Meta Quest 3 Setup Guide: Unboxing and First Time Setup

meta quest 3 setup and unboxing guide
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This is the ultimate Meta Quest 3 setup guide, showing you how to unbox and run your new VR headset for the first time. Follow along with this guide as you setup your new headset, or use it as a preview for the Meta Quest you are about to buy!

Below I have put pictures and a tutorial for the complete setup process, including:

  • Unboxing the Meta Quest 3

  • Turning it on and setting it up for the first time

  • What VR games to try out first, including several free ones!

If you need any help, comment below and I would be happy to help you out!

How to Unbox the Meta Quest 3

Open up the Quest 3 Box

open the meta quest 3 box

Start by carefully removing the exterior sleeve (if present) to reveal the brown inner box. This box should open easily to unveil the Quest 3 and its accessories. To do this, rip the tab.

rip open the meta quest 3 box
meta quest 3 setup and unboxing brown box

Take Out Each Item From the Box

Every single Meta Quest 3 has the same items inside of it:

  • Meta Quest 3 headset

  • Two VR controllers

  • USB-C charging cable and power block

  • Instructions

meta quest 3 whats in the box
meta quest 3 charging accessories

Familiarize Yourself with the Head Strap

On the back of the packaging, an illustration shows how to adjust the head strap. The Quest 3 features a soft split or ‘forked’ strap that differs from the previous versions. This design aims to distribute the weight evenly across the head for enhanced comfort.

If you need help getting things right, read our tutorial guide on how to tighten the Meta Quest 3 head strap properly!

picture of the back of the meta quest 3

Exploring the Headset

Inspect the headset. You’ll notice:

  • The power button: It’s now round and more pronounced on the left side of the headset.

  • Charging port: Located on the left side of the headset on the strap arm.

  • Volume rocker and IPD adjustment: These are found on the bottom of the headset.

  • Three golden dots on the bottom: Indicate compatibility with a charging dock.

  • Three cameras on the front: two passthrough cameras and a depth sensor.

meta quest 3 setup guide

Adjusting the Facial Interface

The Quest 3 has a unique feature allowing users to slide the facial interface not just side to side for IPD adjustment but also in and out. This adjustment is particularly useful for glasses wearers.

Look for an icon on the cardboard insert showing glasses and a hand grabbing the interface to understand the mechanism.

adjust the meta quest 3 facial interface

Check Out the Touch Controllers

The new touch controllers have a two-tone design. If you open the battery compartment, you will see that each controller includes a battery. Pull on the tab to activate the controller.

meta quest 3 touch controllers

Powering On the Device

Locate the round power button on the headset to turn on your Quest 3 for the first time

power on the meta quest 3 setup
meta quest 3 unboxing front of vr headset
meta quest 3 all of the components

Meta Quest 3 Setup Tutorial

After you power on the device, the operating system will take you through some specific setup steps to get your VR headset ready to use.

Adjust Your Head Streap

If you didn’t before, the first thing your VR headset will tell you is to adjust your head strap to get a comfortable fit.

meta quest 3 setup tutorial adjust the straps

Select Your Language

Next, you have to pick the default language on your headset, which will determine the text you see in the home environment and the settings pages.

meta quest 3 setup select language

Remove the Controller Battery Tab

If you haven’t yet, you’ll be reminded to remove your battery tabs to activate your controllers.

meta quest 3 setup pull battery tab

Test the Trigger Button

The back trigger on each controller is the “select” button on every app, game, and menu screen. Use the trigger to click the blue button here and to move on.

meta quest 3 test controller trigger

Continue Setup in Meta Quest Mobile App

The Meta mobile app will take things over from here to help you connect your headset to your home wi-fi network and complete setup.

continue setup in the meta quest mobile app

Download and Continue Pairing on Your Phone

When you download and open up the Meta app on your phone, you’ll first have to log in. The app will detect the Meta Quest 3 you are trying to pair. Click on Start Setup to continue.

meta quest 3 start setup in mobile app

Synchrone Your App With Headset

To synchronize your app with the headset, enter in the code on your headset into your mobile phone.

pair headset with the meta quest app

Share Additional Data (Or Not)

Select whether or not you want to share data and analytics about your experience with the company.

share data with meta

Select How to Connect Your Headset to Wi-Fi

To connect your new Meta Quest to your wi-fi network, you can manually enter the information, or you can scan a QR code in your headset. Choose the QR code options – it’s the one I used and is pretty slick!

connect your headset to wifi

Enable Hand Tracking

Enable hand tracking by default in your headset here in the next step.

meta quest 3 enable hand tracking

Wait for Pairing to Complete

Wait for your settings to synchronize with the Quest headset. When it is complete, you will get the “You’re All Set” message and you can put your VR headset back on your head.

meta quest 3 pairing complete
meta quest 3 unboxing and setup tutorial guide complete

Confirm the Safety Message

Acknowledge the safety message in your headset.

meta quest 3 safety message

Create Your Boundary

Next, you have to let your Quest scan your environment and create a boundary for you to play in. Unlike the Meta Quest 2 or 1, your boundary is now automatically created and you don’t need to draw it on the floor yourself anymore.

meta quest 3 create boundary
meta quest 3 roomscale boundary

Adjust Your IPD

Use the dial on the bottom of the headset to adjust your lenses until they are the optimal distance across your face and in the center of your eyes.

meta quest 3 adjust your ipd

Connect to Wi-Fi

Select the QR code option in your headset (the same as on your phone earlier). Your headset will open up a white box that you can place your phone in front of the read the wi-fi QR code and complete the setup.

meta quest 3 connect to wi-fi
meta quest 3 wifi qr code

Adjust Your Headset Angle

As one final step, you can adjust the angle of your headset to sit better on your face.

meta quest 3 setup complete

And that’s it! You’ve just completed the Meta Quest 3 setup. The headset will take you to your home environment where you can browse the internet, install and buy games, or adjust your settings more.

What’s Next

After you setup your Meta Quest 3, there are a few things you can do next. Here are my top suggestions.

Install New Games

Check out some virtual reality games by buying and installing them from the store on your headset.

Need some inspiration?

Here are some guides that might help:

Buy Some Accessories

Check out our Meta Quest accessories guide for the top things you should buy to improve your VR experience.

Do you plan on playing a lot of PC VR games on the Quest? Follow our guides to get your gaming PC working with the headset:

Congratulations! You have set up your Meta Quest 3 and are ready to explore virtual and mixed reality in its highest quality yet.


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