Meta Connect 2022 Live Updates: Keynote Live Blog

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Join us for a live blog of the Meta Connect 2022 keynote speech at 10am PST on October 11th.

We will be covering all of the updates from Meta on their AR and VR platform metaverse. It is believed that the Quest Pro will FINALLY make its full debut and release, along with a number of other new goodies.

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Join us for our Meta Connect live blog below.

Meta Connect Keynote Live Blog

Meta Connect 2022 Schedule

Meta Connect 2022 kicks off with the highly anticipated keynote speech at 10am Pacific time. This is where Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives unveil the latest updates to the metaverse.

Two years ago, the team unveiled the Oculus Quest 2 and Project Aria – a foundational project that will lead into a future pair of AR smart glasses.

Last year, Meta unveiled its new name alongside details on their vision for the ‘metaverse’. The Meta Quest Pro was talked about, but no release details were given. A few other games were announced, including Blade and Sorcery: Nomad, About Us VR, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in VR.

Other Connect events unlock right after the keynote or later in the day. Here is a list of the other events.

  • Unscripted with John Carmack, available at 2:30pm Pacific, October 11.
  • Developer State of the Union with Chris Pruett, Anand Dass, and Yardley Pohl available from 11:35pm Pacific, October 11.
  • Developer Sessions – Over 30 sessions that deep dive into product, tool, and hardware updates.

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