the game, such as aiming and using gadgets. It’s a convenience feature that experienced players often prefer.

Consider Basic Pistols

Consider using the basic pistol in the early rounds, especially the first pistol round. It’s a cost-effective choice that leaves room for essential gadgets and equipment. While not as powerful as other weapons, it can still be deadly in skilled hands.

Opting for the basic pistol in the early game allows you to allocate your credits more efficiently. This ensures you have access to vital gadgets and equipment that can sway the match in your team’s favor.

breachers vr tips and tricks gun aim

Understand the Heel Syringe

The heel syringe is a critical piece of equipment that can be used multiple times but has a cooldown period. It’s essential for self-healing and healing teammates. Understanding how to use it effectively can keep you and your team in the fight longer.

Keep an eye on your heel syringe’s cooldown and use it strategically. Healing injured teammates can turn the tide of a battle, while self-healing keeps you in the action when you need it most.

Maximize Breaching Foam

Breaching foam is valuable for creating new pathways through walls or windows. However, you can use it only three times per round. To make the most of this resource, deploy it strategically to open up opportunities for your team.

Consider using breaching foam to surprise enemies or access critical areas of the map that provide a tactical advantage. Remember your remaining uses to ensure you save this valuable gadget.

breachers vr tips accessories and grenades

Experiment with the Swing Mechanic

Breachers VR introduces a swing mechanic that allows you to rappel and swing through windows. Experiment with this mechanic to surprise opponents, enter hotspots quickly, and gain an advantage.

The swing mechanic can catch opponents off guard, providing you with unique entry points and angles of attack. Learning when and how to use it effectively can give your team the upper hand.

Identify Mounting Spots

Breachers VR offers spots to mount your weapon for improved shooting stability. Identifying these mounting spots on the map can provide a significant advantage. Mounting your weapon reduces recoil, making it easier to maintain accurate fire, especially during sustained engagements.

Watch for suitable mounting spots when you’re in a defensive position or holding an angle. Using them effectively can help you control choke points, defend objectives, and secure kills more efficiently.

breachers vr tips door and windows

Use Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors can alert you to nearby enemy movements. Placing them strategically in choke points or near objectives can give you a crucial early warning when opponents are approaching. This information allows you to react swiftly and prepare for an engagement.

Deploy proximity sensors in areas where enemy movement is likely, such as entry points to the objective areas. They can help you and your team maintain better situational awareness and respond to threats effectively.

breachers vr tips breaking through door

Coordinate Defensive Strategies

As a revolter, coordinating defensive strategies with your team is essential. Utilize doorblockers, tripmines, and static field emitters to create strong defensive positions.

Communicate with your teammates to ensure everyone understands their roles in defending the objective. Effective defense requires teamwork and synchronization.

When your team works together to support, it becomes significantly more challenging for the enforcers to breach and achieve their objectives.

breachers vr tips coordinate strategies

Play the Tutorial

Starting with the tutorial is essential, especially for new players. It provides valuable insights into the game’s core mechanics, gadget usage, and tactics. Even experienced players can benefit from revisiting the tutorial to refine their skills.

The tutorial is designed to give you a solid foundation in Breachers VR, covering essential aspects of gameplay. It’s a great way to start your journey and ensure you understand the game’s mechanics thoroughly.

Watch Your Wrist Display

Pay attention to the information displayed on your wrist during the match. It provides essential details like your current health, whether your microphone is on or off, and the time remaining in the round. Staying informed can help you make better decisions in real time.

In other words, your wrist display is a valuable resource for maintaining situational awareness. Use it to gauge your health, coordinate with your team, and ensure you’re not inadvertently giving away your position with an open microphone.

breachers vr tips map

Breachers VR Video Tips

Looking for more help? Check out this video today!

20 Things you Didn't Know About Breachers - Tips & Tricks


With some strategy and reading time, you can follow these Breachers VR tips and become a better multiplayer on the Meta Quest. Comment down below with one Breachers tip that helped you out the most!


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