Among Us VR Tips: 27 Tips to Master the Game

among us vr on the meta quest
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Among Us has taken the gaming world by storm, and with the introduction of the VR version, the excitement has only amplified.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re new Among Us VR or looking to up your strategy. The first-person virtual reality gameplay requires a bit different strategy than the PC version of the game.

Comment below with your favorite Among Us VR tips to perform.

List of Among Us VR Tips to Try

  1. Utilize Point and Click for Tasks
  2. Waste Time as an Imposter
  3. Target Cleared Crewmates as an Imposter
  4. Sabotage Strategically
  5. Adjust Settings for Motion Sickness
  6. Use the Admin Map
  7. Kill and Report
  8. Sabotage the Spaceship
  9. Show Off Visual Tasks
  10. Use Vents to Escape
  11. Use Emergency Meetings Strategically
  12. Watch the Taskbar
  13. Stay Aware During Tasks
  14. Vote Wisely in Meetings
  15. Know When to Skip
  16. Stay Active as a Ghost
  17. Always Vote
  18. Keep Moving as an Imposter
  19. Report Bodies Quickly
  20. Sabotage Oxygen to Force Movement
  21. Use the Whack-a-Mole Task Strategically
  22. Kill in Less Popular Areas
  23. Use Doors to Trap Crewmates
  24. Close Doors After Kills
  25. Sabotage Lights for Easy Kills
  26. Know the Host
  27. Custom Player Colors

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Below, I’ll break down each tip about this VR party game in more detail!

Utilize Point and Click for Tasks

Make use of the point and click feature for tasks.

In Among Us, crewmates are assigned tasks to complete around the spaceship. In the VR version, physically doing these tasks can sometimes be tricky.

The point-and-click feature allows you to simulate a tap with the back trigger button on your right controller. This makes task completion quicker and more efficient. This saves you time and reduces the chances of being caught by the imposter.

among us vr tips quick tap

Target Cleared Crewmates as an Imposter

As an imposter, target crewmates cleared by visual tasks.

If you’re an imposter and see a crewmate complete a visual task, they should be your next target. Once a crewmate is cleared by a visual task, they’re no longer suspicious and can become a threat to you. Eliminating them early can help maintain your cover.

Keep a close watch on the stats in the corner of the screen to watch when visual tasks are completed.

among us vr tips working with crew

Sabotage Strategically

Use sabotages to divert attention away from a body.

If you’ve just killed a crewmate and there’s no vent to escape through, try sabotaging something on the other side of the map. This will draw the crewmates away from the body and give you time to make your escape.

among us vr tips fix sabotage

Adjust Settings for Motion Sickness

Adjust the motion Blinder slider to reduce motion sickness.

VR games can sometimes cause motion sickness. If virtual reality makes you feel a bit queasy, then the best Among Us VR tip is to adjust the motion Blinder slider in the game settings.

This reduces the amount of peripheral motion you see, which can help alleviate symptoms of motion sickness.

Another way to reduce motion sickness is to enable snap turning rather than fluid motion controls.

among us vr tips binder strength

Use the Admin Map

Use the admin map to track player locations.

The admin map is a powerful tool in Among Us. It shows the location of every player, allowing you to build a strong case for who might be suspicious. The map is an extra button click away, so it is often forgotten about.

I feel that this tool is underutilized by many players, but it can provide valuable information to help identify the imposter.

among us vr tips map overlay

Kill and Report

In desperate situations, kill a crewmate and immediately report the body.

Sometimes, as an imposter, you might find yourself in a situation where you cannot kill without being seen. In these cases, a risky but potentially effective strategy is to kill a crewmate and immediately report the body.

If another crewmate saw you near the body, accusing them of the murder in the voice chat. It’s a last-ditch effort, but it might just work.

Waste Time as an Imposter

As an imposter, use strategies to waste time.

Your main goal as an imposter is to eliminate crewmates without getting caught. One of the challenges is the kill cooldown – the time you must wait before executing your next kill.

To navigate this, try to waste as much time as possible. For example, you can lock the cafeteria doors at the start of the round, keeping everyone in the same room for a few seconds. This gives you more time to plan your next move and potentially get a kill faster.

Sabotage the Spaceship

Regularly sabotage the spaceship to create chaos.

Sabotaging is a key strategy for imposters. It’s an easy way to split up groups of crewmates and waste time.

Regular sabotages can lead to confusion and panic, making executing your kills easier without raising suspicion.

among us vr tips sabotage reactor overview map

Show Off Visual Tasks

Perform visual tasks in front of other crewmates.

In Among Us VR, visual tasks are tasks other players can see you perform. These tasks are a great way to prove your innocence as a crewmate.

If you’re lucky enough to get a visual task, perform it when other players are around. This can help build trust among your fellow crewmates. They will be more unsuspecting later on when you turn against them.

In a social deduction game like Among Us, perception is everything!

Use Vents to Escape

Use vents to quickly escape after a kill.

As an imposter, vents are your best friend. They allow you to quickly escape a room after a kill, reducing the chance of being caught near the body. This can get you to the other side of the ship in a hurry, which helps to hide your evidence.

However, remember that your kill timer doesn’t go down while you’re in a vent. So, you’ll need to reappear in the main area of the ship if you want to strike again.

among us vr tips hiding in vent

Use Emergency Meetings Strategically

After a double kill, call an emergency meeting.

If you and your imposter buddy have just pulled off a double kill, one of you should rush back to the cafeteria to call an emergency meeting.

An emergency meeting immediately makes the bodies disappear from the ship. This prevents them from being reported by others. It also shifts the crewmates’ focus to the meeting rather than the location of the bodies.

This strategy can help two imposters avoid being caught and removes suspicious activity from the game.

among us vr tips emergency meeting

Watch the Taskbar

Keep an eye on the taskbar when someone claims to have finished a task.

If a crewmate claims to have finished a task but the taskbar doesn’t move, they might be an imposter. This strategy requires careful observation and can be a powerful tool in identifying imposters. However, be aware that some tasks require multiple steps and won’t fill up the taskbar until the final step is completed.

Stay Aware During Tasks

Look around while completing tasks.

While you’re busy completing tasks, it’s easy to miss what’s happening around you. However, in Among Us VR, you can turn your head to look around the room while performing most tasks.

This can help you spot any sneaky imposters trying to creep up on you.

Vote Wisely in Meetings

In a meeting with six people, it’s better for crewmates to vote someone off.

In a meeting with two imposters and four crewmates, it’s statistically more advantageous for the crewmates to vote someone off. If you skip the vote, the imposters only need to kill one crewmate each to win the game.

Voting someone off gives you a chance to eliminate an imposter and tip the balance in favor of the crewmates.

among us vr tips vote

Know When to Skip

In a meeting with seven people, always skip unless you’re certain of the imposter’s identity.

If you’re in a meeting with two imposters and five crewmates, it’s best to skip the vote unless you’re absolutely certain of who the imposter is. Voting off an innocent crewmate puts the game in a dangerous position where the imposters only need to kill one crewmate each to win.

among us vr tips impostor crewmate

Stay Active as a Ghost

Continue to play an active role even after you’ve been killed.

Just because you’ve been killed doesn’t mean you can’t still contribute to the game. As a ghost, you can help your team by completing tasks. Or if you’re an imposter, you can still sabotage the ship when you are dead.

Too many players want to leave quickly after they are out of the game. Among Us VR tried to reward you for staying by making an impact.

Always Vote

Always cast a vote in meetings.

Whether you’re voting to eject a player or skipping the vote, it’s important to participate in every vote. If only one player votes, they have the power to decide the outcome of the meeting.

Make sure your voice is heard by always casting a vote.

Use the Whack-a-Mole Task Strategically

The timer for the whack-a-mole task doesn’t start until you hit the first mole.

The whack-a-mole task can be a bit tricky, but there’s a trick to make it easier. The timer doesn’t start until you hit the first mole, so you can place your hand over a hole to automatically hit the moles as they come up.

Keep Moving as an Imposter

As an imposter, keep moving.

As an imposter, it’s important to keep moving. If you stop to open the map or sabotage, it can look suspicious. Instead, open the map or sabotage while you’re on the move to avoid raising suspicion.

Sabotage Oxygen to Force Movement

Sabotage oxygen to force crewmates to move to specific locations.

When you sabotage oxygen, it forces the crewmates to move to the O2 and admin rooms to fix it. You can use this to your advantage by pretending to solve the code but actually wasting time until the countdown goes to zero.

This can lead to a win for the imposters.

Report Bodies Quickly

If you’re in a room with a crewmate and another group of two, report the body as fast as possible.

If you’re in a room with a crewmate and another group of two comes in, it’s likely that one of them is the imposter. If a kill happens, report the body as quickly as possible to avoid being accused of the murder.

As an imposter, try to kill in less popular areas of the map.

This Among Us VR tip can save you a bunch of games! Killing in high-traffic areas increases the risk of being caught.

Instead, try to lure crewmates to less popular areas of the map before making your move. This reduces the chance of another crewmate stumbling upon the body immediately after the kill.

Use Doors to Trap Crewmates

Use doors to trap crewmates in rooms or hallways.

If you see a group of crewmates traveling together, close the doors as they walk into a room or hallway. This can separate the group, making it easier for you to get a kill without being seen by multiple crewmates.

Close Doors After Kills

After a kill, close the doors to the room.

Once you’ve made a kill, close the doors to the room. This can buy you some time to escape through a vent and return to the room with another crewmate, making it look like you just discovered the body together.

Sabotage Lights for Easy Kills

Sabotage lights and kill the crewmate who comes to fix them.

Turning off the lights is a classic imposter move. It reduces the crewmates’ vision, making it easier for you to get a kill without being seen.

Wait for a crewmate to come and fix the lights, then make your move.

Know the Host

The host of the game is player 10 in the lobby menu.

This is a small but useful tip. Knowing who the host is can be helpful in understanding the game settings and rules.

Custom Player Colors

Change your player color in the lobby.

Personalize your Among Us VR experience by changing your player color. This can be done in the lobby before the game starts. Choose a color that suits your style or strategy.

What is Among Us VR?

Among Us VR Tips: 27 Tips to Master the Game
Imag from Innersloth

Among Us VR is a port of the popular online multiplayer social game, brought to life in virtual reality by Schell games and InnerSloth. Just like the original game, you have to complete tasks on a ship if you are a crewmate and sabotage and kill others if you are the imposter.

The goal for the Crewmates is to identify the Impostors, eliminate them, and complete tasks around the map, while the Impostors’ goal is to covertly sabotage and eliminate the Crewmates before they complete all their tasks. Players suspected to be Impostors may be eliminated via a plurality vote, which any player may initiate.

Among Us is fun to play with friends in virtual reality. It is largely the same game as the PC console version, but with motion mechanics and a first-person view.

What VR Headsets is Among Us VR Available For?

Among Us VR is available for all popular VR headsets. It can be purchased in the Steam Store for PC VR headsets and the Meta Store for the Quest. It is also available in the PS Store for the PlayStation VR2.


With these Among Us VR tips in hand, you’re ready to master the game. Whether you’re a crewmate or an imposter, these strategies will help you navigate the game and come out on top.

Remember, the key to success in Among Us is communication, observation, and a bit of deception.

So, put on your VR headset, hop into a game, and may the best player win!


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