Best PlayStation VR2 Settings for Improved Gameplay

best playstation vr2 settings
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Before you play any VR games using the PlayStation VR2 headset, there are a few features in the settings you should look to update.

These settings give you a better experience in VR mode. Setting them up only takes a few minutes too. This is a complement to our Playstation VR2 tips guide!

Here are the PSVR2 settings you should update:

Best PlayStation VR2 Settings for Optimum VR Gaming

Enable Enhanced Tracking

If you go into Settings > Accessories > Playstation VR2, scroll down and enable “Tracking Support.”

This option will give you enhanced tracking, which is helpful in games where you have to aim, point, and shoot at anything.

When you enable Tracking Support, your PS5 will add a small border around the outside of your display. For the most part, this display will not be visible and will sit outside your TV boundaries. However, this frame helps the PlayStation VR2 understand where you point your controllers during games.

Give it a try, and your sense controllers will see improved tracking.

best playstation vr2 settings tracking support

Enables 120Hz Support in Cinematic Mode

Go to Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output and change “120 Hz Output” to “Off.” Then, go to Settings > Accessories > Playstation VR2 > Video Output and Enable the options to “Output 120 Hz Video to VR Headset” and “HDR Output.”

After you do this, you can go back into your Screen and Video options and change your “120 Hz Output” back to “Automatic.

After you do this, games in cinematic mode will display at 120 Hz, and these games will run smooth as butter.

playstation vr2 settings cinematic mode screen size

Enable Sidetone Volume

If you play PSVR2 with friends or family in the room, then navigate to Settings > Sound > Audio Output and change “Sidetone Volume” to 1 or 2.

Sidetone Volume allows some outside room noise to come through the noise cancellation of your PSVR2 headphones. You will be able to hear any outside chatter more easily.

If you are jumpy, this setting can help you hear when someone comes into the room better.

playstation vr2 settings sidetone volume

Improve Controller Vibration

Navigate to Settings > Controller (General) and make sure that “Vibration Internally” and “Trigger Effect Intensity” are both set to “Strong.”

This setting will ensure you get the most powerful vibrations in your PS5 DualSense and VR Sense controllers. These vibrations are key to feeling haptic feedback and other gameplay features, so you are better off using the strongest setting.

best playstation vr2 settings trigger effect intensity

Enable Controller Power Saving

Navigate to Settings > System > Power Saving and change “Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off” to “After 10 Minutes”.

By default, this option is “Don’t Turn Off,” meaning you must remember to turn off your controllers yourself when you are done playing. This new setting will ensure that each Sense controller turns off when you are done playing in virtual reality.

Sense controllers last about 6 hours worth of gameplay, and this setting will maximize your playtime.

psvr2 settings controller turn off time

Change the Function Button

If you navigate to Settings > Accessories > Playstation VR2 > Function Button Assignment, you can change this button from “View Surroundings” to “Mute Microphone.”

If you don’t use passthrough mode to view your surroundings often, you can make the function button mute your microphone. This is very helpful if you play a lot of multiplayer VR games.

The function button is on the bottom of your headset and is a quick shortcut button.

best playstation vr2 settings function button assignment

Optimize Your Screen Size

Navigate to Settings > Accessories > Playstation VR2 > Screen Size and adjust this setting to bigger or smaller until you get the perfect value.

This setting ensures that all of your VR games look beautiful and take up the entire screen in your headset.

Lower Your Boundary Display Sensitivity

Navigate to Settings > Accessories > Playstation VR2 and set the “Boundary Display Sensitivity” to “Low.”

This setting adjusts how quickly the guardian boundary from your play area is displayed in your VR headset. When this happens, it breaks the immersion in your games. I play in a more open space, so the boundary doesn’t have to appear fast.

If you play in a tight space or forget you are playing in virtual reality, keep this setting at the default “Medium.”

playstation vr2 settings boundary display sensitivity


Hopefully, these PlayStation VR2 settings give you a more immersive experience. I will be playing around with more settings to optimize the PSVR2. If you have found anything worth sharing, comment below and let me know!


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