Far Cry VR: How to Install and Play [Step by Step]

far cry vr mod how to install and play step by step
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If you want to play the original Far Cry game in full virtual reality, you can! In this step-by-step tutorial guide, I’ll show you how to install and play Far Cry VR, a new Flat2VR mod for the game.

Below, I have everything you need to know, including:

  • information about what VR headsets are supported

  • how to download and install the VR mod for Far Cry

  • key setting you’ll want to update to make things look better in first-person

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What is Far Cry?

Far Cry is a first-person shooter game series that combines adrenaline-pumping action with breathtaking landscapes! The game takes you on an exhilarating journey through diverse environments, from tropical islands to mountainous regions, each filled with adventure and danger.

how to install and play the far cry vr mod

Diverse Environments

In Far Cry, you’ll explore vast, open-world settings, each offering a unique landscape, wildlife, and challenges. Whether you are traversing through lush jungles, arid deserts, or snow-covered peaks, every environment is a playground for exploration and combat.

Dynamic Gameplay

Far Cry offers a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience where every decision counts. The game challenges you to use stealth, strategy, and brute force to overcome enemies, wildlife, and the elements. The world reacts to your choices, leading to unpredictable and exciting outcomes.

Vivid Storytelling

Each installment of Far Cry comes with a gripping narrative, where you find yourself up against formidable antagonists and challenging scenarios. The stories often revolve around survival, freedom, and the moral complexities of conflict, drawing you deeper into the game’s world.

Varied Missions & Challenges

Far Cry offers a plethora of missions and challenges, from liberating outposts and rescuing hostages to hunting wildlife and exploring hidden caves. The game rewards creativity and encourages you to approach challenges in multiple ways.

Arsenal & Customization

Gear up with an extensive arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets, all customizable to suit your playstyle. Whether you prefer sniping from a distance, going in guns blazing, or sneaking around, Far Cry has you covered.

Multiplayer & Co-op Mode

Beyond the solo adventure, Far Cry features multiplayer modes and co-op gameplay, allowing you to team up with friends or players around the world for more action and fun.

In a nutshell, Far Cry offers a rich and engaging gaming experience, blending captivating storytelling with diverse landscapes and dynamic gameplay. Whether you are a veteran gamer or a newcomer, Far Cry promises hours of excitement and adventure!

far cry free roam vr mod

How to Buy Far Cry

If you need to buy the game, use the links below to compare prices and get it today. Install Far Cry into Steam BEFORE you follow the instructions below to install the VR mod.

Far Cry VR Overview

Far Cry VR is an innovative mod that takes the thrill and excitement of the classic 2004 shooter game, Far Cry, and elevates it to an immersive virtual reality experience.

This mod allows players to enter Jack Carver’s shoes and experience his perilous visit to Cabatu from an entirely new and immersive perspective.

A Full Virtual Reality Experience

Created by the talented developer Holger Frydrych, this mod is not a mere adaptation but a total conversion of the original game, making Far Cry a native VR experience. With the help of the Far Cry Mod SDK, Holger has successfully integrated full stereoscopic VR rendering and motion controller support.

This combination allows players to interact with the game’s diverse environments and engage in dynamic gameplay in a more engaging and realistic way.

far cry vr mod gameplay

Technology Behind the Far Cry VR Mod

Built on the robust Far Cry Mod SDK, Far Cry VR utilizes OpenVR and a customized dxvk build to implement the VR rendering. This implementation ensures that players experience smooth and responsive VR interactions, whether they are exploring vast landscapes, combating enemies, or navigating through the various challenges that the game presents.

Full Motion Control Support

The introduction of motion controls adds a new dimension to the gameplay, allowing players to interact with the game world physically. Far Cry VR offers a rich and immersive experience that brings back so many memories in virtual reality.

far cry vr mod install guide

What VR Headsets Does Far Cry VR Support?

The mod for the game is applied in the Steam version. This means that you need a PCVR headset to play Far Cry VR, such as:

  • Meta Quest (with Oculus Link, or Air Links activated)

  • Valve Index

  • HTC Vive Pro

  • HP Reverb G2

You need a gaming PC in order to play the game in virtual reality.

How to Install and Play the Far Cry VR Mod (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Downloading and Running the Installer

  1. Download the Mod: Download the latest farcry-vrmod-1.0.0.exe version from the Github page onto your computer.

  2. Run Installer: Double-click on the installer. Note that it is not signed, so Windows may warn you.

  3. Bypass Warning: If a warning pops up, authorize Windows to run the installer anyway.

  4. Select Installation Folder: Ensure the installer points to your Far Cry installation folder. It should auto-detect the correct folder for GOG, Steam, and Ubisoft versions.

Running the Mod

  1. Start SteamVR: Ensure that SteamVR is running on your computer.

  2. Check Headset Connection: Ensure your VR headset is properly connected and functioning.

  3. Launch FarCryVR.exe: Locate and run FarCryVR.exe from the game’s install folder. You could also use desktop or start menu shortcuts if you didn’t deselect it during installation.

Configuring the Game

  1. Navigate Game Menu: Use your motion controllers to navigate the game menu. Tap the trigger on your controller if needed to control the mouse cursor.

  2. Configure Options: Head into the Options and adjust the game settings to your preference.

    • Graphics: It is recommended to push the graphics options to the max or close to it since the game is not very GPU demanding.

    • Sound: Select “headphones” and enable hardware acceleration and EAX for optimal audio experience.

Adjusting VR Options

  1. Navigate to VR Options: Go to the “VR options” tab in the game menu.

  2. Select Dominant Hand: Choose your dominant hand (the hand that will hold the weapons).

  3. Adjust Turn Mode & Movement Direction: Modify the turn mode and movement direction as you like.

  4. Experiment with Additional Settings: Feel free to experiment with other available VR-specific options.

  5. Optimize Visual Experience: Enable options to force higher detail in the game and max out the vegetation distance slider for the best visual experience.

Enjoy the Game!

  1. Finalize Configuration: Save the settings once you have configured the game to your liking.

  2. Launch the Game: Start the game using your VR headset and enjoy the immersive experience of Far Cry in virtual reality!

far cry vr mod idyllic island life

How to Setup the Perfect Controller Bindings for Far Cry VR

Getting your motion controls just right is important to enjoy the game. Here are some guidelines on how to set things up better.

Accessing SteamVR Controller Bindings

  1. Launch SteamVR: Start SteamVR on your computer.

  2. Navigate to Controller Bindings: Go to the settings and select the controller bindings option to customize your controls for Far Cry VR.

Selecting Default Bindings

  1. Review Default Bindings: Note that the mod includes default bindings for Index and Oculus Touch controllers in two variations.

  2. Choose Variation: Select the variation that suits your preference.

    • Default Variation: Vehicle steering and throttle on the left stick, with remaining controls close to the on-foot controls.

    • Alternative Variation: Vehicle throttle on the triggers for better steering but with shuffled remaining controls.

Adjusting for Other Controllers

  1. Touch-like Controllers: If you are using Touch-like controllers (including Reverb G2 and Pico), they should work out of the box with the Touch profile.

  2. Vive Wands or Others: For controllers like the Vive wands, you might need to set up custom bindings.

Configuring for Left-Handed Players

  1. Switch Dominant Hand: If you are left-handed, go into the options and under “VR Options,” switch your dominant hand. This will swap all controls between the left and right controller.

  2. Customize Specific Bindings: If there are specific bindings you don’t want to swap (e.g., the stick functions), you will need to set up a custom controller binding for those.

Reviewing and Testing Bindings

  1. Review Controls: Once you have configured your controller bindings, review them to make sure they are set up as per your preference.

  2. Test in Game: Launch Far Cry VR and test the controls in-game to ensure a comfortable and intuitive gameplay experience.

Making Adjustments if Necessary

  1. Identify Issues: If any controls feel off or uncomfortable during gameplay, identify them.

  2. Go Back to Bindings: Return to the SteamVR controller bindings settings.

  3. Make Adjustments: Adjust the problematic bindings until you achieve your perfect setup.

far cry vr mod colorful world

Who Created the Far Cry VR Mod?

The mastermind behind the Far Cry VR mod is Holger Frydrych, a talented senior developer based in Munich. Utilizing C++ and Rust, he devotes his free time to porting classic games to VR and working on various VR-related projects.

Holger’s notable projects include Far Cry VR and other games like Half-Life 2: VR and The Dark Mod VR.

Far Cry VR, in particular, stands out as it transforms the classic 2004 shooter into a full-fledged VR experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in the adventures of Jack Carver like never before. Holger’s diverse experience and passion for VR have make this mod an awesome addition to the VR gaming world.

far cry vr mod shooting game gameplay


In conclusion, installing Far Cry VR is a straightforward process that breathes new life into a classic game. I followed this step-by-step and installed the game in about ten minutes time. Configure your settings and customize your controller bindings for an optimal gaming experience.

Once installed, Far Cry VR delivers a thrilling and immersive adventure, allowing you to explore the game’s dynamic environments from a fresh perspective. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Far Cry or new to the series, Far Cry VR offers a unique and exciting experience that shouldn’t be missed.


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