The 11 Best AR & VR Affiliate Programs to Make Money

ar and vr affiliate programs
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Mixed, augmented and virtual reality is a huge trend in the technology industry. There are many MR, AR and VR affiliate programs available to make money on by referring customers. This guide covers 11 businesses and services in the mixed reality space offering affiliate programs.

Once you sign up, you have to direct potential customers to each service and you’ll receive money. This is a great tool if you are a blogger or content writer. You need to know which programs are a waste of your time and which are kosher, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

We’ve prepared a list of the best AR and VR affiliate programs you can make money on.  

Let’s get started.

What are the Best AR & VR Affiliate Programs?

The best augmented and virtual reality programs to make money on are:

  1. Adult VR Websites (Recurring subscription revenue)
  2. Cappasity (3D Device Creation)
  3. Insta360 (360-degree Cameras)
  4. Revealio (Augmented Reality Marketing)
  5. VR Cover (Silicon Covers for VR)
  6. VR-Sync (360-degree Video Management)
  7. Unity (AR & VR Development)
  8. Shopify AR (Augmented Reality Shopping)
  9. Udemy (AR & VR Training Courses)
  10. Mobfish (Augmented Reality Apps)
  11. Amazon (Promote AR & VR Products)

Best AR & VR Affiliate Programs

Adult VR Websites – Recurring Subscription Revenue sexlikereal alternative

The best chance to make tons of money in a virtual reality affiliate program is also a big grey area for most people. Adult VR porn websites offer recurring monthly revenue, where you’ll earn a percentage monthly for each affiliate you refer.

There are dozens of websites in this space. Our favorites are:

When someone signs up using your link, you’ll receive up to 50% of their monthly subscription. As long as they renew their membership, you will receive 50% of their subscription again.. and again.. and again.

Unlike traditional adult websites, VR porn is only available in full and high quality if you subscribe. This is because of the high production costs of shooting full 180-degree videos. This makes it a lucrative opportunity for mixed reality websites. to make money.

Adult VR Website Affiliate Details

Cookie length: Up to 50% each month
Commission: Up to 50% each month

Cappasity – 3D Device Creation

cappasity affiliate program

Cappasity is a 3D/AR/VR digital photo creation cloud platform. Think of digital signage for mobile devices. E-commerce companies like retail stores and services can integrate augmented and virtual reality technology into their business.

Cappasity provides the solution for creating, storing, and implementing 3D contents for online shopping. Interactively viewing products gives customers a better idea of what they are buying.

The customer can zoom in and view the product from all possible sides. It keeps the customer’s attention longer and allows them to remember it better. 

Cappasity is a good summary of where the industry might go. For VR affiliate programs, it’s one you need to check out. Affiliate members get up to 20% off all purchases through the link. New customers also get a 10% discount on Cappasity’s monthly plans.

Sign in or register for a Cappasity account to enroll in the affiliate program. In the Account menu, open the Affiliate tab and activate the Affiliate Program. 

Cappasity Affiliate Details

Affiliate link
Cookies length: Not stated
Commission: 20%

Insta360 – 360 Degree Cameras

insta360 vr affiliate program

Insta360 is the number one seller of 360-degree cameras for both hobby and commercial uses. They are the perfect VR affiliate program to promote because of their high reputation, good quality, and a number of applications.

With Insta360 cameras, you can create 360-degree videos and convert them to be viewed in a VR headset. There are several commercial uses for 360 videos, including walkthroughs, tour guides, mapping, retail, and more.

The Insta360 affiliate program offers 10% commission per sale, which is great! Insta360 also offers a 45 day cookie.

Affiliate Details

Affiliate Link
Commission: 10%
Cookies length: 45 Days

Revealio – Augmented Reality Video Marketing

revealio vr affiliate programs

Revealio is an augmented reality video marketing mobile application that overlays video on top of physical print products. Some products that can integrate Revealio include business cards, banners, posters, flyers, and event invitations.

It combines the physical and virtual worlds into one robust, interactive experience. Since augmented reality (AR) is one of the hottest new technologies sweeping the world, Revealio makes AR accessible. It is also very affordable to use as a marketing tool that will instantly set you apart from competitors. 

As a VR affiliate program, Revealio aligns with industry trends for mixed reality. It offers up to 40%, which is a high percentage share.

Affiliate Details

Affiliate Link
Commission: 20-40%
Cookies length: Not stated 

VR Cover – Silicon Covers for VR

vrcover affiliate program

VR Cover sells several virtual reality accessories to help keep VR products clean and sanitary. Their primary products include foam replacement parts for brand-name headsets such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung, and Windows Mixed Reality. 

The foam pieces increase comfort and can be easily cleaned or replaced to enhance hygiene.

VR Cover is based in Thailand, but a fulfillment center is in the United States. Most orders placed in America are processed within 24 hours and arrive within about a week.

You can browse for accessories and cleansers based on the type of headset you use. VR Cover sells universal headset covers, antibacterial wipes, and VR fan apparel. Product prices range from $10 to $79.

You register on the site and get instant access to the affiliate area. There, you can generate links with your tracking code. On the VR Cover platform, you will also track how people click your affiliate link and the number of products they’ve bought. 

Affiliate Details

Affiliate Link
Commission: 10-15%
Cookie: 30 days 

VR-Sync – 360 Degree Video Management

VR-Sync Affiliate program

VR Sync offers synchronized 360-degree video playback on unlimited VR devices. Customers can upload their content through the dashboard and push it wirelessly to devices.

This can be fun for a group of friends, but it also has applications for the business world. VR Sync is already used by high-profile companies like Ford, Nike, and the United Nations. The software is easy to use, and it’s affordable.

Prices start at €5 per headset for one week of use. The cost for one headset for a year is €80. VR Sync also provides a 72-hour free trial.

Some applications where VR Sync has been used in the past include:

  • Coordinated VR training that plays video at the same time on every headset
  • VR theater performance
  • On-demand virtual tour at a trade show

VR Sync provides its affiliate marketers a great commission rate and cookie length. Customers get access to software that allows them to push content to several devices simultaneously. As well, there is a free trial period.

Affiliate Details

Affiliate Link
Commission: 30%
Cookie: 60 days

Unity – AR and VR Development

unity vr affiliate program

Unity is a game development platform created for both 3D and 2D games, experiences, models and designs. Both indie games and businesses can utilize the popular platform. It’s the most popular platform for creating augmented and virtual reality games and apps.

The Unity engine is free and easy to install. Anyone can have a fully featured game development engine installed with minimum fuss. 

We have a dedicated VR development section on our website, which offers tutorials on how to program VR games using Unity. Check that out for full details about the platform!

One nice thing is that affiliate commission is available both on Unity Pro subscriptions and on products in the Unity Asset Store. Unity is very popular and its one of the hottest VR affiliate programs.

Affiliate Details

Affiliate Link
Commission: Commission varies depending on the product sold. Example Commissions:

  • Unity Plus: $17.50 per subscription
  • Unity Pro: $62.50 per subscription
  • Asset Store: 5% commission

Cookies length: 90 days

Shopify AR – Augmented Reality Shopping Info

shopify ar affiliate program

Since the launch of Shopify AR in 2018, Shopify has been committed to helping merchants create better online shopping experiences. Shopify AR offers 3D and augmented reality product displays. Anybody with a Shopify shop can implement augmented reality into their store today.

Shopify AR helps shoppers get a truer sense of the size, scale, and detail of their products. Plus, you can give shoppers on iOS and Android the ability to turn any environment into their own showroom.

Since Shopify is an open platform, any e-commerce store can utilize these augmented reality features.

Affiliate Details

Affiliate Link
Commission: You can earn an average of $58 for everybody you are able to refer to Shopify through your referral link. You can also earn $2000 for each Plus referral. 
Cookies length: 30 days 

Udemy  – AR and VR Training Courses

udemy vr affiliate programs

Udemy is an online educational platform. It was developed to provide an ability to learn new things to people who would otherwise not have the means. 

Founded in 2010, it is the largest e-learning platform today, with more than 30 million students enrolled in over 100,000 courses. If you’re interested in AR and VR, you can go to Udemy and search for courses such as:

  • “360 Panoramic Photography for VR, AR, and XR”
  • “Extended Reality (XR) – Building AR/VR/MR projects”
  • “Game, AR, VR, Development on AWS,” 

If you’re a teacher, you can also create an instructor profile and upload your VR and AR courses to the platform. Every time a student purchases your course, you earn some of the revenue.

You might not think about Udemy as one of the top VR affiliate programs, but it has high commission rates for sales and a ton of mixed-reality content. You earn commission on your customers for 7 days after they click your affiliate link. The 7 days will reset if they click your link in the future. The key is to ensure you’re driving traffic to your site via your affiliate links.

Affiliate Details 

Affiliate Link
Commission: 20%
Cookies length: 7 days

Mobfish VR Studios – Create VR Apps

mobfish vr affiliate program

MobFish VR studio is a virtual reality software company that helps customers create their own VR content. The platform has applications ranging from business and education to marketing and trade fairs. It’s one of the most popular pure VR affiliate programs.

Mobfish provides software to help people create and upload their own VR content. The affiliate perks include cash or credit commissions, free access to the software, and discounts on full annual licenses. 

You can register for free to start creating VR apps right away. Monthly paid plans range from €49 – €399. Affiliate marketers are paid €150 for each annual subscription they refer. They also get a free 3-month subscription and 25% off of a full annual license. 

Affiliate marketers who are VR experts can have constant access to all the beta features of the software. They can opt for €200 in company credit rather than €150 in cash.

Affiliate Details

Affiliate Link
Commission: €150 per annual subscription
Cookies length Unknown  

Amazon – Promote AR & VR Products

amazon affiliate program

Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate programs in the world. For augmented and virtual reality enthusiasts, there are a ton of good affiliate products to promote and sell. Some ideas of things you can promote in the AR and VR space from Amazon are:

  • VR Headsets
  • VR Accessories
  • AR Hardware
  • General Electronics
  • Clothing and Memorabilia

Amazon has recently cut the commission rate, which has decreased interest in the program. However, many internet users like how reliable and fast Amazon’s shipping and refund policies are. For this reason, it’s hard to get away from Amazon’s massive inventory completely.

If you are looking for any affiliate program, then Amazon should be on your list.

Affiliate Details

Affiliate Link
Commission: Varies (1-10%)
Cookie Length: 24 hours

Affiliate revenue is awesome because it provides you with monetary incentive without charging your visitors anymore. 

Have you signed up for any of the AR and VR affiliate programs?

Which one is your favorite?

Have a look and check them all out today.


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