6 Best VR Gun Stocks for Meta, HTC Vive & Playstation VR

best vr gun controllers
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Shooting games are some of the most popular games in VR. VR gun controllers add a level of immersion you can’t get with your regular VR controllers. If you want to know what the best virtual reality gun stocks are, you’ve come to the right place. 

What are the Best VR Gun Controllers?

  1. Glistco Magni VR Gun Stock
  2. AIXOTO Realistic Quest 2 Gun Stock
  3. Esimen VR Game Gun
  4. BeswinVR Scar VR Rifle Gun
  5. Arena Infinity Light
  6. Playstation Aim Controller

Below, we break down the best guns for the Meta Quest 2, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR

Before then, let’s highlight some features of a good VR gun. This way, you’ll know what to look out for when you hit the market.  

Glistco Magni VR Gun Stock

Best Meta Quest Gun Stock

Glistco makes an awesome VR gun controller for both the Meta Quest 2 and 1.

The Glistco Magni has really quick installation with high strength magnets. Once they are in place, you can jump into a game and play. The gun stock is made with lightweight material that feels comfortable. It comes with an easily adjustable two point sling made out of nylon.

For the Meta Quest, the Magni is the most popular VR gun controller.

AIXOTO Quest 2 Gun Pistol

Best Meta Quest VR Pistol

AIXOTO makes my favorite realistic gun pistols for the Meta Quest 2. The spray paint is gunmetal colored and made from high quality ABS plastic. The design imitates a real life pistol.

I like how easy these are to install. You still get full access to every button on your controls and these aren’t too bulky.

Each package comes with two pistol grips so that you can outfit both of your controllers. Playing VR shooting games is more satisfying with these installed.

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Esimen VR Game Gun for the Meta Quest 2

Best Meta Quest Gun and Saber

For those that don’t want a full rifle, the Esimen game gun makes your Meta Quest 2 look and feel like s pistol. It is designed to improve the center of gravity and weight ratio balance. This game gun has a friction lock that is easy to install and remove.

When you play a gun game, such as Pistol Whip, your eyes will now look down the barrel of the gun. It feels more immersive and natural in your hands.

The design is patented and specially designed for Meta Quest 2 controllers. This set also comes with Beat Saber attachments to give you more ‘cool factor’ when slashing blocks.

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BeswinVR ScarVR Rifle Gun

Best HTC Vive Gun Stock

Step up your VR game with the BestwinVR ScarVR Assault Rifle for the HTC Vive. Beswin has worked hard to create a realistic and lifelike gun weapon for virtual reality gamers. You can also buy hardcore field accessories like the sniper’s bi-pod attachment for this gun. It delivers a seamless VR experience for serious first-person shooter players. Aiming with this gun is very accurate and lifelike.

The BeswinVR is like holding a real weapon in your hands. Buy this virtual reality gun and play games like Arizona Sunshine, Hover Junkers, and Space Pirate Trainer the way they’re meant to be played.

The only thing missing on this M4 gun is a high powered actuator for realistic recoil. However, the NewScar VR Rifle does have this feature.


  • Performs like real gun for ultimate virtual reality gaming
  • It comes with high-powered actuator that delivers real life recoil with every shot
  • Auto-zoom aiming for long-range sniper shots


  • Battery life reportedly degrades over time

Click here to view the BeswinVR ScarVR for the HTC Vive.

Arena Infinity Lite

Best Futuristic VR Gun Stock

strikervr arena infinity lite vr gun stock

The Arena Infinite Lite is another popular VR gun controller for the HTC Vive. Striker VR is the creator of this masterpiece haptic VR gun.

The Arena Infinity is able to simulate the fire of various weapon modes. It is also great at providing other haptic effects to the player. The wireless controller uses a linear accelerator to provide haptic effects and is said to offer players a powerful kick to simulate gun recoil. Everything from the aim to the trigger to the feel is all very lifelike.

The Infinite Lite is hard to find and at times, the Strike VR website doesn’t not give out great information. The company has said that they are working on a more consumer-friendly VR gun stock that will be available soon.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Plenty of customizing options
  • Compatible with lots of games


  • Repairs and replacements are difficult

Playstation VR Aim Gun

Best Playstation VR Gun Stock

The PlayStation Aim controller offers an official Playstation VR gun controller for your shooting games. This gun controller is a holder that lets you place your PS VR controller inside of it. Once secure, you use it as your tracker to aim. 

The Aim Controller is smaller than the higher quality VR guns and doesn’t have the same feel of a real gun. However, the design is comfortable to hold. It also has buttons strategically placed around the device to simulate other parts of a gun.


  • Immersive shooting games in the PlayStation VR
  • Comfortable design
  • Impossible to “accidentally throw”


  • Does not feel like a real gun.

Best VR Shooting Games

Important Features Of a Good VR Gun Controller

vr gun controller features

The following are important features of a good VR gun controller:

Haptic Feedback 

Any VR gun without haptic feedback is not a good controller. Haptic feedback makes it seem like you are using a real gun by giving you subtle touch sensations when you shoot.

Wireless connectivity

A good VR gun should be able to connect wirelessly to a VR headset. One of the biggest complaints about virtual reality is the need to tether your headset to a nearby computer (except for the Meta Quest). You don’t want to add another wire from your gun controller too,

Rechargeable batteries

Batteries are an important part of a VR gun controller. A good VR gun should have rechargeable batteries for ease of use. Even better if those batteries plug into a standard mini-USB or USB-C port.

High Accuracy

A good VR gun should have high accuracy when using it. If you are spending a lot of money on a custom controller, there shouldn’t be any misfire!


A good VR gun should be the right weight to use. You don’t want the gun to be as heavy as the real thing or else using it will feel like a chore. If the gun feels too light and cheap it won’t feel like it should.

Fast Response Time

A good VR gun should register a shot immediately when you pull the trigger. Even fully wireless guns should have minimal delay before shot and reaction. 

Once you buy your VR gun stock, you’ll want to know some of the VR games you can try it out with.

We have a full guide of top multiplayer VR games which include some awesome shooting games.

As well, here are some of the best VR shooting games:

  • Population: ONE
  • Pistol Whip
  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Superhot VR
  • Robo Recall
  • FarPoint
  • Half Life: Alyx
  • Space Pirate Train
  • Rec Room
  • Firewall: Zero Hour
  • Eve: Valkyrie
  • Lone Echo
  • Bone Works
  • Gun Club VR
  • Rez
  • Pavlov VR
  • Pistol Whip

All of these VR gun controllers were built perfectly to emulate the sensation of using an actual gun. They are also incredibly comfortable to use. Each gun has features to simulate the immersion of aiming, reloading, and firing. 

No matter if you have a Meta Quest, Rift S, HTC Vive, or Playstation VR headset, there is a gun for you above. Which of these gun stocks is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


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