VR in Las Vegas: The Top 10 Experiences to Check Out

best vr in las vegas
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Check out some of the best spots for VR in Las Vegas. In this guide, we teach you about all the unique virtual reality experiences in Sin City.

We have a wide variety of things featured:

  • VR gaming centers
  • Interactive virtual reality experiences
  • Mixed reality features of top attractions

If you visit Las Vegas and check out any of these things, make sure to comment down below and let us know.

The Top VR in Las Vegas

Don’t have time to read? Click on the links below to check out these virtual reality experience in Las Vegas today.

  1. VIRTUAL REALITY by Zero Latency at the MGM Grand
  2. The Big Apple Rollercoaster at New York New York
  3. VR Adventures at The Linq
  4. Virtual Room at The Venetian
  5. Virtual Reality Experience at Pole Position Raceway
  6. Virtual Room at Madame Tussards
  7. Sandbox VR
  8. X World 360
  9. Virtualis VR at Area 15
  10. Maverick VR Rentals

Below, we go through all of our top picks in more detail.

#1. VIRTUAL REALITY by Zero Latency at the MGM Grand 

Virtual Reality is a social adventure powered by Zero Latency at the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip. In this adventure, you and your friends are transported to an immersive and interactive universe. While in the universe, you and your squad can physically navigate long distances through virtual reality. Players will also participate in heart-racing challenges. 

You can choose from 3 different games, each of which gives you 30 minutes of VR experience. This adventure features rogue killer robots, topsy-turvy pathways, and hordes of the undead. 

Integrated into MGM Grand’s gaming lounge, Virtual Reality by Zero Latency is a blend of traditional and skill-based games to spark friendly competition. It is the perfect way to experience VR in Las Vegas.

Games offered in this MGM Grand spot are Zombie Survival, Singularity, Engineerium, and Outbreak Origins.

Click here to check out VIRTUAL REALITY by Zero Latency at the MGM Grand.

VR in Las Vegas: The Top 10 Experiences to Check Out

#2. The Big Apple Coaster at New York New York 

The Big Apple Coaster is a classic coaster that weaves around the New York New York hotel and features a dive maneuver and 180 degrees heartline twist. In recent years, the hotel has added a nice virtual reality twist to the attraction.

When you enter the ride, you get a VR headset to wear while you ride. In your view, you will fly through a futuristic and dystopian Las Vegas strip. Monsters and aliens will jump onto your car and the entire scene plays out while you actually ride the coaster.

The highest point on The Big Apple is 203 feet. At this height, you easily ride above the Las Vegas strip. The cars are specially designed to honor the classic cabs of NYC. If you have already ridden this coaster, experience it again in virtual reality.

Click here to view The Big Apple Coaster at New York New York

VR in Las Vegas: The Top 10 Experiences to Check Out

#3. VR Adventures at The Linq 

VR Adventures at The Linq is an exciting opportunity that lets you explore a 3D world. It is for VR enthusiasts who seek immersive adventures.

VR Adventures at The Linq offers up to 4 unique experiences to dive into the virtual world: 

  • Soaring Superhero
  • Screaming Skydive
  • Fly N’ Shoot
  • House of Horrors

These games are open to play at The Linq every day. VR Adventures is located on the Linq promenade right beside the Yard House. 

Click here to view VR Adventures at The Linq

VR in Las Vegas: The Top 10 Experiences to Check Out

#4. Virtual Room Las Vegas at The Venetian 

Virtual Room Las Vegas at The Venetian is the ultimate team-based VR adventure for fun seekers on the Las Vegas Strip. It blends a full 3D cinematic experience with the escape room concept to deliver mind-blowing and top-notch adventure. 

Virtual Room Las Vegas is packed with thrill and adrenaline. Plus, the adventure guarantees no sea-sickness or motion. 

This adventure is played in groups of up to 4 players. You play in a single room where you can throw objects, solve puzzles, and collaborate to solve challenges. 

The Venetian is a luxury hotel and casino resort. This hotel also offers gondola & dining rides, outdoor pools, and a spa. 

Click here to view Virtual Room Las Vegas at The Venetian 

VR in Las Vegas: The Top 10 Experiences to Check Out

#5. Virtual Reality Experience at Pole Position Raceway 

Virtual Reality Experience gives you the opportunity to play one of the best VR games you’ve always longed for. Called the Omni Arena, it is an eSports attraction that allows visitors to compete in different VR games: 

  • Dead Zone Zombies
  • Elite Force
  • Blackbeard
  • Core Defense

The experience is created by Omni, creators of the popular VR treadmill. Virtual Reality Experience at Pole Position Raceway has a built-in staging area with unique 360-degree rotation. Gamers won’t want to leave the platform because of the immersive experience. 

The venue features a National and local leaderboards. Players have the opportunity to make friends and also participate in monthly contests to win up to $100,000. 

Virtual Reality Experience at Pole Position Raceway uses Omni 2.0 motion technology. You can play any of the supported games with up to 4 players. Any event you attend includes a free video of your gameplay. It is one of the top VR in Las Vegas experiences outside the strip hotels.

Click here to view Virtual Reality Experience at Pole Position Raceway

virtual reality at pole position raceway vr in las vegas

#6. Virtual Room at Madame Tussauds 

Virtual Room is a VR collaborative game at Madame Tussauds. Visitors to this wax museum can play the game with up to 4 friends or family members. Designed by video game developers, Virtual Room is perfect for VR enthusiasts. 

In the game, you and your squad transcend through space to save the world. All players have a specially designed rooms equipped with an HTC Vive. You and your squad get to move around searching for items and collaborating together to win. This VR in Las Vegas experience has similar mechanics to an escape room, but takes place in full virtual reality.

Virtual Room is a good addition to Madame Tussauds. Note that you must be at least 12 years or older to experience it.

Click here to view Virtual Room at Madame Tussauds

VR in Las Vegas: The Top 10 Experiences to Check Out
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#7. Sandbox VR 

Sandbox VR is a soon-to-be launched immersive adventure that plunges you into the future. It is a VR arcade that has been modernized for 2022. These VR games can be enjoyed by a group of up to 6 friends and each player can physically interact with objects as if it were in the real world. Sandbox VR is inspired by Holodeck and backed by Sony, EA, and Ubisoft veterans.

Once it launches, Sandbox promises to be the premier spot for VR in Las Vegas. Sandbox features custom hardware, 3D precision body trackers, haptic suits, and Hollywood motion capture cameras. You can’t get this type of experience anywhere else. 

Surviving a zombie ambush or a journey to space at Sandbox VR is different than on your Oculus Quest 2 in your house. 

Click here to view Sandbox VR

VR in Las Vegas: The Top 10 Experiences to Check Out

#8. X world 360

If you’re on the Las Vegas strip, and you want VR in Las Vegas, look for X World 360. It features over 80 rides that you can choose. Each ride ranges between 4 and 9 minutes in length. 

Any ride you choose will transport you to places you never imagined. You can fly with eagles, swim with sharks, or plunge into a scary roller coaster ride.

This adventure can be enjoyed in different locations on the Las Vegas strip, including Planet Hollywood, The Linq, and Westgate Resorts. Other locations are at the Excalibur, The Stratosphere, Bally’s, Binion’s, and Bally’s Plank. 

Click here to view X World 360

x world 360 vr in las vegas attraction

#9. Virtualis VR at Area 15 

Virtualis VR is a brand new virtual reality experience at the new Area 15. It is one of the best VR adventures for thrill-seekeers on the strip. Powered by cutting-edge technology, guests can dive into the VR world in ways they never imagined. 

Most Virtualis VR games feature full body tracking and advanced haptics. Virtualis also has 4D effects like scent, heat, and wind that immerse you like no other. From exploration, team survival, and player vs. player experiences, you will get something to keep you entertained at Area 15.

Area 15 also offers other side attractions New York Fabulous Graganza, Industry Mondays, and Soul State Afterhours. This location has an immersive playground where visitors can wander through bamboo, throw an axe, or explore other mesmerizing realms. It is a unique and must-visit spot in Las Vegas.

Click here to view Virtualis VR at Area 15

virtualis vr at area 15 in las vegas

#10. Maverick VR Rentals 

Maverick VR Rentals can take your next Vegas event to the next level with a customized VR experience. Maverick VR Rentals provides guests with immersive VR booths for their conference, trade show, or corporate event. Whether you plan to host a small private party or a national convention with lots of attendees, Maverick VR Rentals has got you covered. 

Maverick VR Rentals is best for corporate event planners on the Las Vegas strip. It enhances trade shows, private events, entertainment services, and receptions. 

Maverick VR Rentals has so many attractions, including vibrant nightlife, 24-hour casino, as well as entertainment options. Your patrons can swim inside the aquarium at Mandalay Bay. They can also ride a coaster at Circus Circus, or fly above the Vegas Skyline without having to leave your event. Businesses can expand their reach with this VR in Las Vegas experience.

Click here to view Maverick VR Rental

VR in Las Vegas: The Top 10 Experiences to Check Out

What is your favorite way to see VR in Las Vegas? Let us know by commenting down below!


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