9 Best Steam Deck Cases to Protect Your Console [Buying Guide]

9 Best Steam Deck Cases to Protect Your Console [Buying Guide]
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Do you travel often with your Steam Deck and play games on the go? If so, you must protect your hardware with one of the picks below from our best Steam Deck cases list.

Each of these protective cases for the Steam Deck does a great job covering the corners and important parts while keeping free access to all buttons and trackpads.

For each Steam Deck protective case, I’ll show you key features and how to pick yours up today.

If you have one of these or a different case, comment down below and let me know which one you have!

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What are the Best Steam Deck Cases?

  1. JSAUX Silicone Soft Cover Protector (Most Popular)
  2. JSAUX Kickstand Protective Case (Best Value)
  3. SENQAO Protective Cover Case (Highest Quality)
  4. DLseego Steam Deck Protective Case (Best Silicon Case)
  5. Mizzkly Steam Deck Case (Best Ergonomic Case)
  6. Benazcap 11-in-1 Steam Deck Case and Accoessires (Most Versatile)
  7. SUIHUOJI Silicon Case (Best Slimfit Case)
  8. Spigen Rugged Armor Case (Most Durable)
  9. EJGAME Upgraded Slim Case (Best Budget Case)

JSAUX Silicone Soft Cover Protector

jsaux silicon soft cover steam deck protector

The JSAUX Silicone Soft Cover Protector provides complete protection to your Steam Deck. It is made with flexible silicone material, so you don’t have to worry about scratches, bumps, and drops on your Steam Deck. It comes with a soft and flexible shell so that installing and removing the cover can be seamless.

Upon installation, this Steam Deck Case aligns with your gaming console nicely. I really liked how the case was careful not to block any port or button. It has an opening that latched behind the Deck, providing excellent heat dissipation.

jsaux silicon soft cover steam deck protector fits perfectly

The ergonomic design makes it user-friendly and more comfortable to grip for extended gameplay. It’s lightweight, washable, reusable, and easy to carry around.

What I Like About The JSAUX Silicone Soft Cover

I like the ergonomic design of the JSAUX Silicone Soft Cover Protector. It makes it more comfortable and easy for me to grip my Steam Deck for extended gameplay. I also like that the bump design for non-slip on the two sides makes the Deck stay in your hands without slipping. JSAUX has made a bunch of smart design choices, which have made this the most popular Steam Deck case you can buy.

JSAUX Kickstand Protective Case

jsaux kickstand best steam deck case

The JSAUX Kickstand Protective Case protects your Valve Steam Deck and also adds a nice stand function. It is made of TPU material, making it possible to solve the annoying fingerprints, oil, and dust accumulation problems. With the stand base, you can operate your Deck more conveniently.

When you install this Steam Deck case, it fits perfectly with your device. It doesn’t block any button or port. The half-wrap design also makes removing the case from the Deck for cleaning easy. The case has a hole that helps to dissipate heat when the Deck is in operation.

The ergonomic design adds more possibilities to the case. It makes handling your Deck easy and provides a comfortable grip for extended gameplay. The built in kickstand is a nice perk, especially if you play in Desktop Mode a lot.

What I Like About The JSAUX Kickstand Case

Overall, the JSAUX Kickstand Protective Case is an excellent Steam Deck case. I like the fact that it offers complete protection against scratches, bumps, and drops. The design will make the Deck feel very solid in your hands. All the ports, cutouts and buttons on the Deck align with the case nicely. Plus, the pricing can’t be beaten for the quality you get.

SENQAO Protective Cover Case

senqao protective cover case

The SENQAO Protective Cover Case is another accessory that can protect the whole body of your Steam Deck against all sorts of scratches. It comes from high-quality TPU material, protecting your device from drops, falls, dust, and everyday bumps.

One thing I like about the SENQAO is that it perfectly fits the Deck. All buttons and ports are accessible without any interference. It has openings behind the Steam Deck to solve the heat dissipation problem.

senqao protective cover case best steam deck case

The anti-slip design makes the case user-friendly, providing a better hand feel for extended gameplay. The flexible TPU material makes it easy to carry around and lightweight.

What I Like About The SENQAO Protective Case

I like that the opening holes on the SENQAO Protective Cover Case enhance heat dissipation to keep your Deck cool at all times. The flexible TPU material makes this model stand out. The material makes putting and removing the case on the Deck easy. TPU feels more premium than a silicon case for Steam Deck, which is softer.

DLseego Steam Deck Protective Case

DLseego best steam deck case

The DLseego Steam Deck Protective Case protects your Deck from the grinds and bumps of daily living. It is shockproof, non-slippery, and scratch resistant. This case allows the Steam Deck to efficiently dissipate heat when it is in use.

The ergonomic design makes you play your favorite games more comfortably. It also helps you master the console and reduce the probability of falling. The ergonomics of this case fit the palm of your hands and feel more comfortable than some of the other options out there.

This Steam Deck Case is made of high-quality TPU material to protect your Deck better. After installing the case on the Deck, all buttons and functions of the device will still be regular.

DLseego best steam deck case ergonomic fit

So, if you want to protect your Steam Deck from daily scratches, dust, shocks, and other impacts, add the DLseego Steam Deck Protective Case to your shopping list. It can also serve as a special Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift.

What I Like About The DLseego Case

This soft cover for the Steam Deck works as described. It can protect your Steam Deck from shocks, daily scratches, and fingerprint impacts. I also like that the handle part and the back of the shell use a non-slip design to reduce the possibility of your Deck failing.

Mizzkly Steam Deck Case

mizzkly best steam deck case

The Mizzkly Steam Deck Case protects your Steam Deck from bumps and accidental drops. It is made of flexible, oil-proof, scratch-resistant, and shock-absorbing TPU material. The material is skin-friendly and protects your device from daily dust, drops, and scratches.

This Lightweight steam deck case is ergonomically designed, making it easy and convenient to use even during extended gameplay. It offers easy access to your Deck features and controls.

This Steam Deck case is soft, flexible, and can be installed or removed without hassle. It is durable, reusable, and washable.

What I Like About The Mizzkly Case

I like the Mizzkly Steam Deck Case for its outstanding build quality and excellent protection for the Steam Deck. I also like that this cover is made of oil-proof, shock-absorbing, and scratch-resistant TPU material. If you are worried that your Deck may slip off your hand during extended gameplay, this case protects the device and is easy to hold.

Benazcap 11-in-1 Steam Deck Case (Most Versatile Steam Deck Case)

Protecting the Steam Deck goes more than just covering the body, and that’s what the Benazcap 11-in-1 Steam Deck Case offers. This kit has grips for the sticks and covers for the rear buttons and trackpads. In fact, it comes with everything you need to protect every viral part of your console. The built-in mechanical kickstand will let you enjoy hands-free desktop gaming. The kickstand doesn’t affect the Deck’s performance or add extra temperature.

The case itself is made of oil-proof and shock-absorbing TPU materials. The protection it offers to the sides and back of the console is top-notch. The textured, grippy handles make it comfortable to hold the Deck in the palms of your hands.

When I use this protective case, I like that it still fits snugly in my carrying case. The extra features it has is nice too.

What I Like About The Benazcap 11-in-1 Case

I like that the Benazcap 11-in-1 Steam Deck Case has extra SD and Micro SD card storage slots. I also like that this Steam Deck cover has an extra deep interior where you can stow your wall charger, headphones, and power banks. Additionally, you get thumb grips, a screen protector, and sticky pads to protect the front and back of your console.

SUIHUOJI Silicon Case (Best Slimfit Case)

If you’re looking for a way to protect your Steam Deck against scrapes and drops and add a little color and a little grip, consider the SUIHUOJI Silicon Case. The SUIHUOJI is specifically designed to protect the back and sides of your console without coming in the way of the triggers and B-buttons.

One outstanding feature this soft case boasts of is that the handles have extra cushioning for enhanced impact resistance.

The SUIHUOJI Silicon Case also has the necessary cutouts, ensuring that your Steam Deck is always cool, even during extended gameplay. The soft TPU material used to produce the shell is easy to put on and off your console. This case is just the right fit if you are conscience about that.

You can use this protective cover as a charging stand, which will free your hands during gameplay.

What I Like About The SUIHUOJI Silicon Case

The first thing I like about the SUIHUOJI Silicon Case is that it offers perfect heat dissipation for smoother operations, and you have up to four colors to choose from. I also like the feeling of this silicone case. The material used to make this case is grippy enough to hold onto the Deck for extended gameplay, even if you are a little sweaty or nervous.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case (Most Durable)

The Spigen Rugged Armor Case is one of the best Steam Deck cases on the market today. It has a solid build and offers a comfortable grip for extended playtime.

Made from high-quality TPU material, the Spigen Rugged Armor Case offers a great middle ground between silicone and hard cases. While it’s not too flimsy, it’s very flexible for easy application on your Steam Deck.

Compared to other cases on this list, the Spigen Rugged Armor Case is lighter and thinner but solid enough to offer maximum protection to your Steam Deck. It doesn’t get in the way of the speakers, vents, triggers, or buttons and keeps the Deck in a natural position on the hand.

Spigen also thought it wise to include an adjustable wrist strap to enable you to move with your console while on the go.

What I Like About The Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Spigen is a reputable company that produces premium switches, phones, and Steam Deck cases. I like the Spigen Rugged Armor Case because the company has put in a lot of work to make a case that fits the Deck and protects it from falls. I like that the case has a gel feel that helps mitigate the PSI if the Deck falls on the ground.

EJGAME Upgraded Slim Case (Best Budget Steam Deck Case)

If you want an affordable case that offers maximum protection to your Deck, you should go for the EJGAME Upgraded Slim Case. The brand is famous for providing quality products and paying attention to detail. This case has two tempered glass screen protectors to protect the screen of your Steam Deck from scratches.

Made from premium TPU material, the EJGAME Upgraded Slim Case is easy to put on and off your Steam Deck. It aligns with your Deck’s cutouts, ports, buttons, and vents. It also provides a firm grip, so if you’re gaming for extended hours, you can be sure your Deck won’t slip off your hands.

The EJGame won’t kill your wallet, but it still does its job in keeping the Steam Deck safe.

What I Like About The EJGAME Upgraded Slim Case

I like the security of this case. It is compatible with the Deck and protects it from falls, scratches, dust, and fingerprint sweat. I like how easy it is to put on and off the case on the Deck and that the case doesn’t block any button or vent on the Deck.

What is a Steam Deck Case?

A Steam Deck case is a hard or soft shell that wraps around your Steam Deck. In addition to protecting it from bumps and bruises, another key purpose of the case is to give you a better grip while holding the Deck in your hands.

A good protective case for the Steam Deck is a great idea if you take it when traveling. You won’t even realize it is installed if you buy a good one.

Key Features in a Good Steam Deck Case

There are several important things to consider before buying a Steam Deck case.


A good case should be nice and durable. If you accidentally drop your Deck, you want it to be safe, so your case better hold it’s own too!


A good case should fit well into your hand so that you can easily hold the Deck while playing. The 7″ display on the Deck means it is already pretty big. Adding a case over top of it that isn’t too bulky can be a bit of a challenge.


A good case should protect against dust, dirt, and scratches. You bought the accessory for that, so it should do its job. It should also provide good drop protection, but hopefully, you won’t ever deal with that.


A good case should allow you to quickly access your Deck features and controls without removing it from the case. All of the air ports, micro SD slot, and buttons should still be accessible even when the case is installed.


A good case can be removed and reinstalled over and over again. That way, you might remove it when you are playing at home and then reinstall it when you leave your house again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What features should I consider when selecting a Steam Deck case?

When selecting a Steam Deck case, it’s important to consider factors such as protection, durability, ease of access to ports and buttons, storage capacity, and portability.

What is the price range for Steam Deck protective cases?

The price range for Steam Deck cases varies depending on the brand, material, and features. However, it’s expected that these cases will cost anywhere between $20 to $100.

Can I find Steam Deck cases that are compatible with other devices?

Steam Deck cases are all designed specifically for the Steam Deck, and they are not compatible with other devices. However, some companies may offer general cases and covers that can also accommodate other devices.

How do I know if a Steam Deck case is durable enough to protect my device?

You can determine the durability of a Steam Deck case by looking at the materials used to make it. Generally, cases made of high-quality materials like hard plastics or aluminum are more durable and provide better protection.

Are there any waterproof cases available for the Steam Deck?

No, there are no waterproof cases available for the Steam Deck. A waterproof case would cover the air ports and buttons so that the device would be unusable.

What materials are typically used to make Steam Deck cases?

Steam Deck cases can be made from a variety of materials, including hard plastic, silicone, leather, and aluminum. The choice of material depends on the brand, design, and price of the case.

Can I find Steam Deck cases that allow for easy access to all ports and buttons?

Yes, most Steam Deck cases are designed to allow for easy access to all ports and buttons. However, it’s important to check the case’s features before purchasing it.

How do I clean and maintain my Steam Deck case?

The best way to clean and maintain your Steam Deck case depends on the materials it’s made of. However, generally, you can clean it using a soft cloth and mild soap or water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the case.


A protective case is key for portable gaming. Hopefully our picks for some of the best Steam Deck cases above shows you some of the top options you can buy today.

These cases are:

  • high quality
  • ergonomic
  • easy to install

Plus, they don’t interfere with any of the ports or buttons on your console.

If you have a best case for Steam Deck, comment below and let us know your pick.


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