Best Spider-Man VR Games to Play

best spider-man vr games to play
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How you ever wanted to swing from building to building like Spider-Man in virtual reality? Several games let you play as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and in this guide, I’ll go through the best Spider-Man VR games!

Some of the games below let you play as Spider-Man, while others steal the game mechanics. A few games are completely standalone and others are Spider-Man mods that build into existing games.

If this all seems confusing – don’t worry. I will guide you through my experience with each game below.

What Are The Best Spider-Man VR Games?

  1. Spider-Man Mod for Bonelab (Best Way to Play as Spider-Man in VR)

  2. Project Demigod (Best VR Superhero Game)

  3. BattleGlide (Best Open World Spider-Man VR Game)

  4. Swarm (Fastest Paced VR Swinging Game)

  5. Resist (Best Spider-Man VR Storyline Game)

  6. Windlands 2 (Cartoonish Spider-Man VR Alternative)

  7. SpiderManSwingSwim (Rec Room Spider-Man VR mod)

Spider-Man Mod for Bonelab (Best Way to Play as Spider-Man in VR)

The Spider-Man Mod for Bonelab brings the iconic superhero into the Bonelab physical game. This fully functional mod allows you to shoot webs, swing through the environment, and experience the thrill of being Spider-Man in a Bonelab setting.

This mod is fully developed for Bonelab. It includes shooting webs with a satisfying sound effect, moving freely across the environment, and performing trick shots. Four Spider-Man suits are included in the mod so that you can pick and play as your favorite.

Another thing I love about this mod is that you can climb on any surface, possess super-strength and try out the agility of a spider.

Even though this isn’t a standalone game, the Spider-Man mod for Bonelab is fantastic and it is my favorite way to play as the superhero.

How you ever wanted to swing from building to building like Spider-Man in virtual reality? In this guide, I'll go through the best Spider-Man VR games

Key Features in Spider-Man Mod for Bonelab

  • Climb and explore any structure within the Bonelab environment.

  • Engage in the iconic Spider-Man activity of swinging and zipping through the virtual world.

  • Master the art of mid-air control, adding a layer of precision to web-swinging.

What I Like About Spider-Man Mod for Bonelab

The Spider-Man Mod for Bonelab seamlessly integrates the iconic superhero experience into virtual reality. The sheer joy of shooting webs, swinging through the environment, and feeling the proportional strength and agility of Spider-Man is awesome.

Compared to the Rec Room mod, this Spider-Man VR mod for Bonelab has much better attention to detail.

Click here to view the Spider-Man Mod for Bonelab.

spider-man vr bonelab mod gameplay

Project Demigod (Best VR Superhero Game)

Project Demigod is a superhero simulator that thrusts you into a limitless sandbox. This is one of my favorite physics-driven Spider-Man VR games with epic comic-book battles. The game invites you to unleash your inner superhero fantasies by engaging in massive battles. Toss cars at super-strength at enemies or gracefully swinging through city.

In Project Demigod, you create your own superhero by combining powers in any combination you want. You can choose from at least 9 distinct power sets, including:

  1. Webs

  2. Fire

  3. Energy

  4. Strength

  5. Earth

  6. Water

  7. Stretching

  8. Speed

  9. Lightning

The gameplay involves selecting an arena and smashing through waves of enemies.

I think the standout feature of Project Demigod is the power customization, with over 40 power combinations available for you to create your dream hero.

project demigod vr quest

Key Features in Project Demigod

  • Experience over nine unique ability sets, blending classic and innovative powers.

  • Physics-driven combat that provides an authentic and immersive superhero simulation.

  • Physics-driven battles within a ton of different arenas.

What I Like About Project Demigod

I really like how realistic the physics are in this game. The developers have also continued to update the game with more features. Plus, there is an active community of modders to create new game skins, levels, and features.

Click here to view Project Demigod

project demigod swinging like spider-man

BattleGlide (Best Open World Spider-Man VR Game)

BattleGlide is an open-world sandbox where you can embrace the Spider-Man experience in a swinging adventure through the city. The game allows you to explore a vibrant and open city by rope swinging, jumping, and climbing walls.

One feature I really like in BattleGlide is the ability to choose the time of day that you do your crime fighting. Different times of day offer a diverse and visually striking VR experience.

In BattleGlide, you can unleash your creativity in taking down criminals through various methods, including grabbing, shooting, punching, disarming, or even dropping them from the towering skyscrapers that dot the city skyline.

The game’s commitment to realistic weapon handling adds an immersive layer, allowing you to disarm enemies or wield various weapons. I like using pistols and assault rifles, as well as other props like baseball bats, explosives, and even frying pans.

battle glide meta quest

Key Features in BattleGlide

  • Navigate the open cityscape with rope swinging, jumping, and wall climbing.

  • Decide to fight crime in day or night for diverse visuals.

  • Take down criminals using various methods.

  • Experience authentic weapon interactions.

What I Like About BattleGlide

I like BattleGlide’s seamless blend of open-world exploration and dynamic combat. The freedom to choose the time of day adds an extra layer of immersion, and the range of creative takedown options allows for a personalized superhero experience.

Another thing I like about this game is the realistic weapon handling. The diverse weapon selection, including unconventional choices like frying pans, adds a nice mix to the game.

Click here to view BattleGlide.

battle glide spider-man vr swinging

Swarm (Fastest Paced VR Swinging Game)

SWARM is a thrilling, fast-paced, arcade-style grapple shooter that feels like Spider-Man VR but with a twist. You’re armed with a grappling hook and pistols in this visually vibrant game. You have to navigate through bright, colorful worlds in quick, intense sessions. The global competitive leaderboards add extra excitement.

As you grapple, shoot, and battle through SWARM’s challenges, the gameplay demands more than twitch reactions. You must think strategically and plan your moves to survive the game’s relentless pace.

The experience is intense, demanding, and undeniably exhilarating, providing a level of challenge that keeps you on your toes. I would call SWARM a good VR fitness workout.

swarm spider-man vr swinging

Key Features in SWARM

  • Fast-paced, arcade-style action with a unique blend of grappling and shooting.

  • Globally competitive sessions and leaderboard.

  • Good strategy and planning are required to master your moves.

  • Bright, colorful environments that enhance the overall gaming experience.

What I Like About SWARM

One thing I like about this game is that it delivers on its promise of Spider-Man with guns in VR. SWARM has my favorite visuals on this list and it has bold and addictive gameplay too. The mix of grappling and shooting mechanics provides a unique and enjoyable challenge, making each session a dynamic adventure.

Click here to view Swarm

swarm vr gameplay

Resist (Best Spider-Man VR Storyline Game)

In the dystopian world of Resist, you’re immersed in an action-packed, single-player RPG designed for Meta Quest. Set in a city oppressed by an authoritarian regime, you have to swing from towering skyscrapers and battle deadly enemies to free your city from evil.

Resist stands out on this list with its kinetic swinging system, which is mostly smooth. Resist has intense combat mechanics and a fully immersive story in full virtual reality.

Embark on a journey in the open world of Concord, uncovering its secrets as you follow the protagonist, Sam Finch, in her fight for freedom. Resist offers a rich story campaign complemented by dozens of side quests. My favorite missions were the ones where I had to face dozens of enemy hordes.

Resist has Spider-Man VR elements, but the game is more diverse and in-depth than that. Tactile puzzles, deep skill trees, and online leaderboards add complexity and competition to the gameplay.

resist best spider-man vr game

Key Features in Resist

  • Traverse the secrets of the city of Concord.

  • Follow Sam Finch’s quest for freedom in a gripping narrative.

  • Immerse yourself in hacking billboards and winning public support.

  • Compete globally, showcasing your swinging prowess in skill challenges.

What I Like About Resist

I really like rich storytelling and the immersive swinging system in Resist. Playing as Sam Finch works well. Including tactile puzzles and diverse side quests adds layers of intrigue, making every mission in Concord a unique and memorable experience.

As I level up my character through the deep skill tree, each enhanced ability feels like a personal victory.

Click here to view Resist

resist spider-man vr gameplay

Windlands 2 (Cartoonish Spider-Man VR Alternative)

Windlands 2 is a mesmerizing first-person grappling hook exploration game that invites you to soar through the remnants of a fallen civilization. As you play through the game, you unravel secrets of an ancient world.

Windlands 2 uniquely caters to those seeking a serene exploration experience and gamers yearning to master high-speed maneuvers through towering landscapes.

Built specifically for virtual reality, Windlands immerses you in an unparalleled VR environment. The core of the gameplay lies in the mastery of grappling hook-focused movement, offering a dynamic and exhilarating way to traverse the expansive levels.

Windlands 2 has some nice improvements over the original. The graphics are better and the musical score is improved. There are a few new weapons to try out as well.

windlands best spider-man vr gameplay

Key Features in Windlands 2

  • Use grappling hooks to soar through the city.

  • Explore a variety of vast and visually stunning landscapes.

  • Lots of exploration is encourages.

  • Optional Speed Runs and Time Trials, catering to players of varying skill levels.

What I Like About Windlands 2

I like how Windlands blends tranquility and exhilaration as I navigate through the world. Windlands is an immersive journey that makes each soaring moment feel genuinely personal.

The expansive levels invite exploration, turning each swing into a discovery. Skill-based challenges add a layer of excitement that keeps me coming back for more.

Click here to view Windlands

windlands best spider-man vr gameplay

SpiderManSwingSim in Rec Room (Spider-Man Rec Room Mod)

SpiderManSwingSim in Rec Room is a captivating map that lets you embody the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In this room, you can play specifically as Spider-Man in VR and swing through a mock city. SwingSim excels at simulating a realistic web swing, allowing you to swing gracefully through the virtual environment, just like the iconic superhero.

You can swing from structures, soar through the air, and experience the fluidity of Spider-Man’s movement. The map’s overall quality shines through in its attention to detail.

If you play Rec Room and like Spider-Man, this is one room you will want to check out.

spidermanswingsim best spider-man vr game

Key Features in SpiderManSwingSim in Rec Room

  • Simulates a realistic web-swinging experience.

  • Allows you to swing gracefully, mimicking the movement of Spider-Man.

What I Like About SpiderManSwingSim in Rec Room

A lot of Rec Room environments are hit and miss to me. However, SpiderManSwingSim is a lot of fun to play and try out. The web-swinging mechanics create an authentic feeling of soaring through the air, making each swing an exhilarating experience.

Click here to view SpiderManSwingSim in Rec Room


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