Best PlayStation VR2 Head Straps (Third Party) to Buy

best playstation vr2 head straps third party to buy
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Do you find the PlayStation VR2 uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time? In this guide, I’ll show you the best PlayStation VR head straps from third-party suppliers that do a better job fitting on your head and staying comfortable.

These head straps:

  • add extra protection

  • distribute weight better on your head

  • are easier to switch between players

  • work with the PlayStation VR2 VR headset

If you have a favorite PlayStation VR2 head strap you want to highlight, comment below and let us know.

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What is the Best Third-Party PlayStation VR2 Head Strap?

  1. DEVASO Adjustable Head Strap (Most Comfortable)

  2. FPV Head Strap (Best Fit)

  3. Zurotic Adjustable Head Strap (Best Weight Distribution)

  4. APEXINNO Upgrade Head Strap (Most Breathable)

  5. VR Cover PlayStation VR2 Head Strap (Most Adjustable)

  6. PSVR2 Ultimate Comfort Kit (Most Unique Solution)

Below, we go into full detail about each head strap. If you are in a rush and want to order yours today, use the links above to get started fast!

DEVASO Adjustable Head Strap for the PlayStation VR2 (Most Comfortable)

The DEVASO Adjustable Head Strap is a standout choice due to its durability and seamless integration with the PSVR2 headset. Its fixed head strap design ensures stability during intense gaming sessions, preventing slippage. High-quality PU material protects your headset while maintaining strength and comfort.

One of my favorite features on this strap is the adjustable hook and loop tape, allowing for easy customization to fit various head sizes and shapes. Installing this head strap is a breeze, and it comes with a convenient storage bag for the headset inserts you need to remove during installation. It even provides storage for the original earbuds, though I recommend you upgrade those for a more comfortable experience.

In terms of comfort, the DEVASO head strap can be positioned just above the back pad of the headset, providing excellent head cupping and relieving pressure on the nose. This headband is a perfect choice for active VR gaming, eliminating the need for constant adjustments. If comfort and stability are your top priorities, this head strap is a must-have accessory.

Key Features

  • Fixed head strap design for stability

  • Fashion PU material for comfort and durability

  • Elastic polyester material for extended playtime

  • Adjustable hook and loop tape for a customizable fit

  • High-quality elastic strap for easy cleaning and installation

  • Space-saving design for portability.

What I Like About the DEVASO Head Strap

The DEVASO Adjustable Head Strap for the PlayStation VR2 has good durability and a thoughtful design. As a VR enthusiast, I appreciate how seamlessly it integrates with my PSVR2 headset, ensuring a secure fit evenly distributed.

Cleaning the DEVASO is a breeze with no cloth, making it hassle-free to maintain that pristine look. The adjustable knob, which mimics the headset’s design, is incredibly convenient, and it’s such a small step for the unparalleled comfort it provides.

FPV Head Strap for the PlayStation VR2 (Best Fit)

The FPV Head Strap is an affordable yet highly effective upgrade for the PlayStation VR2. Its ergonomic design is aimed at reducing head pressure, making it suitable for longer gaming sessions. This head strap is designed for the PSVR2 headset, ensuring a comfortable and stable fit without deformation.

The length adjustment feature allows multiple users, including family and friends, to share the headset comfortably. The use of soft PU leather material ensures comfort while being easy to maintain. The Velcro adhesive design makes installation a breeze and provides portability for gamers.

One common issue among users was the tendency for the PSVR2 stock headset to shift downward during gameplay. The FPV Head Strap effectively addresses this problem, making it easier to maintain the focal “sweet spot” and significantly improving comfort during prolonged gaming sessions.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design to reduce head pressure

  • Designed for Sony PSVR2 headset

  • Length adjustable for a customized fit

  • Soft PU leather material for comfort

  • Velcro adhesive design for easy installation and portability.

What I Like About the FPV Head Strap

What impresses me about the FPV Head Strap for the PlayStation VR2 is how much more stable it sits on my head than the stock head strap. Having used it, I can’t help but wonder why the PSVR2 didn’t ship with something like this from the beginning.

It’s easy to install, dramatically improving the headset’s fit and preventing it from shifting around during gameplay. Plus, it makes finding and maintaining the “sweet spot” much more straightforward. This affordable upgrade is an absolute must-have for any serious PSVR2 gamer.

Zurotic Adjustable Head Strap (Best Weight Distribution)

The Zurotic Adjustable Head Strap stands out with its innovative Y-shaped design, distributing the weight of the VR headset evenly and reducing pressure on the face. This design enhances comfort and ensures a secure fit, preventing slippage during intense gameplay.

The fixed head strap design adds to the stability, making adjustments a thing of the past. The use of high-quality PU material provides added protection and a comfortable fit. Elastic polyester material ensures extended comfort during long gaming sessions.

The adjustable Velcro design allows customization to fit various head sizes and shapes, catering to users of all ages. Installing this head strap is a breeze, and its small and compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Users have reported a significant improvement in comfort and control, with this head strap effectively preventing the headset from shifting positions during gameplay.

Key Features

  • Y-shaped design for stability

  • Fixed head strap design for exceptional strength.

  • Fashion PU material for added protection.

  • Elastic polyester material for extended comfort.

  • Adjustable Velcro for a customizable fit

  • Easy-to-install design for hassle-free setup and portability.

What I Like About the Zurotic Head Strap

The Zurotic Adjustable Head Strap is a game-changer for my PSVR2 experience. Its Y-shaped design removes comfort issues and provides unparalleled stability during gameplay. I love how it evenly distributes the headset’s weight, reducing strain and pressure on my face for those marathon VR sessions.

Installing this head strap was a breeze, and the sleek PU material added a stylish touch to my setup.

APEXINNO Upgraded Head Strap (Most Breathable)

The APEXINNO Upgraded Head Strap is designed to prioritize comfort and stability during your PSVR2 gaming sessions. It features a soft PU leather pad with memory foam, providing unparalleled comfort for extended gameplay and reducing pressure on the back of the head.

The widened and curved design of the cushion perfectly fits your head, offering enhanced stability and anti-slip properties. Ventilation holes in the cushion help prevent sweat buildup, keeping your PSVR2 head strap hygienic and odor-free.

Installation is straightforward, with the provided tools and instructions ensuring a hassle-free setup. Users have reported a dramatic reduction in discomfort compared to the stock head strap, making this an excellent choice for those struggling with head discomfort during extended gaming.

APEXINNO’s head strap cushion upgrade is comfortable and affordable, making it an excellent gift for friends or family who love gaming. Its added support and comfort can significantly enhance the PSVR2 gaming experience.

Key Features

  • Soft PU leather pad with memory foam for superior comfort

  • Widened and curved design for enhanced stability

  • Breathable design with ventilation holes

  • Easy-to-clean materials

  • Easy installation with provided tools

  • Excellent gift option with a hassle-free warranty.

What I Like About the APEXINNO Head Strap

The APEXINNO Upgraded Head Strap is a breath of fresh air compared to the stock head strap. The soft leather pad and memory foam provide unmatched comfort. The widened, curved design ensures it stays securely in place.

The APEXINNO is very breathable and works great for more intense gaming.

VR Cover Playstation VR 2 Head Strap (Most Adjustable)

The VR Cover Playstation VR 2 Head Strap Cover Set is a comprehensive solution for enhancing your PSVR2 headset. It includes an adjustable head strap for the halo headband and two VR covers—one for the front cushion and another for the back.

The adjustable head strap offers weight distribution, making gaming sessions more comfortable and stable. It’s fully customizable to provide a snug or looser fit based on your preference, ensuring a perfect fit.

The double-layered cotton cover absorbs sweat during intense gaming, addressing a common concern among VR enthusiasts. These covers are easy to install with hook-and-loop fasteners and can be conveniently removed for washing.

If hygiene and comfort are essential for your VR gaming experience, the VR Cover Playstation VR 2 Head Strap is a fantastic addition to your setup. It keeps your headset clean and makes your time in VR more enjoyable. It is also one of the most adjustable options on the market.

Key Features

  • Adjustable head strap for halo headband

  • Weight distribution for added comfort

  • Fully customizable for a perfect fit

  • Double-layered cotton covers for sweat management

  • Washable covers with easy fasteners

  • Boosts hygiene and comfort for your VR experience.

What I Like About the VR Cover Head Strap

The VR Cover Playstation VR 2 Head Strap is all about enhancing hygiene and comfort, and it does it brilliantly. It’s straightforward to put on and fits snugly without ripples or bunching.

This is especially important for someone like me who wears glasses—the added comfort goes a long way. The double-layered cotton covers absorb sweat, making my VR sessions more pleasant. Plus, the fact that they’re washable is a real bonus.

PSVR2 Ultimate Comfort Kit (Most Unique Solution)

The PSVR2 Ultimate Comfort Kit takes a unique approach to improving your PlayStation VR2 gaming experience. It offers an ultra-slim counterweight system and a deluxe comfort strap to relieve pressure from the forehead and improve balance.

The ultra-slim counterweights, totaling 150 grams, attaches to the back strap of the PSVR2 headset. This extra weight helps lift the front weight off the forehead, making the headset more comfortable during long gaming sessions. Additionally, the balanced headset lets you loosen the rear tensioner dial, to reduce pressure on your forehead.

Installing the custom-molded counterweight inserts is easy and doesn’t require Velcro, ensuring a secure fit without the risk of falling off during gameplay. While the kit doesn’t involve water immersion for cleaning, you can maintain it with a vacuum, tape, or a lint roller.

The PSVR2 Ultimate Comfort Kit is a genuine hand-made product crafted with locally sourced materials, ensuring quality and durability. It’s particularly suitable for glasses users, gamers looking to enjoy extended sessions, or anyone seeking to enhance comfort and relieve pressure during VR gameplay.

Key Features

  • Ultra-slim counterweights for balance

  • Custom-molded counterweight inserts for easy installation

  • No Velcro is required for attachment

  • Easy-to-clean design

  • Locally sourced materials for genuine hand-made quality

  • Includes PSVR2 Deluxe Comfort Strap and 150-gram counterbalance kit

What I Like About the PSVR2 Ultimate Comfort Kit

The PSVR2 Ultimate Comfort Kit offers a unique approach to improving my PSVR2 gaming sessions. The ultra-slim counterweights make a difference, alleviating the pressure on my forehead during extended gameplay sessions.

This kit’s combination of a deluxe comfort strap and counterbalance system is perfect for glasses users like me. The fact that it’s locally sourced and hand-made with attention to detail adds a personal touch. It’s genuinely transformed my PSVR2 experience, making it more comfortable and enjoyable for hours.

Click here to view the PSVR2 Ultimate Comfort Kit.


Upgrading your PlayStation VR2 setup with a third-party head strap can significantly enhance your gaming experience. By opting for one of these innovative solutions, you can enjoy a more comfortable and stable gameplay session thanks to improved weight distribution and personalized fit options.

The best third-party head straps for the PlayStation VR2 are easy to install and have features that make it easy to clean and maintain. Remember to consider your preferences and gaming habits when choosing the best option.

Make a wise choice today and upgrade your PlayStation VR2 gaming setup with a third-party head strap that offers unparalleled comfort and stability.


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