21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

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With over 50 million different games, knowing which Roblox games are the best is overwhelming. We’ve compiled our list of the best Roblox VR games of all time below. We’ve updated the list to be fresh for the release of Roblox VR on the Meta Quest, so go and check out the new games today.

Why is Roblox so popular?

For one, Roblox game creators can earn serious dollars for their efforts. Robux, the in-game currency used in Roblox, can be exchanged for real money at 100,000 RBUXto $830 USD. That means that creators who have created some of the most popular games on the platform can earn serious money for their work.

If you have a virtual reality headset, click here to set up Roblox VR today and play all of the games below in full virtual reality!

The Best Roblox VR Games

Here is our list of top Roblox games to play in virtual reality on the platform:

  1. Opposer
  2. Energy Assault
  3. Nerf Strike
  4. Mid-Eastern Conflict Sim
  5. Ohio
  6. VR Escape Room
  7. Cave Explorer
  8. The Final Stand
  9. VRBlox
  10. Road to Gramby’s
  11. Cook Burgers
  12. Laser Tag VR
  13. Sound Space
  14. Cleaning Simulator
  15. Amongst Us
  16. MeepCity
  17. Jailbreak
  18. Adopt Me!
  19. Royal High
  20. Murder Mystery 2
  21. Work at a Pizza Place
  22. Welcome to Bloxburg
  23. Prison Life
  24. Flee the Facility
  25. Super Hero Tycoon
  26. Imposter

Types of Roblox Games

Roblox games can be separated and categorized into a bunch of common categories. In general, all games on the platform fall into one of these categories:

  • Battles (Free-for-all or team vs team)
  • Building
  • Business
  • Escape
  • First Person Shooter
  • Simulator
  • Obstacle Course
  • Party / Minigames
  • Piloting
  • Roleplay
  • RPG
  • Survival
  • War

Check out the list of best Roblox games below. When you are ready to jump in and play, click the link under each game to launch it!

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Opposer – Best New VR Shooter

Opposer offers an exhilarating blend of fast-paced shooting and respawn mechanics that set it apart from traditional ghost-hunting games. As you enter this virtual world, you will find yourself in intense battles where every moment counts.

Upon spawning, you’re equipped with an arsenal of firearms that you can use to engage your opponents. The selection of weapons adds diversity to the gameplay, allowing you to adopt various strategies and playstyles.

The shooting mechanics in Opposer are easy enough to learn yet still engaging. You can aim and fire your weapons using intuitive gestures, enhancing VR’s immersive experience. The option to enable a Gore effect adds a layer of intensity for those seeking a more realistic and visceral encounter.

One of the standout features of Opposer is its respawn system. Unlike traditional games where death can result in frustrating pauses, this game allows you to respawn and rejoin the action instantly.

The addition of arm stamina introduces an element of realism to the gameplay. You need to consider your arm strength while wielding heavier weapons, which adds a strategic dimension to the battles.engaging and immersive experience.

Opposer offers various game modes, including free-for-all and team-based options. However, what truly sets this game apart is the freedom it provides to players.

opposer best roblox vr game

Energy Assault – Most Replayable Shooter

Energy Assault takes the first-person shooter genre to new heights with its diverse gameplay modes, robust progression system, and dynamic battles that keep players hooked.

Diving into the game, players have a wealth of exciting game modes to try, each offering a unique challenge and objective. Whether it’s the classic feel of Team Deathmatch or the strategic gameplay of Capture the Flag, Energy Assault ensures that every match is a thrilling experience.

At the heart of Energy Assault is its progression system, a feature that sets it apart from many other VR shooters. After each match, you earn money and experience points, opening the door to a range of possibilities for customization. You can purchase new firearms, attachments, skins, and optics using the accumulated funds.

The game’s emphasis on weapon customization adds depth and complexity to the gameplay. As you continue to use a specific firearm, you unlock upgrades and attachments, allowing you to fine-tune your weapons to match your playstyle. This layer of strategy encourages you to experiment with different load-outs and find the combination that suits you best.

Energy Assault excels in accessibility, making it an ideal choice for both VR newcomers and seasoned players. The intuitive shooting mechanics and the game’s VR environment create a natural and immersive experience.

The VR advantage that Energy Assault offers cannot be understated. The ability to physically aim and shoot adds precision and authenticity often absent in traditional gaming.

energy assault best roblox vr game

Nerf Strike – Best One-Shot One-Kill Game

Nerf Strike takes you on a unique VR journey where every shot counts and precision reigns supreme. This game embraces the “one-shot, one-kill” philosophy, creating an intense and fast-paced VR FPS experience that caters to players seeking immediate action and exhilarating gameplay.

As you step into the virtual battlegrounds of Nerf Strike, you’re immediately immersed in a world where accuracy and speed are paramount. The game’s one-shot, one-kill mechanics mean that every bullet fired can make or break a match.

Nerf Strike offers a variety of game modes and maps, ensuring that you have multiple avenues to engage in the adrenaline-pumping action. Whether outwitting opponents in tense duels or coordinating with teammates to achieve objectives, the game’s modes provide a well-rounded and challenging experience.

The “time to kill” (TTK) mechanic in Nerf Strike emphasizes the importance of precision and positioning. With every shot potentially lethal, you must carefully consider your movements, cover, and engagement range.

While the low TTK might not appeal to you if you prefer longer engagements, it provides a unique and challenging experience for those seeking fast and intense action.

nerf strike best roblox vr game

Mid-Eastern Conflict Sim – Realistic Fighting Game

Mid-Eastern Conflict Sim is one of the best Roblox games you can play with friends. It offers you a chance to step back and experience the intensity of historical battles, mainly inspired by events like Desert Storm.

While the game is a work in progress, its focus on realism, historical accuracy, and immersive combat mechanics showcases its potential to provide a unique and educational VR gaming experience.

From accurate weaponry to authentic environments, Mid Eastern Conflict Sim aims to capture the essence of the conflicts it seeks to depict. One of the notable aspects of this Mid-Eastern Conflict Sim is its attention to detail regarding weaponry and attachments.

The game’s focus on providing realistic firearm options and authentic attachments adds depth to the gameplay. You’re encouraged to experiment with different load-outs and tactics, mirroring soldiers’ challenges during these historical events.

mid eastern conflict sim roblox vr game

Ohio – Best Sandbox Shooter

Ohio brings a unique twist to the VR gaming world, offering an unconventional, sandbox-like experience. Unlike traditional VR shooters, Ohio allows you to explore a virtual world where you can claim houses, acquire weaponry, and interact with other players in unexpected ways.

Stepping into the virtual streets of Ohio, you are greeted by a world that encourages creativity and unscripted interactions. The game’s freestyle approach lets you roam around, claim properties, and engage with others as you see fit. This sense of agency makes Ohio more akin to a virtual sandbox, where you can create your own adventures and experiences.

In Ohio, you can claim and buy houses. This unique gameplay element adds an economic layer to the experience, allowing you to invest in properties and build a virtual life within the game. This aspect could appeal to players who enjoy simulating real-world scenarios and interactions.

Weaponry and combat are also part of the Ohio experience. You can acquire weapons and combat with others you encounter in the virtual world. This adds an unpredictable dimension to the gameplay, where interactions can range from peaceful conversations to intense firefights.

Despite its sandbox nature, Ohio does have its limitations in terms of VR motion controls. The lack of full motion controls for specific actions, like swinging weapons, can impact the level of immersion and interaction that you can enjoy.

ohio best roblox vr game

VR Escape Room Review – Roblox Escape Room Game

VR Escape Room is one of the best Roblox games you can play with friends. You and your team will cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks inside a set escape room. The goal is to escape from the site of the game.

VR Escape Room is set in fictional locations like Desert Temple and Medieval Mission. The player’s goals and challenges they encounter usually follow the theme of the room.

Escape Room begins with a brief introduction to the rules of the game and how to win. After this, a clock is started and players have 45 to 60 minutes to complete the game.

During this time, players explore, find clues, and solve puzzles that allow them to progress further in the game. Challenges in VR escape room lean more to mental than physical, and it is not necessary to be physically fit.

VR Escape Room on Roblox

Cave Explorer Review – Roblox VR Puzzle Game

Cave Explorer is a game on Roblox created by GregTame for VR enthusiasts. It comprises specialist puzzle solvers who dodge traps and decipher clues to unlock hidden rooms and treasures.

Cave Explorers contains various puzzles that will test your mechanical, intellectual, and logic problem solving skills. The game features 24 levels – each more challenging than the last.

The explorer keeps moving forward and only changes direction when facing a dead end. You will control the explorer using a single key telling him to jump. Cave Explorer is made for Roblox VR players, so it will not work without a VR headset.

Cave Explorer Roblox VR game

The Final Stand Review – Roblox Survival Game

The Final Stand 2 is a VR survival game on Roblox. The game’s main goal is to survive as many nights against hordes of undead using teamwork between your squad of 6 players. It is a fun survival game for virtual reality.

Before entering the game, you can buy and upgrade different knives, guns, and other weapons. Each night you survive allows you to buy health potions and other equipment that improve your chances. These upgrades are important since zombies become faster and more powerful each night too.

The Final Stand contains five different maps to play on:

  • Forest
  • Canyon
  • Arctic
  • Cityscape
  • Swampland
The Final Stand 2 Roblox VR game

VRBlox Review – Roblox Drawing Game

VRBlox is a virtual reality drawing game and hangout spot for Roblox players. You get different tools and colors which you can use to draw objects in your full 3D space. Fans of other VR drawing games like Tiltbrush will be familiar with the concept.

You can hang out with 11 different players at one time while you play. VRBlox is less competitive than other games, but you can waste time playing it.

The community has an active set of moderators who ban those drawing anything inappropriate.

VRBlox Roblox game

Road to Gramby’s Review – Largest Roblox Game

Road To Gramby’s is an adventure Roblox VR game made for virtual reality players. You will play as a Fricklet and the goal of the game is to find Gramby.

The map is large and procedurally-generated, so you’ll never play the same thing twice. Along your journey, you have to collect parts that attach or power up your vehicle. You’ll also randomly encounter different buildings and characters in the game as you travel.

The Road to Gramby’s features 11 different biomes, each with a unique landscape and properties. Reaching the next biome is how you know you are getting closer to Gramby’s. Some biomes feature challenges that you need to pass in order to move on.

Road to Gramby's Roblox VR game

Cook Burgers Review – Roblox VR Game Similar to Cook-Out

Cook Burgers takes place in a burger joint. The game aims to use a small assortment of ingredients to satisfy your customers with fries and burgers. The ingredients for the burger and fries include tomatoes, beef, cheese, lettuce, top bun, bottom bun, and bacon. Cook Burgers is similar to the VR game Cook-out.

Ingredients will only stick when on a plate. Watch out for the rats, which can ruin your food and upset your customers. You can also find the strange potion and play the game as a rat in a twisted alternate version of the game. Just look for the manhole in the alley and climb into it.

The interactive mechanics of Cook Burgers make this one of the best Roblox games for VR players.

cook burgers best roblox vr game

Laser Tag VR Review – Roblox FPS Game

Laser Tag VR is a first-person shooter game in Roblox that people of all ages love. In the game, you are first placed into a waiting room with a music pad and a game overview. You can also see stats of the last match and a global leaderboard. There are things you can buy in the game with tickets from here. Tickets are earned as you play the game.

In the arena, your job is to shoot other players in designated laser target spots, while avoiding being tagged yourself. Guns fire infrared beams and infrared sensitive targets are used to make this game feel like a sci-fi adventure movie.

It offers an exciting, simulated combat experience with safer equipment unlike paintball. This game offers versatility as you can play with up to 12 people simultaneously. Apart from the standard team and solo matches, several specialty matches are both intense and engaging.

Laser tag VR works with PC and VR and runs pretty well.

laser tag vr game for roblox

Sound Space Review – Roblox Beat Saber Alternative

Sound Space is a rhythm based Roblox game, inspired by Beat Saber. In the game, you first choose a song from the list in the game. Each song in Sound Space is divided into 4 difficulty levels.

For each song, you have to swipe and hit targets as they fly past you during the beat of the music. It’s a low-fi alternative to Beat Saber for VR players.

Sound Space also supports custom songs like Beat Saber. The game uses external software for custom maps, by simply making a separate text file on your computer.

sound space roblox vr game

Cleaning Simulator Review – Roblox VR Simulation Game

Cleaning Simulator is one of the best Roblox games for VR players. In the game, you dive into the world Bribble Co. Your job is to clean the building, perform different tasks, upgrade and master your equipment.

Your main goal is to clean the building and finish the job the best you can. You have to rearrange pieces of furniture to their original places as you move.

A pressure washer, sledgehammer, sponge, and mop will help you reach your goal. Every equipment counts, so choose wisely and correctly to finish the job best.

As your experience grows, so will your tasks. You have to deal with more complex contamination using authentic clean-up techniques. The cleaning Simulator is fun, with lots of gameplay time built in and good VR movement mechanics.

cleaning simulator best roblox vr game

Amongst Us Review – Roblox Among Us Alternative

Amongst Us is a Roblox version of the popular Among Us game. Up to 10 players work together to complete tasks located around the map. The catch is that some crew are not who they claim to be. Imposters lurk in the shadows, with the sole purpose of killing everyone.

When a player finds a body, an emergency meeting is held. The players must all vote for whom they think the Imposter might be. The Impostor will sabotage the ship, sneak through vents, deceive, and frame others to remain anonymous and kill off the crew.

If the Impostor is not voted off, everyone returns to maintaining the ship until another body is found. If the Impostor is voted off, the crew wins!

Among Us exploded in popularity in 2020, and Amongst Us is a fun Roblox game that is played in VR or on the computer.

amongst us roblox vr game

MeepCity Review – Most Popular Roblox Game Ever

Released in 2016 by Alexnewtron, MeepCity was the first Roblox game to ever get more than 1 billion visits. In this experience, you can play with millions of other MeepCity visitors and chat, enjoy different games, earn coins, or customize your estate.

To this day, Alex still plays MeepCity because he believes it is super-important to understand the reasons people are into it. He even uses different accounts to get insights on first-time user experience and interact with everyone.

It’s a great introduction to Roblox, letting you walk around and explore different areas at your own pace. Unlike most other Roblox games, there is no specific goal or purpose. Meepcity is more about social interaction.

21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

Jailbreak Review – Roblox Robbery Game

Jailbreak was voted by Roblox community as one of the best Roblox games in the 2019 Bloxy Awards. It was created by developer Alex Balfanz.

In the game, you can orchestrate a robbery or stop the criminals before they get away. Team up with friends for even more fun and plan the ultimate raid or heist. You get to choose whether you want to be the criminal or the cop.

Jailbreak is a fun and familiar concept that will provide you with tons of entertainment. Some other features include:

  • As a prisoner, break out of Prison and become a successful criminal. Rob stores and plan heists such as the Bank, Jewelry Store or Museum.
  • As the Police, try to keep prisoners in jail. Arrest criminals and stop robberies.  

The world of Jailbreak is massive, so there are tons of stuff to explore and discover.

21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

Adopt Me! Review – Roblox Pet Game

In 2019, Adopt Me! broke new ground by attracting hundreds of thousands of concurrent players. At one point, over 500,000 users were playing the game on the Roblox platform. Adopt Me was created by Bething and NewFissy.

In Adopt Me, your pets take center stage. Some of the features of Adopt Me include:

  • Adopt your own personal pets
  • Design their homes and give them personality
  • Explore Adoption Island with them
  • Play games and earn money and prizes
21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

Royale High Review – Roblox School Simulator

Remember your high school prom? If you’d love an opportunity to dress up every day and show off your fashion to friends, you’ll feel at home in Royale High. This Roblox game was developed by Callmehbob.

You can join tens of thousands of people playing at any given moment, find new friends and places to explore with new content added on an ongoing basis.

  • Use your Teleportation Sceptre to fast-travel across magical lands, with secrets to explore & fun games to play!
  • Plat games to earn valuable Diamond currency
  • Increases your level, & challenges your knowledge and skills!
  • Spend your diamonds in the shop, which sells special items during real-life seasons.
  • Dress your character to suit your mood & personality~ free makeup, hairstyles, & thousands of unique outfits for any occasion!
  • Level up at Royale High School by attending classes! The higher grades you receive, the more rewards you earn!
  • Bring the right book to class from your locker, and turn in your completed homework!
  • Try to balance your studies and socializing
21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

Murder Mystery 2 Review – Roblox Mystery Game

Can you solve the mystery and survive each round? Nikilis, who came up with this intriguing experience proved that you don’t have to build massive (in feature scope and architecture) games to garner millions of plays. Murder Mystery 2 is a popular Roblox game to pickup and play for shorter periods of time.

At the beginning of each round, you are assigned a role: Innocents run and hide from the murderer and use their detective skills to expose the Murderer. The Sheriff works with the Innocents as only they can take down the murderer. The murderer is trying to eliminate everyone and not get shot by the sheriff.

Murder Mystery 2 is fun, simple, and easy to get into.

21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

Work at a Pizza Place Review – Another Roblox Cook-Out Alternative

Who knew working at a pizza place could be so much fun? Work at a Pizza Play, by Dued1, is one of the most longstanding games on Roblox (it launched in 2008). This game allows Roblox users to learn how to manage a pizza shop.

You get pizza orders to fulfill, and the money you make can be used on various upgrades. The longer you play, the larger your house becomes, and you can populate it with more aesthetic additions like furniture, new floors, etc.

As one of the employees (you choose if you’d like to be a cashier, pizza chef, delivery person, pizza boxer, or supplier), you get detailed job instructions. You can also switch your role at any time.

21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

Welcome to Bloxburg Review – Roblox Sims Alternative

Created in 2014 by Coeptus, Welcome to Bloxburg is a virtual world where you live and work. You choose amongst several types of jobs available for you. Using your earnings, you can build and design houses, own cool vehicles, hang out with friends, roleplay, or explore the city of Bloxburg.

Similar to The Sims, Bloxburg allows you to simulate the life of your virtual character. Each of the jobs you can have requires work and effort in order to complete.

If you like more open-ended gameplay, Bloxburg is a really good Roblox game to get into.

21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

Prison Life Review – Roblox Prison Simulator

Created in 2014 by Aesthetical, Prison Life is another hit game with a prison theme that gained thousands of dedicated fans. The game won a Bloxy Award in 2016 for having the most mobile visitors and concurrents (at the time).

Prison life is a prison escape game where you can escape as a prisoner, or keep the prisoners inside by being a cop or a guard.

Interact with other players in the game and earn currency that can be spent on badges and rewards.

21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

Flee the Facility Review – Roblox Survival Game

Flee the Facility, by MrWindy, first appeared on Roblox in 2017. Roblox players were immediately hooked on trying to escape The Beast.

The goal here is to hide or run away from the beast, and the run is intense! One player is a killer hunting down survivors. If they catch a player, they capture and freeze them.

The other players are survivors who are running for their lives.  To escape, the survivors must hack the computers to unlock the exits. If a survivor gets captured by the beast, the other survivors in the game must free the survivor.

21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

Super Hero Tycoon Review – Roblox Superhero Game

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero sometimes? Try a cape on in Super Hero Tycoon where you can become one of the superheroes and build up your base to unspeakable size. Developer Hiddo, who created this game in 2016, has a popular YouTube channel with almost 200K subscribers. 

The tycoons currently available in the game are Ant-Man, Batman, Black Panther, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman, The Flash, The Hulk, and Thor. 

Crates containing a random amount of money and weapons fall from the sky at random intervals.

21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

Impostor Review – Roblox Among Us Alternative

Impostor is a clone of Among Us for virtual reality. There are many Among Us clones in Roblox, but Impostor has risen to the top as the number one option.

If you aren’t familiar with Among Us, you can play as a crewmate or an imposter. The premise of the game is as follows:

  • If you an innocent crewmate, you must complete tasks. At the same time, use your detective skills to find out who’s up to no good.
  • If you are an imposter, you have to use lies and deception to murder crewmate.
  • If the imposter’s finish their tasks, they win. If all of the crewmates are killed, then they win.

Impostor brings all of the Among Us game features to Roblox VR and is worth checking out today!

21 Best Roblox Games to Play in VR

What’s your favorite Roblox game(s)? Share your thoughts with us using the comment box below.


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