12 Best PlayStation VR2 Accessories You Need to Buy

best playstation vr2 accessories
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In this guide, I’ll show you the best PlayStation VR2 accessories you can buy to improve your experience with the new PlayStation VR headset. There is everything, like the best internal SSD hard drive replacement (Western Digital SN850X), best headphones (Pulsed 3D), the best controller charging dock (official Sony PSVR 2 dock), and a carrying case (Sony VR Case).

Let me know if you have any other accessories you would recommend. As third parties release more hardware, I’ll update this guide constantly.

What are the Best PlayStation VR2 Accessories?

  1. Western Digital SN850X 1TB – Best Hard Drive
  2. Western Digital SN850X 2TB – High Capacity Hard Drive
  3. Sony PlayStation Pulse 3D Headphones – Official Sony Headphones
  4. SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless Headphones – Best Wireless Headphones
  5. VR ProxiMat – Best VR Guardian Accessory
  6. Official PlayStation VR Charging Dock – Official Sony Dock
  7. Grathia 3-in-1 Charging Dock – Best Dock and Holder
  8. ECHTPower Charging Station – Budget Controller-Only Dock
  9. Playstation VR2 Carrying Case – Best for Travel
  10. PSVR2 Lens Cover and Protective Cover – Best to Prevent Scratches
  11. PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller – Best PS5 Accessory for the PSVR2
  12. Travel Neck Pillow – Best Accessory for Cinema Mode

Western Digital SN850X 1TB Hard Drive

The Western Digital SN850X 1TB Hard Drive is an essential accessory that helps you get more out of storage and system components. It comes with a capacity of 1TB, plus a heatsink to guarantee consistent gameplay and top-end performance.

After installing this hard drive, I thought my game load times improved. The extra space gave me room to play more games on your PSVR2.

This hard drive offers a breakneck read/write speed of up to 7,300 MB/s. Its dashboard controls the RGB lighting and monitors, tracking the drive’s health to enable you to compete at your absolute peak.

Key Features

  • The Western Digital SN850X 1TB Hard Drive can automatically detect games to turn on Game Mode 2.0
  • 1TB in memory capacity
  • The hard drive delivers a speed of up to 7,300 MB/s
  • Fast game loading times

What I Like

I like that the SN850X hard drive gives you extra hard drive space at a reasonable price. It has a number of premium features, including overhead balancing, predictive loading, and adaptive thermal management. This drive is a good replacement for the stock SSD in the PS5.

WD_BLACK 1TB SN850X NVMe Internal Gaming SSD Solid State Drive - Gen4 PCIe, M.2 2280, Up to 7,300 MB/s - WDS100T2X0E
  • Get the ultimate gaming edge over your competition with insane speeds up to 7,300 MB/s(1) for top-level performance and radically short load times.date transfer rate:7300.0 megabytes_per_second.Specific uses: Gaming
  • A range of capacities from 1TB to 4TB(2) means you get to keep more of today’s games that can take up 200GB(2) or more of storage.
  • The WD_BLACK Dashboard monitors your drive’s health, controls your RGB style and can automatically detect games to turn on Game Mode 2.0 (Windows only).

Western Digital SN850X 2TB Hard Drive

The WD SN850X 2TB is another hard drive that you can extend the storage on your Playstation 5 with. Unlike the one above, this one has a 2TB memory capacity, offering more space to install premium games.

The Western Digital SN850X 2TB Hard Drive delivers ridiculously short load times and provides top-tier performance to all of the VR games you will be loading onto it.

The Game Mode 2.0 delivers PC performance-boosting features. It is small, lightweight, and supports Microsoft’s DirectStorage technology to reduce game load times. With output nearing the PCIe Gen4 interface, this hard drive will help you maximize storage and system components.

The combination of useful utilities, hardware encryption, and solid performance makes this PSVR2 accessory a must-have to those who need more space.

Key Features

  • This drive is compatible with the PlayStation 5
  • Insane speeds up to 7,300 MB/s
  • Minimizes latency and loads graphics fast
  • Small and light

What I Like

I like that the Western Digital SN850X 2TB Hard Drive combines strong encryption and on-point performance for an improved gameplay experience. The fabric coat adds appeal, and the pain of deleting games for space is a thing of the past. Compared to a 1 TB solution, I think 2 TB is a better upgrade option if you need a new hard drive.

WD_BLACK 2TB SN850X NVMe Internal Gaming SSD Solid State Drive - Gen4 PCIe, M.2 2280, Up to 7,300 MB/s - WDS200T2X0E
  • Get the ultimate gaming edge over your competition with insane speeds up to 7,300 MB/s(1) for top-level performance and radically short load times. .date transfer rate:7300.0 megabytes_per_second.Specific uses: Gaming
  • A range of capacities from 1TB to 4TB(2) means you get to keep more of today’s games that can take up 200GB(2) or more of storage.
  • The WD_BLACK Dashboard monitors your drive’s health, controls your RGB style and can automatically detect games to turn on Game Mode 2.0 (Windows only).

Sony Playstation Pulse 3D Review

The Playstation Pulse 3D headphones are an official PlayStation 5 accessory from Sony. These headphones are fine-tuned for 3D audio on the PSVR2. They feature dual noise-canceling microphones, an array of easy-access controls, and a built-in USB-C rechargeable battery. I like how Sony has refined their design compared to similar headphones for the PS4. The over-ear cups are comfortable to wear.

If you want premium headphones to ignite your gaming nights on the PSVR2, Sony PlayStation Pulse 3D won’t disappoint you. With these headphones, it feels like the sound comes from every direction. You can customize the headset’s equalizer settings from the PlayStation menu.

The main reason these are great for the PlayStation VR2 are that the color scheme matches the rest of the PS5 lineup. The speakers don’t interfere with the headset at all. One battery charge can serve you up to 12 hours of gameplay.

The PSVR2 only comes with an average pair of earbuds, so this accessory gives you a definite upgrade.

Key Features

  • Equipped with hidden noise-canceling microphones.
  • The design compliments the PSVR2 headset.
  • Lets you enjoy up to 12 hours of gameplay without the need to recharge the battery.
  • The Pulse 3D fits nicely with the headset’s strap.

What I Like

I like that you can fine-tune these headphones for 3D audio on PSVR2 to enjoy comfortable gaming with refined earpads and head strap. I also like that the color and aesthetics match the PSVR2 headset. If you don’t care about sound quality too much, the Pulse 3D is the top pick.

PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headset
  • Built for a new generation - Fine-tuned for 3D Audio on PS5 consoles. Enjoy comfortable gaming with refined earpads and headband strap. Play in style with a sleek design that complements the PS5 console. Available when feature is supported by game.Specific uses for product : Gaming.Special feature : lightweight.
  • Designed for gamers - Chat with friends through the hidden noise-cancelling microphones. Quickly adjust audio and chat settings with easy-access controls. Internet and account for PlayStation Network required.
  • Take your adventures further - Enjoy up to 12 hours wireless play with the built-in rechargeable battery. Easily connect to your PS5 or PS4 console using the wireless adaptor. Connect to PS VR and mobile devices with the included audio cable. Built-in headset controls not supported on PS VR and mobile devices.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless Review

Because you’ll be moving around a lot, you need sturdy headphones to enjoy gaming with your Playstation VR2.  The SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless is my pick for the best third-party PSVR2 headphones. They have all the features and functionalities you should look for to upgrade your PSVR2 gaming experience.

These headphones are designed for powerful next-gen 3D audio and have over 30 hours of battery life. SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless is designed with a durable, lightweight steel frame and has easy on-ear headset controls. It also comes with lossless ultra-low latency with 2.4GHz wireless. You don’t need to add another cable to the mix

Aside from PSVR2, these headphones are compatible with PlayStation 4 & 5, Mac, Switch, Android devices, and even the Meta Quest 2. There’s a USB-C port for easy charging when it’s low on battery.

Key Features

  • Designed for PlayStation with Tempest 3D Audio on your PSVR2
  • Features USB-C charge and a 30-hour battery life.
  • Supports 15 min quick charge for 3 hours of usage.
  • The sound quality lets you hear every detail of your game.

What I Like

I like this headset for several reasons: sound quality, battery life, and volume controls. I also like that it fits tightly on my head. You can even do light exercises or move around, and the headphones will stay snug. If you want better sound quality than the Pulse 3D headphones and don’t mind the price, these are the ones I would buy.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ Wireless Gaming Headset – Lossless 2.4 GHz – 30 Hour Battery Life – USB-C – 3D Audio – For PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, Android and Switch - White
  • Headphone Frequency Response 20–20000 Hz. Wireless Range 40 ft, 12 m.Headphones fit type:On-Ear.Microphone Frequency Response 100–6500 Hz. Neodymium Drivers-1.5 inch
  • Designed for PlayStation with Tempest 3D Audio on PS5 and award-winning Arctis sound to hear every detail for the competitive advantage
  • Multi-platform USB-C dongle with low latency 2.4Ghz wireless adds the flexibility to swap between systems quickly and seamlessly. (USB-A adapter included)

VR ProxiMat

VR ProxiMat is a premium quality VR mat that can help you determine the position and direction of your feet during gameplay. VR ProxiMat will also prevent you from hitting and breaking objects within your play area. This 42″ VR mat is the largest mat on the market made for virtual reality.

VR ProxiMat has a perfect weight, layout, and thickness. You can play your favorite games with both feet on this mat without worrying about the flashing boundaries. This accessory is versatile – it’s a perfect fit at home, dorm rooms, hotels, schools, or VR arcades.

Key Features

  • VR ProxiMat is comfortable to stand on
  • You can use it with any guardian-based VR headset

What I Like

I like that VR ProxiMat helps to define your gaming area and keeps you within the safe zone, so you don’t damage any furniture or get injured while in VR. You will immediately see the usefulness of VR ProxiMat if your gaming area is very small.

VR Mat - ProxiMat ® Metaverse Portal 42" - X-Large Mat for Virtual Reality - Play with Both Feet on The Mat
  • PLAY ON THE MAT: The large 42 inch size allows you to play with both feet on the mat. Why step on and off the mat when you can stay within your improved Safety Zone. US Patent #10,350,488
  • MINIMIZES ACCIDENTS: Improves VR game play by defining your play area and keeping you within a zone away from objects or walls. Using a tactile approach for your feet provides an extra level of safety and keeps you far enough from your guardian systems warnings and allows you to focus on your game and not the flashing boundary.
  • KEEPS YOU CENTERED: Physical home centering button along with smaller north facing button provides a true physical presence while in Virtual Reality. Keeping you centered is key to great gaming.

Official Playstation VR2 Charging Dock

Sony’s official charging dock lets you wirelessly connect to and easily charge your PSVR2 Sense controllers. It’s one of the top accessories I purchased alongside my PlayStation VR2 headset. The charging dock comes with a click-in design to free up USB ports.

Once you click your controllers into place, an LED indicator will illuminate, telling you that the sense controllers are charging. The charging dock has four rubberized non-slip feet and doesn’t take up space. It features a stand where you can hang your headset on display for safety.

The package includes the box, the charging dock, an AC power cord, an AC adaptor, an instruction manual, and two charging adaptors.

Key Features

  • This charging controller dock can charge left and right controllers simultaneously
  • It can fully charge your controllers in 1.5 hours
  • The LED indicator illuminates when controllers are charging

What I Like

I like that the official PlayStation VR2 Charging Dock is well-built and is nice to look at. The design blends in nicely with PS5. I also like that the circuitry is designed to prevent overcharging, overcurrent, and short circuits so that these faults will not damage your Sense controllers.

I wish Sony included the dock with the headset rather than sold separately!

Click here to view Official Playstation VR2 Charging Dock

Third-Party Playstation VR2 Charging Dock

There’s nothing as terrifying as your VR controllers running out of battery life when you are in the middle of an exciting game. So, why not avoid this embarrassing situation by investing in this Grathia third-party PSVR2 charging dock for your Sense controllers?

The Grathia 3-in-1 charging display stand is a powerful charging dock for the PSVR2 controllers at a reasonable asking price. It has LED power indicators that tell you whether the controllers are charging. Both controllers can be fully charged in less than 90 minutes. To prevent any risk of overcharging, the Grathia 3-in-1 charging display stand is designed to power itself down when your controllers are fully charged.

Other protective mechanisms built into this charging dock include overcurrent, short circuit,  and overheating protection. The magnetic suction design keeps one cable and both controllers in place so they don’t slip off the charging cradle.

Key Features

  • LED lighting on the underside
  • Full charge in 90 minutes
  • Charging dock for PSVR2 controllers
  • Magnetic cradle for controllers
  • LED power indicators

What I Like

I like that while charging your motion controllers, the Grathia 3-in-1 charging display stand can store your headset and the two controllers in one place. I like how this station keeps my gaming area organized. I also like that the colored lights and stylish design add sleek aesthetics to my VR display.

ECHTPower Charging Station

The battery life on the PlayStation VR2 controllers only lasts four hours of game time. Plus, there is a setting that they stay on by default after you are done playing. This is why you need the ECHTPower Charging Station to keep your controllers fired up.

ECHTPower Charging Station plugs into a standard wall socket to receive electrical power using a USB-C cable. You then plug the included adapters into the charging port on your controllers. Ensure the controllers click into the charger properly and lock it to receive a maximum charge. ECHTPower Charging Station has indicator lights that tell you when the controllers are charging.

Key Features

  • This charging station offers a fast charge in 1.5 hours or less
  • Magnetic charging design
  • Superior safety protection chip to protect your controllers
  • Has a LED charging indicator

What I Like

The ECHTPower Charging Station feels solid and, overall, is well made. I like the wireless charging solution the manufacturer implores here, mainly the USB-C plugs that magnetically attach to the charger’s base for contact. This arrangement makes the whole thing futuristic. I also like the LED indicator that tells when the controllers are charging.

ECHTPower Charging Station for PS VR2 Sense Controller, Charging Dock Compatible with PS VR2 Controller with LED Indicator, Fast Charger Station with 4 Type-C Magnetic Interface, Type-C Charging Cable
  • SIMULTANEOUSLY CHARGE TWO PS VR2 CONTROLLERS - ECHTPower PS VR2 controller charger station is specially designed for 2023 PS VR2 Sense controller. It can charge two controllers at the same time without occupying PS VR console USB port, perfectly compatible with playtion VR2 controller , is a must-have accessory for PS VR gamers. (Note: PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers and 5V/3A adapter are not included).
  • 1.5H QUICK CHARGE - ECHTPower PS VR2 Station Charger takes just 1.5 hours to fully charge both Playstation VR2 Sense controllers. It automatically shuts off when charging is complete to prevent overcharging and prolong the life of the controllers.(Note: Use a 5V power adapter with current greater than 2A)
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - The Playstation VR2 charging station made of high-quality ABS material, the charging base is durable, compact and easy to carry. It has four non-slip pads on the bottom to ensure the stability of the load support. So you can rest assured of charging the controller on the base.

Playstation VR2 Carrying Case

One of the good things about playing virtual reality games is the ability to share them with your friends and family members. A headset carrying case can make traveling fun and easy. Sony’s official PSVR2 carrying case lets you conveniently take your hardware from one location to another.

This PSVR2 carrying case has enough room to accommodate your PSVR2 headset, headphones, controllers, cords, and extra storage hard drive. The carrying case is designed with premium quality material and styled like a laptop bag, making it easier to travel. Additionally, the case is dustproof, waterproof, and designed to withstand shock or impact,  protecting your headset.

Whether you are strolling around your neighborhood or at home, the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry your headset and its accessories around. The package includes cable ties, a shoulder strap, a lens cover, and a hard carrying case. The only thing it doesn’t let you do is travel with your Playstation 5!

Key Features

  • Cut to fit PSVR2 headset and controllers
  • This travel carrying case can resist the impact of accidental falling
  • The mesh pocket can store small items like adapters and charging cables
  • It is durable, waterproof, and dustproof

What I Like

I like that the PSVR2 carrying case provides adequate protection for the headset, absorbs bumps and shock, and keeps the headset and its accessories out of harm. I also like that the outer shell is solid and overall good value for money.

FYOUNG Hard Carrying Case for PSVR2 Accessories, Portable Case for PSVR 2 with Lens Protector Cover, Shoulder Strap, Travel and Home Storage Bag for Playstation VR2
  • Carrying Case for PS VR2 Headset: The hard carrying case is designed for Playstation VR2 Gaming Headset. It is convenient for storage and travel, and can accommodate VR2 headset &controller and some accessories. NOTE: The case is a standard size that perfectly fits your VR2 headset. When placing it, align the both end groove of the cases and adjust the headset to just put it down. PLEASE CHECK OUR VIDEO FOR INSTALLATION.
  • Durable Case: The hard case for PSVR2 adopts same supreme official fabric with exquisite workmanship, ensure durability of the case. At the same time, our carrying case looks more fashionable. NOTE: the headset and controller not included.
  • Hard Protective Case: The shell can resist the impact of accidental falling and maintain its oval shape, provide VR headset from shocks, drops. And dust-proof and anti-scratch during storage.Protect your VR2 headset in its original condition.

Lens Cover and Protective Cover

This lens and protective cover combo is the perfect solution to keep scratches and debris away from your hardware. Debris and dirt can affect the performance of the lens inside your PSVR2. They can even leave scratches on the lens surface.

This PSVR2 lens cover can isolate the lenses from dust, protect the lens, and block the sun from affecting the lens. The lens cover is scratch-resistant, crash-proof and prevents lens damage.

The protective cover offers perfect protection for the headset itself. The precise cutout design creates room for heat dissipation. As with the lens cover, the protective cover is of course also dustproof, scratch-proof, and water-resistant.

Buying the duo pair of the lens and protective cover ensures your headset stays in good condition for a long time.

Key Features

  • These accessories are washable
  • Anti-light leakage
  • Compatible with the PSVR2 headset
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and scratch-proof

What I Like

I like that the duo of the lens cover and protective cover combine to achieve one purpose – to prolong the life of your headset. If dust, dirt, direct sunlight, and water cannot reach your headset and its lens, then nothing can knick up your hardware.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

Most VR games use the PSVR2 Sense Controllers to provide full motion control. However, some games still default to the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Plus, media and flatscreen games you play on the headset will use DualSense as well. For this reason, I recommend picking up an extra controller.

The DualSense controller can also be used to play multiplayer games with your friends on a flat screen.

DualSense makes a number of improvements over the PS4 version. It has immersive haptic feedback which gives you vibration and feedback during key gaming moments. Adaptive triggers become more and less firm to mimic real-life situations. The built-in microphone is better than before.

Key Features

  • Can be used to be any and all PS5 games
  • The official controller of the PlayStation 5

What I Like About the DualSense Controller

As a Playstation VR2 accessory, an extra controller is often forgotten about. However, having an extra one around is a big help. Plus, it’s convenient when you play any multiplayer. Skip any third party options and purchase the official Sony controller – the better quality is highly worth it in my opinion!

Sony Official Playstation 5 Dualsense Wireless Controller - Midnight Black (PS5) (PS5)
  • Ignite your gaming nights on your PS5 console with the DualSense Midnight Black wireless controller.
  • Part of a new line-up of galaxy-themed colours, this sleek design takes inspiration from how we view the wonders of space through the night sky, with subtle shades of black and light grey detailing.
  • English (Publication Language)

Travel Neck Pillow

Grab this travel neck pillow if you plan to play games and watch content in cinematic mode on the PSVR2. It allows you to watch comfortably from anywhere in your house. Plus, it’s a great accessory to take with you when you travel.

This is the travel neck pillow I have, and it is awesome. I do a lot of traveling for work and personal life and always end up on some red-line flights. This pillow is soft and comfortable to rest against. It has a clasp at the front to keep it in place and stop it from shifting around.

Key Features

  • Made from a soft microfiber shell
  • Comes in over 18 different colors
  • The front clasp keeps the pillow in place.

What I Like About This Travel Pillow

Like I said, I do a lot of travel with this pillow. It is durable to wear and watch movies or TV shows with. It has a simple click in design that lets you hold it in place. The other thing I like about this one is how small you can make it when you put it in its bag. With this and your PlayStation Vr2, you’ve just added another HD TV screen in your house.

Wolf Essentials Adult Cozy Soft Microfiber Neck Pillow, Compact, Perfect for Plane or Car Travel, Charcoal
  • PREMIUM COMFORT-Our luxurious crystal fleece neck pillow cover and super soft fiber filling will keep you cozy no matter where your nap happens. Our neck pillow offers perfect support that will keep your head, neck & shoulders from feeling fatigued.
  • VERSATILE – This travel pillow can provide extra support to protect the neck from pain when you are traveling by airplane, car, train, or bus. It can also be ideal for home when watching Netflix or reading on your favorite comfortable chair.
  • LIFE PROOF - Life can get messy, no worries here. Our travel pillows are durable and easy to clean! Just toss in the wash with like colors in warm water (Yes, the whole thing, no need to remove the filling.) No bleach. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron.


As you can see, there are a few top Playstation VR2 accessories that you can buy. The selection is not as good as the original PSVR, but I expect to see more accessories released soon.

Comment down below and let me know which accessory you purchased!

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