A Township Tale On Oculus Quest: The Ultimate Review

a township tale
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This article is the ultimate guide to “A Township Tale” VR game.

Below, you will find information about A Township Tale on Oculus Quest:

What is “A Township Tale” VR game all about?

a township tale on oculus quest
A Township Tale on Oculus Quest

A Township Tale is a multiplayer and RPG VR game. Your in-game character is created in an abandoned town and it is your job to make the town functional again.

This VR game has been in development since 2016 by an Australian developer. It finally launched it on Oculus Quest 2 in July 2021.

You can choose from a variety of characters available to play, such as blacksmiths, warriors, woodcutters, miners, and crafters.

The graphics of the VR game are very similar to Minecraft, except the VR experience is really great when you play this game.

Which VR headsets is A Township Tale available on?

a township tale on multiple vr platforms
A Township Tale is available on multiple VR platforms

A Township Tale is available on the following VR platforms:

  • Steam VR
  • Viveport
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Quest

Therefore, you can play the game on any VR headset:

Setting Up Your A Township Tale Account

set up your a township tale account
Set up your A Township Tale account

You need to set up your account before you start playing this Township Tale VR game. 

Using this link, you can easily sign up for your account from the game website. All you need is an email address to get started.

You need to choose a username and verify your email address. After that, you will be given access to the character creation screen.

Creating Your Character in A Township Tale

create your character on a township tale
Create your character on A Township Tale

The character creation process in A Township Tale is pretty straightforward, and the character creator has a lot of modification options.

From the side, you will be able to choose from the variety of options available. Choose different character elements and apply them to your character.

You can also remove elements from your character by dragging and dropping them. Once you like the characteristics you have chosen, you can select the colors and paintbrushes to modify the colors on your character.

You have to purchase the in-game currency for unlocking other character customizations, but it is entirely optional for purchasing premium cosmetic items.

Saving the Character Design in A Township Tale

After you are done designing, you can save your character. There will be a knob on the left side of the device, which helps you save the template character design. Flip the knob, and you will see a statue.

Pick that and place it on the right side where you will notice the numbers from 1-10. Load them next time, and you will see your character template there.

Crafting in A Township Tale

In A Township Tale, you can craft various items to help your character in the game. In order to make a hammer, you first need a rock. Then, you attach it to a stick to make a hammer in A Township Tale VR.

It’s the same for other items, like an axe, where you will piece together two flints. When you use two stones, you will have a large surface area to hammer the items altogether.

Hitting the nails is the primary concern, and if you hit the stick that is behind it, the stick might break while hammering. 

The original hitbox when you hammer is pretty straightforward. But, sometimes, the sticks do break, which is very annoying.

Key Features of A Township Tale VR game

key features of a township tale
Key features of A Township Tale

Leveling: You can level up the specialized professions and easily unlock capabilities for combat and crafting.

Online Multiplayer: Join the adventure with other players in the game and level up your skills by creating a unique party.

Character Customization: You can easily customize your characters according to your preferences and save the template character design.

Personal Server: As an Oculus Quest player, you can quickly start your cloud-hosted server with a simultaneous eight-player limit. Cross-play is not available on PC and Oculus Quest on the launch.

Physical Crafting Professions: You can choose roles and leverage the physical tools and stations to maximize the VR controls’ spatial range.

Pros of A Township Tale

  • The community is very engaging
  • The crafting system is super detailed
  • The game is truly built for multiplayer interaction
  • The world and characters in this game are appealing
  • There are plenty of things to explore, like the skills, items, and characters

Cons of A Township Tale

  • The tutorial can be pretty boring
  • The main world feels a bit empty
  • Sometimes there are performance issues on the Oculus Quest
  • Only a few accessibility options are available

Reasons To Play A Township Tale VR Game


There are some great servers where players can take up a role and join a party, play the game together, and enjoy quality time within this industrious community.

You choose any role, and it is entirely up to you. Most of the players in this game take their role pretty seriously. In future updates, there will be a farmer role added. 

A Township Tale feels like more of a real town, and all the players contribute and coordinate with each other in a big or small way. 

Mining and Crafting

To survive and prosper in A Township Tale, you have to learn to make items like gears, tools, and weapons. Also, there are many recipes you can find through exploration.

The crafting mechanic is pretty unique in A Township Tale VR game. You can physically fix things using your virtual hands in VR, which is an amazing experience. 

Using a mining tool, you can swing at the boulder till it becomes gold or copper. Mining and crafting are not usually found in other games, so it is fun to do it here.

One pro tip I would give is to take as many torches along with you when you go to the deeper mines because the mines are usually dark.

Massive Potential

Playing A Township Tale VR game is really enjoyable with other players, and you can adopt a regular profession like a warrior or woodcutter and start to master it.

There’s so much potential in this game with all the usual roles. However, there can be a lack of missions or long-term goals or any sort of end game to further make this game engaging.

Also, the game has no story, and there aren’t any wars, quests, or fights.

Despite these downsides, you have some other great resources like crafting and mining, which enhances the overall game experience in VR.

A Township Tale VR game is growing day by day, and players are glad to see some improvements in future updates.

Great Community

The primary reason I like A Township Tale VR game is that it has a great community of really helpful players.

Most of the servers in this game are players who help teach newbies how to play and guide them on using various features of this game.

Players cooperate and join a party so they can have quality time together. There isn’t any negativity or toxicity when concerning the players, which is a positive note.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would enjoy playing A Township Tale?

A Township Tale VR game is rated T for Teen, which actually means it is suitable for 13-year-olds and above. People who like Minecraft will love this game.

How long is A Township Tale?

A Township VR Game VR game has no limit to the gameplay, and there is a lot of replayability. You can play for endless hours by joining other players and having fun.

Is it possible to play A Township Tale by sitting down?

Yes! You can play this game by sitting down. You might face some issues taking items from the floor and putting the items on your belt. You can also play this game by standing.

Is A Township Tale a fitness game?

You will engage in a workout while performing various tasks in this game. Especially if you are a miner or woodcutter, you will be swinging hands and bending down many times. Therefore, A Township Tale can be a good fitness game.

You will engage in a workout while performing various tasks in this game. Especially if you are a miner or woodcutter, you will be swinging hands and bending down many times. Therefore, A Township Tale can be a good fitness game.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like this article, which discusses the A Township Tale VR game.

Try different characters and have fun experimenting with all the skills. Performing these skills feels realistic in VR.

Make sure to invite your friends to join in on gameplay and explore the world with a party. It is even more fun and engaging, and you spend quality time together.

Comment below on which feature or functionality you would like to see in A Township Tale VR game in future updates.


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