Oculus Quest Pro: Everything We Know So Far!

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A number of references to a new Oculus Quest Pro device in the firmware has VR fans buzzing about a new upcoming headset to buy. We have the latest details on the new Project Cambria VR headset below.

In this guide, we go over:

  • Everything we know about the Oculus Quest Pro
  • Rumored features and enhancements about the device
  • When the Pro VR headset will be available
  • Other rumors and things to watch!

If you have any additional information to share, comment down at the bottom of this guide.

What is the Oculus Quest Pro?

The Oculus Quest Pro, or Project Cambria, is an upgraded version of the Oculus Quest 2 that has been rumored throughout the summer. Those rumors turned into more on September 12th, 2021, when some smart users uncovered references to the hardware in version 32 of the Quest’s firmware.

Those rumors were all confirmed on October 24th, 2021, when some new leaked videos from Facebook Connect’s keynote speech were leaked. The videos depict the brand new Quest headset, black in color. The leak also shows off a number of new features for the headset:

  • Wireless charging
  • New redesigned controllers
  • Face tracking
  • Body tracking

The Pro has been rumored for a while as an upgrade to the Quest 2, which is the highest selling VR headset of all time. The Quest Pro is said to introduce some value-added features, but keep the core processor and hardware configuration the exact same.

Things went quiet until April 2022 when some supply chain leaks confirmed some new pictures and features in the headset.

Oculus Quest Pro: Everything We Know So Far!

Oculus Quest Pro Pictures and Videos

Check out some picturers of the upcoming headset below:

oculus quest pro vr headset
oculus quest pro controllers and wireless charging pad

Check out leaked videos of the headset here: 1/2/3/4

Oculus Quest Pro: Everything We Know So Far!
Oculus Quest Pro: Everything We Know So Far!
Oculus Quest Pro: Everything We Know So Far!

Oculus Quest Pro Features

A number of references in the Quest software confirm the development of the new device. The firmware references key features like face tracking and eye tracking in a number of areas. Lets break down the new features and how they are references.

Advanced Hand Tracking

Hidden in the firmware, Oculus explains how hand tracking is optimized on the new Pro hardware:

“Quest Pro estimates your hand size and how they move so you use your hands instead of controllers in VR.”

This sounds a lot like how hand tracking on the Oculus Quest works today.

Except, it’s more advanced.

The current Quest 2 does not estimate your hand size (that we know of). This feature possibly references advancements to the outward-facing hand tracking cameras that are on the Quest hardware.

ultraleap hand tracking on oculus quest pro

Face Tracking

There are numerous references to face tracking technology on the new Oculus Quest Pro. A lot of the text references setup for face tracking that would be performed the first time you setup the device.

“Copy the different expressions”

“Smile naturally until the calibration is complete You may need to hold this pose for a few seconds.

Show an angry expression until the calibration is complete, You may need to hold this pose for a few seconds.

Frown naturally until the calibration is complete. You may need to hold this pose for a few seconds.

Show a surprised expression until the calibration is complete. You may need to hold this pose for a few seconds.

Failed to calibrate the expression. Retrying..

Face movement estimation complete.

The current Quest 2 does not have any inward-facing cameras that would be required for face tracking. This hints that the Pro hardware would include these cameras. Their job would be to watch your face and learn about expressions you make with your eyes, eyebrows, and mouth.

Eye Tracking

Next, there are references in the firmware for setting up face tracking.

Follow the target with your gaze.

Eye calibration failed.

Eye movement estimation complete.

This feature would track your eye movement. It would be able to pinpoint where in the display you are looking.

This feature would presumably improve foveated rendering on the headset. Foveated rendering is the blurring of pixels on the outside of the headset that you are not directly looking at, so that you can optimize the graphics you ARE looking at. With eye tracking, this feature could be improved and adjusted on the fly.

Lens Depth Adjustment

New in the code are references to adjusting the depth and position of the lenses in the headset.

Slide the lenses closer together or further apart to improve visual clarity.

Press and hold the depth button and move the headset closer or further away from your face. The lenses should be close to your eyes, but not cause discomfort.

Adjust lens depth.

Turn the wheel left or right to adjust tightness. The front padding should fit directly over your forehead.

The Oculus Rift S already includes a similar depth adjustment feature. The addition of this new code suggests that a version of this feature might be coming to the Oculus Quest Pro.

Upgraded Head Strap

The references above to a fit wheel would suggest that a new head strap is going to be included on the Oculus Quest Pro as well. The heads strap design on the Quest 2 was a cause for controversy, with a lot of users complaining about discomfort. A number of elite straps for the Oculus Quest 2 have been released to try and fix the issue.

The leaked videos also show a redesigned halo strap.

If the Quest Pro was going to make selective improvements, an upgraded head strap would be expected. Or, Oculus could choose to ship the hardware with the elite strap as well.

Oculus Quest Pro: Everything We Know So Far!

Upgraded Ringless Controllers

It looks like the new Oculus Quest Prro comes with new controllers that do not have a halo rring on them. Instead, the controllers will have their own cameras and sensors that do inside-out tracking on their own. In theory, this will greatly increase the accuracy of the controllers.

As well, it looks like the controllers will also have integrated batteries inside of them. They will charge on the new wireless charging pad that comes with the headset.

Wireless Charging Pad

From the leaked videos, it looks like the Oculus Quest Pro will come with a wireless charging pad. Both the VR headset and the controllers will both sit on this pad to charge the headset.

Project Cambria Specs

A lot of the specs and specific technical details about the new Oculus Quest Pro headset are not known yet. However, we do have some information from the latest leaks:

  • The controllers have their own cameras which are capable of SLAM
  • Pancake lenses
  • MiniLED Display
  • 2160×2160 pixels per eye
  • Wi-Fi 6e chip
Oculus Quest Pro: Everything We Know So Far!

What is the Release Date of the Oculus Quest Pro?

The latest rumored release date for the Oculus Quest Pro is in October at Facebook Connect 9.

Facebook has already said that the new Quest Pro product will be compatible with the Quest 2 platform. Users who already own a Quest 2 will not be forced to upgrade in order to play any new games.

Apple is also rumored to be releasing a VR headset this year and it should compete with Project Cambria. We’ll find out a whole lot of new details soon!

As soon as we have more information on the Oculus Quest Pro release date, we will update this guide! What features are you most looking forward to?

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