Best VR Prescription Lenses: VR Wave vs Widmo vs Lens Lab

vr prescription lenses vr wave vs widmo vr vs vr optician vs vr lens lab
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VR players who wear glasses have a tough time playing in virtual reality clearly. Luckily, there are a lot of VR prescription lenses that can be installed over top of the display to make things clear.

In this guide, we go over VR Wave vs Widmo vs VR Lens Lab vs VR Optician vs Reloptix, including:

  • the different VR prescription lenses and companies out there
  • which headset each option supports
  • Details on each product’s design and functionality
  • how to buy VR prescription lenses today

This post has been updated for all new VR headsets, including the Playstation VR2 and Meta Quest Pro. We will update it for the Meta Quest 3, Apple Vision Pro, and more!

After this guide, you can spend more time enjoying your new VR prescription lenses rather than searching for them!

If you recently purchased any lenses, comment at the bottom of this guide and let us know.

The Best VR Prescription Lenses

In this guide, we focus on four different brands who are producing lenses today:

  1. VR Wave
  2. Widmo VR
  3. VR Optician
  4. VR Lens Lab
  5. Reloptix

We’ve looked at the VR Wave vs Widmo VR vs VR Optician vs VR Lens Lab VR prescription brands in detail and will break down each in detail next.

How to Select Your VR Prescription Lenses

To buy the right lenses for your VR headset, you have to specify your lens prescription. Usually, your Optometrist will give you a card with these details after your appointment.

Sphere (SPH)

Sphere is the strength of your lens prescription. It is measured in diopter and uses a + for farsightedness and – for nearsightedness.

Cylinder (CYL) and Axis

Cylinder and axis are both required to fix eye astigmatism. Your prescription will either contain both or neither of these numbers together. The cylinder is how strong your astigmatism is and the axis is the angle needed to in order to see again.

Blue Light Filter

Electronics emit blue light and can lead to eye strain and other issues. Some VR prescription lenses below offer a blue lens filter that protects your eyes and keeps them safe.

Anti-Glare Coating

The anti-glare coating helps to shine line directly through your lenses without glare or shadow. This means that you see a clearer picture, and your lenses look invisible. This is an extra cost offered by most of the lenses below.

vr prescription lenses options

Again, these specifications are entered when you buy lenses from any websites featured in this guide. Next, we look at some features of each lens brand in more detail.

Headset Support 

When searching for the perfect VR prescription lenses, it is important to find a company that supports a varied selection of headsets. Each VR headset has a different shape, so each lens has to fit accordingly. Below are the headsets that each company supports, so you can find which one provides lenses for your favorite VR Headset: 

VR WaveMeta/Oculus Quest 2 & 1 & Pro, HP Reverb G2, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive Series, PlayStation VR 2 & 1, Pico 4 & Neo 3
Widmo VRMeta Quest 3 & 2 & 1, Playstation VR2, HP Reverb G2, Oculus RIft S & Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive, Vive Pro 2 & 1, Vive Cosmos, Samsung Odyssey/Odyssey +, Oculus GO
VR OpticiansMeta Quest 3 & 2 & 1 & Pro, Pimax Crystal, Pico 4 & Neo 3, Nreal Air, Varjo Aero, HP Reverb G2 & G1, Oculus Rift S & Rift, Playstation VR2 & 1, Pimax 8K X, Valve Index, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Cosmos, Samsung Odyssey, Oculus GO 
VR Lens LabMeta Quest 2 & 1 & Pro, Varjo Aero, HTC Vive XR Elite, Oculus Rift S & Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR 2 & 1
ReloptixMeta Quest 2 & 1 & Pro, Pico 4, Playstation VR2, Valve Index, HP Reverb G2, HTC Vive Pro 2 & 1 & Focus 3, Pimax 5K/8K/8KX, Pico 4, HTC Vive Cosmos,

All companies have VR prescription lenses for the latest headset released. VR Optician has the largest selection if you want support for older hardware.

oculus quest 2 prescription lenses

Product Functionality 

One of the most important aspects when purchasing VR prescription lenses is how complicated it is to install these lenses. Both VR Wave and VR Lens Lab have the most user-friendly installation processes. 

VR Wave and Reloptix uses magnetic attachments that are easy to connect, replace, and clean. VR Lens Lab uses inserts, which streamline the process. 

Widmo and VR Optician use a friction fit to hold the lenses in to place. They are simple to install but prone to shifting in and out.

vr prescription lenses to buy

Product Design 

When comparing the product design between VR Wave, Widmo VR, VR Opticians, Reloptix and VR Lens Lab, two options stood out. Both VR Wave and Widmo VR have incredibly sleek product designs. They are modern looking and offer as much comfort as possible. VR Wave and Widmo are also very easy to clean and adjust.

For technical design, VR prescription lenses above do a good job. They are each completely customizable to your prescription. Each website does a good job of making ordering as easy as possible.

vr prescription lenses inserts

Blue Light Filter

Blue light is a type of light ray emitted by most electronic devices such as VR Headsets, TVs, PCs, and Smartphones. Under prolonged exposure, they can lead to eye problems such as decreasing contrast and digital eye strain.

This is why wearing prescription lenses containing a blue light filter is incredibly important. This will keep your eyes safe, no matter how long you want to use your VR Headset. 

Blue light filters are important in VR prescription lenses, and all companies, VR Lens Lab, Widmo VR, VR Wave, VR Optician, and Reloptix offer blue light filters on their prescription lenses. 

vr prescription lenses blue light filter

Shipping Times, Fees And Prices 

When it comes to online shopping you should consider the product’s price and the shipping fees. Sometimes, companies are not completely clear on the shipping fees for all corners of the earth. 

Below is a direct comparison between each competitor:

 Base PriceShipping FeeGlobal Delivery TimeManufacturing Time
VR Wave$08$-15$ (US)
12$-18$ (Europe)
7$-11$ (Japan)
8$ (Russia)
17$ (Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Mexico)
15$ (Global) 
FREE – Orders above 150$  
5-10 Days  7 Days 
Widmo VR$6519$ – 25$14 Business Days  3-9 Business Days  
VR Optician$83– – 4-5 Weeks 
VR Lens Lab$59 11$ – 40$2-8 Weeks 7-10 Business Days 
Reloptix$120Calculated at checkout7-10 business days

The base price listed above is your starting price for VR lenses. When you add your prescription, the price is considerably more.

As a sample, we checked our each website to order Oculus Quest 2 +4.00 sphere and cylinder prescription lenses with a blue-light filter to compare prices between VR Wave vs Widmo VR vs VR Optician vs VR Lens Lab.

  • VR Wave: $0 base price + $90 sphere + $20 cylinder + $15 blue light filter = $125. An extra anti-glare coating is $15.
  • Widmo VR: $65 base price + $40 sphere + $30 cylinder + $29 blue-light filter = $164.
  • VR Optician: $83 base price + $80 sphere + $40 cylinder + $30 blue-light filter = $233.
  • VR Lens Lab: $59 base price + $54 sphere + $25 cylinder + $30 blue-light filter = $168.
  • Reloptix: $121 base price + $0 anti-reflective coating + $0 blue-light filter = $121

From our testing, Quest 2 lenses with a blue-light filter will cost you between $121 and $168.

What are the Key Benefits of VR Prescription Lenses?

VR prescription lenses offer several key benefits:

  • Visual Clarity: They improve the sharpness and clarity of the VR experience, closely matching your natural vision.
  • Comfort: They eliminate the need to wear glasses under the headset, which can often be uncomfortable and disruptive.
  • Protection: They protect your VR headset’s lenses from scratches that could occur from the frames or lenses of glasses.


Overall, all VR prescription lenses will do fine in your headset. They all provide the right magnification and vision adjustment for your eyes. This means you don’t have to wear your glasses or contact lenses while playing VR games.

You can buy the best VR lenses from any of the official websites below:

  1. VR Wave
  2. Widmo VR
  3. VR Optician
  4. VR Lens Lab
  5. Reloptix

Prices amongst all the top VR lens brands are competitive. Each option will do the trick, so check quickly and see if any deals are going on.

We like what VR Wave offers with their magnetic inserts which fit into place well. They are also transparent about pricing and shipping on their website. They also offer wide magnification for both farsightedness and astigmatism, making their lenses a perfect asset for everyone!

Let us know which VR prescription lenses you use!

Frequently Asked Questions About VR Prescription Lenses (FAQs)

What are VR Prescription Lenses?

VR prescription lenses are customized lenses that replace the standard lenses in a VR headset to match your eyeglass prescription. This helps ensure a clear, comfortable VR experience without wearing glasses. This tailored approach to VR enhances your immersive experience, whether you’re exploring a fantasy world, battling in a virtual space, or attending a simulated training program.

How Do I Use VR Prescription Lenses?

Using VR prescription lenses is easy. Firstly, you remove the standard lenses from your VR headset. Then, insert your customized VR prescription lenses, ensuring they’re aligned correctly. Now, you’re ready to start your enhanced, sharp VR experience without any discomfort or the inconvenience of wearing your glasses.

Are VR Prescription Lenses Worth the Investment?

Absolutely! For regular VR users, especially those with significant prescription glasses, investing in VR prescription lenses can significantly enhance their VR experience. The comfort and visual clarity they provide can transform your immersive journeys and make the VR world even more enjoyable.


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