How to Quickly Install Contractors VR on Oculus Quest

You can now download and install Contractors VR on Oculus Quest! The popular first person shooter game was previously available in alpha format, but the new open beta release should bring a ton of new players.

Below, we have a step by step guide on how to install Contractors VR on your Quest and how to check it out. NEW: Our guide now uses SideQuest to install Contractors the entire way. Previously, you had to manually download and install the game to your Oculus Quest.

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What is Contractors VR?

conractors vr on oculus quest

Contractors VR is a first person shooting game for VR. Similar to Pavlov VR and Onward, Contractors is a multiplayer VR game. You play online with friends or strangers around the world. Contractors is compared a lot to the Call of Duty franchise and is the closest experience there is to playing CoD in virtual reality.

There are different multiplayer maps included in Contractors. In each game, you have different objectives such as eliminating the other team or capturing checkpoints.

Some of the features that Contractors VR has:

  • Realistic weapon handling
  • Multiple online multiplayer maps
  • Different game modes and objectives
  • Customizable loadouts
  • Practice area to refine your skills
  • A mod kit so that the community can create new maps and game modes
  • Premium graphics

As of May 21st, 2020, anyone can install and play Contractors VR on Oculus Quest in the open beta. Next, we’ll show you how to install the game on your Quest to start playing!

How to Install Contractors VR on Oculus Quest

How to Quickly Install Contractors VR on Oculus Quest

In this guide, we’ll show you how to install Contractors VR on Oculus Quest. The open beta contains 4 multiplayers maps to check out.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Install SideQuest and Prepare Your Quest For Sideloading

sideload onto the oculus quest

Follow our sideloading to the Oculus Quest guide, steps 1-9 to put your Oculus Quest in developer mode and install SideQuest.

Connect Your Quest to your Computer

sidequest home screen 2

Connect your Oculus Quest to your computer and launch SideQuest if you haven’t already. Make sure that the status light in the top left corner is green.

Search for and Install Contractors VR

install contractors vr sidequest

Use the search button in SideQuest to search for Contractors VR. Open up the app page and then click on Install Latest. SideQuest will now install the game on your headset and will let you know when things are completed.

And that’s it! You can run Contractors VR on Oculus Quest by going into your games Library in the Unknown Sources area.

The first time you run the game, you’ll be able to go through a tutorial mode that teaches you the controls of the game. After that, you’ll be able to join an online lobby and join others in the game.

Alternative Method: Manually Install Contractors

Using SideQuest above is the best way to install Contractors VR. If you want to use the manual method to install the game, use the instructions below:

Download the latest Contractors VR build for the Oculus Quest here (scroll down to the May 21 update) and unzip the file somewhere you’ll remember.

Make sure that the .zip and .z01 files are placed in the same folder.

Launch SideQuest and switch to the Tasks screen by clicking on the hamburger menu with the checkmark icon (8th from the left).

Select both the .obb and .apk files you downloaded above and drag and drop them over the SideQuest logo in the top left corner of SideQuest. They will now be installed onto your Oculus Quest.

Before SideQuest added the game to their app store, the manual method above was the only way to install the game.

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