Rokid Air AR Glasses Review: 120″ TV in Your View

rokid air ar smart glasses
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The Rokid Air is a new set of AR augmented reality glasses which blew past their Kickstarter goal in minutes.

In this Rokid Air review, we go over:

  • What the glasses can do
  • The technical specs
  • Cool features
  • How to buy the AR glasses today

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How to Buy the Rokid Air

The Rokid Air can be purchased directly from Kickstarter. The glasses has finalized their design and are set to enter mass production in October 2021. They will be available to backers in November and available to the public after that.

Click here to buy the Rokid Air AR Glasses.

rokid air ar glasses

What is the Rokid Air?

The Rokid Air Glasses are affordable AR glasses that are perfect for everyone. They have a wide application in entertainment, study, and business. Users can play games, watch movies, and engage in video meetings. Users can also use Rokid Air to follow exercise tutorials. 

The glasses are intuitive, lightweight, and powerful enough for everyday use. Thanks to its voice control functionality, users can see more and interact with its virtual screen hands-free. 

The good thing about Rokid Air is that they don’t require any charging. It uses the power of the device it is tethered to. This means more fun, content, movies, and games. 

Additionally, Rokid supports all devices, including desktop computers and laptops, Android & IOS phones, and PS4. It is also compatible with Xbox and Switch.

rokid air watch movies


The pricing is broken down into 3 tiers as follows:

Rokid Air – Early Bird

The early bird package is available for $339. With this price tag, you will get:

  • Rokid Air Glasses
  • Glasses cleaning cloth
  • User guide
  • Nose pad
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Glasses case

Rokid Air – KS Special

KS Special is pegged at $359. This package comes with:

  • Rokid AR Glasses
  • Glasses cleaning cloth
  • User guide
  • Nose pad
  • Glasses case
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable

2 x Rokid Air – Early Bird

This package costs $709. The package includes: 

  • 2x Rokid AR Glasses
  • 2x Glasses cleaning cloth
  • 2x User guide
  • 2x Nose pad
  • 2x Glasses case
  • 2x USB-C to USB-C Cable

The retail price of of these AR glasses is $499, so this is a great chance to get a good discount.

rokid air ar glasses controls

Rokid Air Features

Picks Up Voice Commands

Rokid Air Glasses can pick up your voice command thanks to voice recognition technology and noise-canceling ability. With the built-in smart assistant, you can ask Rokid Air to control volume and brightness, open installed applications, and play videos or music. You can also ask these AR glasses to fast-forward or replay important movie scenes.

Voice controls make these AR glasses easy and effortless. How easy the voice commands work will go a long way to determine the popularity of the glasses.

Can Correct Eye Defects

The Rokid Glasses have a focus adjustment knob on them. This way, nearsighted people can achieve perfect vision. If you have any eye defects, you can wear the Rokid Air to correct the defect instead of wearing your prescription lenses.

Turn Your Phone into a Touchpad

Rokid Glasses let you seamlessly interact with its virtual screen. Once you connect your phone to Rokid Air, you don’t need extra controllers to interact with its virtual screen. Use your phone to launch apps, games, and music in your glasses.

High Resolution

The Rokid Air Glasses come with a high resolution of 4K. This translates into vivid colors, crisp details, and stunning images and visuals. Users can connect Rokid Air to their devices and enjoy excellent display quality. 

High Refresh Rate & Brightness

With a refresh rate of 75Hz, Rokid Air lets you enjoy smoother-looking motion. It brings more information to your eyes at the same time. This is exactly the functionality that gamers like.

The brightness is up to 1800 nits. This means even on sunniest days, Rokid Air will still look bright and clear. 

Immersive 120” Display

These smart Glasses offer crisp images with a large FoV. Using Rokid Air Glasses can be comparable to watching a 120″ TV screen from a far distance. The experience is impressive, and it allows you to clearly see your real and virtual worlds at the same time while playing videos. 

Immersive But Private

While the Air is extremely immersive, it lets you enjoy entertainment in your private world. Anything you’re watching on the screen is invisible to others regardless of the angle they stand close to you. 

Stylist And Portable

The Rokid is extremely comfortable, highly portable and lightweight. You can wear it for extended viewing hours without experiencing fatigue. It is easy to carry around. Plus, it fits into your pocket. 

rokid air features

Rokid Air Specifications

The specs on the glasses are as follows:

  • Weight: 85 grams
  • Audio: HD Directional speaker x2
  • Brightness: 1800 Nits
  • AI Interaction: AI Voice Recognition, High performance noise-canceling microphone x2
  • Optical display: FoV 43”
  • Contrast Ratio: 100000:1
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080 x2
  • Diopters: Perfect for Myopia (0.00 to -5.00 D)
  • Physical button: Off button/screen on
  • Sensors: Proximity sensor, sensor fusion scheme, enhanced 9-axis (Magnetometer, IMU)
  • Connectivity: Android phones with USB-C to USB-C Cable and Android 10 or later. It also connects with iPhones running on iOS 11 or later, video game consoles, and desktop/laptop through third-party accessories. 

Once again, click here to buy the Rokid AR glasses.

rokid air ar glasses box

What do you think about these glasses? Do they deserve a spot on our best AR glasses list?

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