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Deisim is a fantastic VR god simulator game, but it does not contain any wiki or tutorial. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about Deisim VR, including:

  • Where to buy Deisim VR
  • What headsets it is available on
  • How to get started playing
  • An explanation of the different terrain and weather miracles
  • How to get iron, steel, oil, gold, jewelry, and other resources

And a ton more!

If we’ve missed anything in this Deisim VR review guide, make sure to comment down below, and we’ll answer all of your questions.

What is Deisim VR?

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Deisim is a god simulator game developed specifically for virtual reality. In the game, you get to create your own world by expanding the land with different terrain such as grass, forest, mountains, or ice. As your world grows, you supply your population with resources and perform miracles for them.

The job is a balancing act as you try to help mankind evolve from the stone age to modern times. Natural disasters and special events try to slow you down as you try to increase your population.

Deisim is a single player game exclusively for VR headsets such as the Valve Index, Oculus Rift S, or Oculus Quest. The developer of Deisim Myron Software. The game has been in ‘Early Access’ as a demo since 2017 and has added features regularly since then.


The purpose of Deisim is to advance your population to the modern age by giving them resources and performing miracles. Be efficient as a God and your population grow will grow larger.

There is no specific end goal to the game. Your goal is to grow your population as high as you can before you lose control of the population.

The game is incredible easy and fun to play. However, it does not hold your hand in any way. And some strategy in the game is not immediately obvious. 

Below, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the game.

How to Buy Deisim VR

Deisim VR is available on every single VR headset. It is available on all VR platforms:

  1. Oculus Quest
  2. SteamVR (HTC Vive, Valve Index, etc)
  3. Oculus Rift

The Quest version is available on the Oculus App Lab. You do not need to buy the game in andmore or side load it to the headset using SideQuest VR. The Quest version is identical to the PCVR version.

SteamVR and Oculus Rift versions are available through the official store links.

Deisim has an active Discord group where you can chat with Tommy, the developer, and ask questions.

Deisim Help: Getting Started

Basic Controls

The controls in the game are simple to use and made well for virtual reality:

  • A button opens up your god menu, where you can select what miracle to perform.
  • B button on your left hand toggles through three different zoom views to watch over your land.
  • B button on your right hand opens up the menu to access settings and save your game. The game also auto saves every 5 minutes.
  • Rear trigger button is used to grab miracles and people.
  • Pressing in your analog stick lets you teleport around your land quickly.

First Actions

deisim vr help first actions

When you open the game for the first time, you are placed right into your game with your first city. This is your chance to get used to the controls.

You’ll notice that your first humans need wood in order to build. This is a good chance to practice throwing down a few forest pieces and a few grass pieces.

The first part of the game starts out slow enough that you can watch your first city and start to grow.

The first needs of a new city and the terrain you must lay down are:

  • Wood = Forest
  • Fish = Water
  • Meat = Animal
  • Fur = Polar bear animal placed on ice terrain

Refer to the Knowing What to Build section below for a full guide on all the resources your cities need. As you grow, the resources your cities ask for won’t be as obvious as the ones above.

Available Miracle Power (Mana)

If you look down at your wrists, you’ll see how much available Mana you have to use. You must have enough power in order to perform a miracle.

It is good strategy to never let your power meter fill back up to 100%. This means you aren’t gaining any more Mana and you aren’t spending time expanding your world either.

You start off with 50 Mana but get more as your population increases.


Heretics are your human enemy in the game. They spread disinformation about God (aka you) and too many of them will cause your Faith level to decrease.

Heretics are dressed in all red, so that they are fairly easy to find. When you see one, you can pick it up with your trigger button and toss them off out of the world.

If you have too many Heretics in one city, it will turn into an atheist city and stop growing. It can also be attacked by other false God fanatics. This is why its important to keep your Deisim VR game clear of these people.

Heretics turn into priests if you perform enough miracles around them.


Faith is the human population’s belief level in you. The more faith you have, the faster your Mana level increases.

Heretics cause your faith level to go down, since they spread disinformation about you. Make sure you get rid of Heretics to keep your faith level up.

Scientists, which you can drop in the game later, also decrease your faith level. However, Scientists are key for increasing your world’s knowledge and reaching the Modern Age. It is a balancing act how you use them.

Natural disasters such as UFOs also reduce the faith in the world. Performing miracles such as rain, regen, and healing increases your faith level.


Karma is a measure for showing you whether you are a good or evil God in the game. When you perform good miracles such as providing resources, your Karma level increases. If you create thunder or fire, your Karma level decreases.

Currently, your Karma level doesn’t affect gameplay in any way. The developer is planning to incorporate good and evil into the game better in the future.

In this next section, we will go over all the different miracles in the game. After that, we’ll teach you how you know which terrain miracles you need in order to get the resources your towns are requesting.

Terrain Miracles

Terrain miracles are any pieces that allow you to expand your land. Most terrain provides a base resource that your humans can retrieve from that tile. Growing your terrain is essentially to growing your population in Deisim VR. Here is a list of all the different types of terrain and what they provide.

deisim vr miracles
List of Deisim VR miracles


Grass is the most basic tile. New cities form on grass tiles and it is easy to navigate through. It is good Deisim VR strategy to build a cluster of grass for your city and then surround that with other resource-rich terrain.

Grass builds European-style settlements, which create steel.


Forests provide trees, which are chopped down for wood. It is a good idea to place forests near cities. However, forests can catch on fire as well so you have to be balanced.

Once trees are used, only tree stumps will remain on these terrain tiles. Trees slowly regenerate over time, which you can speed up by throwing rain down.


Water terrain provides a spot to retrieve fish from. Humans will paddle through water automatically, so don’t worry about cutting off your cities with it.


Mountains provide a spot to retrieve stones from, which is an early request that your cities will have as they start to get bigger.

Pine Forest

Pine forest is similar to the forest tile, which provide wood for your cities. However, pine forests placed beside ice tiles extend winter terrain across a bigger space.


Animals are created on almost any terrain (except for water, mountains, mines, and volcanoes). The animal created depends on the type of terrain they are on:

  • Grass = deer
  • Ice = polar bears
  • Pine forest = wolves
  • Desert and oasis = snakes
  • Savannah = elephant
  • Swamp = alligator
  • Sakura = bunny

Animals travel within the zone they live in.


Oasis tiles are similar to grass; new cities are built on them. An Oasis tile will create Arabic-style cities. Arabic cities naturally produce jewels, which can be a good export for your population.

As well, Arabic cities will retrieve oil from nearby desert tiles.


Savannah terrain is similar to Oasis and Grass tiles – new cities are built on them. A Savannah tile will create African-style cities. 

African cities produce gold.


Desert is a special tile in the game. When placed beside an oasis or Savannah area, cities are built with an African or Arabic theme. Deserts also produce oil directly from the terrain.


Mines are built on most terrain tiles and cause natural resources to be retrieved off of the terrain. 

A list of the resources that mines generate on different terrain are:

  • Grass = Copper
  • Forest = Coal
  • Ice = Iron
  • Dessert = Gold
  • Swamp = Coal

The Mine created depends on of the type of terrain where the miracle is happening. 


Volcanoes is a novelty terrain item that you can use to throw Heretics into. You can erupt a volcano by pressing the fire icon over top of it. When you erupt a volcano, it clears out the nearby land. This is done to reset portions of your map strategically.


Swamps make people sick, so you should avoid placing them by your cities. Use them as natural protection against false god raids.


The Sakura tile is similar to the dessert in that is works alongside other existing tiles. Place Sakura beside grass and forest tiles to create an Asian-style city.

Asian cities produce copper.

Weather Miracles

Deisim VR contains a bunch of weather miracles, including:

  • Rain
  • Fire
  • Locusts
  • Tornado
  • Healing
  • Regen
  • Void

Rain is a good miracle that can raise the faith in your world and also regrow forests.

The Healing miracle can fix your population if they are sick.

Regen miracles can regenerate used up tiles such as forest.

The Void Miracle removes landscape in case you want to add a different terrain type to the tile.

All the other weather miracles in Deisim VR cause terror to your population and decrease your Karma level. They are mostly used to destroy cities that have lost faith or you want to get rid of.

Deisim VR Help, Tutorial, Tips & Review: God Simulator Game


Adding special into the game is a new and different kind of miracle you can perform in Deisim VR. These miracles grow your population, but introduce imbalance to your world.


Humans artificially add to your population. This can do a few different things:

  1. Cause your cities to grow and modernize faster
  2. Cause new cities to pop up

Be careful that you don’t add too many new humans without having the resources to provide for them.


Scientists generate Knowledge for his city. Knowledge allows a city to reach the modern age, but Scientists also reduce the faith in your city. If you add too many Scientists, your city will become Athiest. Then, you will need to perform miracles to make people believe again.


Priests add faith back to your cities that are leaning neutral or atheist. They can win over your cities again.

Scientists and priests are in the game to balance things out.


Every once in a while, the game will give you a natural disaster such as a UFO or a wide-spread fire. These disasters kill off your population and disrupt the flow of the game.

When a UFO comes, you can grab the UFO and throw it away to stop the attack. If a wildfire happens, you can use rain to stop it.

The faster you respond to a disaster, the quicker you will get back to normal.

Cities under attack by a UFO have the following symbol:

deisim vr ufo natural disaster


The Kingdoms Update is a major Deisim update added in 2022. Kingdoms can be created with the inspiration miracle, which inspire the leaders of your area. You can deploy omens to convince an area’s leader to expand its territory.

Over time. if your kingdom is big enough, other kingdoms will automatically be created. They will develop their own relations depending on factors like culture or religion or personality of their leaders.

Kingdoms are a natural way to allow your cities and regions to grow.


Kingdoms can raise armies and capture other cities as well. The equipment that soldiers in your city have are dependent on the technology level in your city.

Knowing What to Build

When you move close to a city, you will see a bubble over top of it. This bubble is the most needed resource of the city. If you crouch down, each icon lists the name of the resource underneath it.

Resources are gathered from tiles and mines that produce them. Some of these are obvious and others not, so we have a full list of each below. 

Different civilization types produce resources naturally. European vs Asian vs African city cultures produce a resource naturally and also trade them with other nearby cities. For this reason, it’s a good idea to diversify the different types of cities in your world.

In order to master Deisim VR, it is very important that you understand how to supply your cities with the resources they need. The different resources a city needs and how to get them are as follows: 


Wood comes from a forest tile with trees on it. Once trees are chopped down, they are no longer usable. Trees regrow over time, which you can speed up by throwing rain down on them.


Fish comes from a water tile.


Meat comes from deer animals, which are created when an animal tile is placed on a grass tile.


Fur helps your humans stay warm and come from polar bears or wolves. In order to get fur, place an animal resource on top of an ice resource to spawn a fur animal. Your humans will hunt the bear or wolf and bring its fur back to the city.


Stone comes out of mountains. Place a mountain terrain tile beside a grass or forest and your humans will mine stone out of it.


Iron is one resource that comes from mining. To get iron, place a mine tile down on top of ice terrain.


Steel comes from the combination of nearby coal and iron mines. Coal mines are placed on forest and iron mines are placed on ice.


Oil comes automatically from cities located near a dessert. Once you provide Steel to the city, they will set up oil rigs on the nearby dessert and begin producing Oil.

Cities who produce oil will trade it with other cities who want that resource as well. Oil takes time to get set up and trading.


Gold is must be mined. To get gold, place a mine tile down on top of dessert terrain.


Arabic cities generate jewels naturally, which can be traded to other cities. For other cities, you first need an African city to mine gold and then melt it into ingots. Then, African cities will trade Gold to Arabic cities for jewelry!

Again, giving your cities what they want is crucial to growing your population and advancing in the game. The later resources like steel, oil, and jewelry are not immediately obvious. Hopefully this help guide gives you what you need to advance.

deisim vr help tutorial

Deisim VR Tips

Hopefully all the information above is a great Deisim VR help guide. Here are a few final tips to help get you started in the game.

Check your menu frequently

The B button on your right-hand controller brings up the game menu, where you can save and change options. This screen also shows you your current population, faith and karma level, and number of heretics in your world. This is valuable information that can help you decide what miracle to perform next.

deisim new menu 2022

Get rid of Heretics often

Heretics are one of the largest threat in this God simulator game for a few reasons:

  1. They reduce your faith level which reduces how fast you can build
  2. They turn your cities Athiest, which drives away population

Keep track of how many Heretics are in your world and always throw them off the map to get rid of them.

Understand your resources

The biggest and best way to advance in the game is to continually give your cities the resources they want most. Understanding what to mine or which terrain to place is key to build your population up. and master Deisim VR.

Diversify your terrain

Cities need a wide variety of terrain in order to support all the resources and needs they have. First, build your base terrain out of grass, oasis, or Savannah. Then, build secondary terrain like mountains, ice, dessert, swamp, and ice forest around it.

Let us know if you have any other tips to share!

Have fun!

Above everything else, have fun. The game is not meant to be structured or follow a storyline. In your world, you are the God and you can do whatever you want!

Overall, Deisim VR is an impressive strategy game for virtual reality. It is a good God Simulator that lets you build a unique world and grow your population. The game is simple to pick up and play, but difficult to understand and master. Hopefully the guide above gives you a good reference point for the game.

If you have any other questions about Deisim VR, comment below, and we will answer them for you!


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