6 Best VR Strip Clubs to Try Today

best vr strip clubs to play and watch meta quest 2 virtual reality
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Ready to leave reality behind and indulge in some sensual virtual experiences? In this guide, I’ll show you the best VR strip clubs to visit today, where fantasy meets immersive technology. This includes VRParadise, Real Girls Now, and VRPorn.com!

So, slip on your Meta Quest, or PC VR headset and join us as we explore the seductive corners and worlds of the metaverse.

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What are the Best Best VR Strip Clubs?

  1. VRParadise (Best Overall VR Strip Club)
  2. Real Girls Now (Best Augmented Reality Strip Club)
  3. VRPorn.com Strip Club Videos (Best Hardcore Stripper Videos)
  4. Strip VR (Best Solo Striptease Videos)
  5. StacyQ VR (Highest Quality Strip Videos)
  6. StripzVR (VR Strip Porn Tube Site)

We’ve researched and ranked the top six VR strip clubs based on their features, user reviews, and overall experiences. Next, we’ll introduce you to each club and provide details on what makes them stand out.

VR Paradise (Best Overall VR Strip Club)

VR Paradise is widely regarded as the best VR strip club on the market, and we agree. The menu’s photorealistic graphics, immersive environments, and customization options are awesome.

vrparadise best vr strip club customization

VR Paradise offers the most realistic strip club experience I’ve ever had in virtual reality. The graphics are amazing, and the customization options for the dancers are impressive. You can update each dancer’s skin color, breast size, routine, and style.

Interactive features like tipping and private lap dances add to the lifelike experience. Social features allow users to create and connect with others in the club.


VR Paradise comes out with regular downloadable content packs with extra:

  • environments
  • strippers
  • outfits

Some of the models are based on real-life stars.

Key Features of VR Paradise

  • Photorealistic graphics and environments
  • Customizable avatars for dancers
  • Wide range of rooms and stages to explore
  • Interactivity with dancers through virtual tips and private dances
  • Social features to connect with other users


  • Photorealistic graphics
  • Customizable Avatars


  • Requires you to setup SteamVR

Click here to view VR Paradise.

vrparadise best vr strip club

Real Girls Now (Best Augmented Reality Strip Club)

Real Girls Now is both a virtual reality and an augmented reality strip club app. It lets you place photorealistic avatars inside your home in virtual 3D spaces. Or, you can visit different strip club environments too.

Each model in the app is scanned and motion-captured from real-life performers. The result is a VR strip club with incredibly realistic avatars and environments.

I appreciate the high-quality textures and animations and the diverse selection of virtual dancers. The augmented reality sometimes feels clunky, but Real Girls Now is constantly improving with new updates.

Key Features of Real Girls Now

  • The ability to place girls in your home with augmented reality
  • Scanned and motion-captured models of real-life performers
  • High-quality girls based on real adult stars


  • Realistic models
  • High-quality textures and animations
  • A diverse selection of dancers


  • Limited customization options

Click here to view Real Girls Now.

real girls now best vr strip clubs

VRPorn.com Strip Club Videos (Best Hardcore Stripper Videos)

VRPorn.com doesn’t have a native VR strip club game, but it has a wide selection of strip club videos to check out. With a wide range of performers and styles, users can explore different virtual strip club experiences in one place.

VRPorn.com curates content from other adult VR websites on the internet. They have over 20 (and growing) videos that feature a strip club performance. It is not as interactive as other options on this list, but the quality is high.

vrporn.com stream strip club videos meta quest 2

Plus, VRPorn also has 15,000 other adult videos and the largest selection of adult VR porn games on the internet.

The platform’s user ratings and reviews help guide users to the best content, making it an excellent resource for those exploring VR porn videos and games.

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Key Features of VRPorn.com Strip Clubs

  • Hand-picked VR strip club videos from various sources
  • Wide range of performers and styles
  • User ratings and reviews to help users find the best content


  • High-quality videos
  • A massive selection of content in other categories and areas


  • No interactive strip club experiences

Click here to view VRPorn.com.

vrporn.com best strip club videos

Strip VR (Best Solo Striptease Videos)

Strip VR is known for its extensive selection of virtual dancers, boasting over 200 performers. The platform offers a wide range of dance styles and performances, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

The website’s models are digitized and real, giving you a good selection. When you launch a video, it is a pre-played video of a strip tease or dance. Like a real club, you can tip, encourage, and lightly interact with the video.

Strip VR is not a full-fledged game but it does a good job of providing videos that fit the theme of a strip club.

I appreciate the regular updates, adding new dancers and content to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

Key Features of Strip VR

  • Over 200 virtual dancers to choose from
  • Diverse range of dance styles and performances
  • Regular updates with new dancers and content


  • Over 200 virtual dancers, both real and digital
  • Over 500 different videos worth of content
  • Regular updates


  • Less emphasis on realism

Click here to view Strip VR.

StacyQ VR (Highest Quality Strip Videos)

StacyQ VR is a VR video website that focuses on the dancing and striptease niches. It offers exclusive virtual performances from adult model and performer StacyQ and her friends.

Known for her unique style and captivating performances, StacyQ brings her talents to the world of VR strip clubs. All of the videos on the site are high quality and classy.

Videos on StacyQ are exclusive, you won’t find them anywhere else.

StacyQ VR is part of the SexLikeReal website, known for its high-quality VR porn. SLR is optimized for the Meta Quest 2, which means that StacyQ is as well.

Key Features of StacyQ

  • Renowned adult model and performer StacyQ
  • Exclusive virtual performances
  • Filled with striptease and private room style videos.


  • High quality video
  • High-quality visuals
  • Unique style


  • Not interactive

Click here to view StacyQ VR.

stacyq vr best vr strip club

StripzVR (VR Strip Porn Tube Site)

StripzVR is another VR video website focusing on strip tease and private dancer niches. It creates content featuring well-known adult stars, but also curates videos from other websites as well.

StripzVR places a strong emphasis on high-quality visuals and realistic environments.You can expect an immersive experience with diverse virtual dancers and interactive features.

Some of the quality isn’t as good as the other websites above, but the selection is awesome.

Key Features of StripzVR

  • Focus on high-quality visuals and realistic environments
  • A diverse range of virtual dancers
  • Features a lot of well-known stars


  • High-quality videos
  • Diverse selection of dancers


  • Not interactive

Click here to view StripzVR.

stripzvr best vr strip club

What are VR Strip Clubs?

VR strip clubs are virtual reality environments that replicate the experience of visiting a real-life strip club. They combine immersive technology with realistic graphics, animations, and interactivity to provide users a lifelike adult entertainment experience.

By wearing a VR headset, users can enter these virtual clubs, watch performances by virtual dancers, and interact with the environment and performers in various ways.

In recent years, VR strip clubs have become increasingly popular, offering users an immersive, lifelike experience without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. Realistic graphics, motion tracking, and interactivity have created a new level of intimacy in virtual adult entertainment.

Types of VR Strip Club Websites

Today, they are two main types of content in the VR stripping space.


VR strip club games do a better job of making things interactive. You can navigate through a real strip club, visit private rooms, and play with digital women in virtual reality or augmented reality.

Games feature digitized models that are programmed to respond to different commands and interactions. Some games offer sex, while others offer varying levels of access and service.


VR strip club videos are shot for virtual reality but lack the same type of interaction events. Videos can be watched in a VR headset, and you can fast forward, skip, and scan how you like. You don’t control a character or avatar in the same way as a game.

VR strip videos are more accessible to access and casual viewers will find them easier to view.


VR strip clubs have come a long way in recent years, with increasingly realistic graphics, immersive environments, and interactive features. As technology advances, we can expect even more innovative and captivating virtual experiences in the adult entertainment industry.

Above, we’ve listed the top virtual reality strip club options to visit today. To stay updated on the latest developments in the world of VR strip clubs, be sure to follow follow us for more information in the future.


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