VR Bangers vs VRPorn.com: Which VR Porn Site Is Better?

vr bangers vr vrporn.com detailed comparison guide
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VRPorn.com and VRBangers.com are the two biggest VR porn sites in the world today. In this guide, we’ll review and compare VR Bangers vs VRPorn.com (aka VR Porn vs VR Bangers) in detail against each other.

Below, we analyze various factors such as content, video quality, pricing, compatibility, and more.

If you are in a rush, here are the key takeaways:

Key Takeaways

VRPorn.com has the largest selection of VR porn videos online, with thousands of videos from every studio, including VRBangers. There are hundreds of fetishes to browse through and an expansive VR games collection that includes Virt a Mate and Holodexx.

VR Bangers is easier to sort through and features the latest stars in high-quality scenes. Selection is less, but you get the highest quality VR porn, and the lifetime membership is better. VR Bangers features its own high-quality game, too, Dezyred.

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VRPorn.com Overview

VRPorn.com has been a major player in the virtual reality porn market since its inception. The platform boasts an extensive library of adult VR videos and content, featuring some of the hottest performers in the industry. With various categories and exclusive content, it’s no wonder why VRPorn.com was rated our best VR porn site overall.

The content variety on VRPorn.com is impressive, with over 15,000 scenes from over 200 different VR porn studios. Think of the service like Netflix-for-porn, which has streaming videos from many different sources. This allows VRPorn.com to expand its library much faster than a single studio can.

The site features various categories catering to different preferences and desires. From sensual VR erotica to more hardcore scenes, the website has something for everyone.

Additionally, VRPorn.com frequently updates its library, ensuring fresh and exciting content for subscribers. On average, more than one new scene is added every day.

vrporn.com best vr porn website

Navigation and Search

VRPorn.com boasts an intuitive user experience and interface that makes browsing and discovering new content a breeze. The website’s navigation and search features are well-designed, allowing you to find the exact type of adult content you want easily.

User Ratings and Comments

The platform encourages community engagement through user ratings and viewer comments. Ratings are one of the top ways to search through the top VR porn categories on the website.

This allows users to share their thoughts and opinions on the content and helps others discover the most popular and highly-rated scenes.

VRBangers.com Overview

VRBangers.com is another heavy-hitter in the virtual reality porn market. It offers high-quality VR adult content focusing on production quality and top-tier talent. The website boasts an impressive catalog of scenes featuring some of the biggest names in the adult industry, making it a popular choice among VR porn enthusiasts.

VRBangers.com offers a diverse range of VR porn categories, catering to various preferences and fantasies. The platform is known for its high-quality content and exclusive VR porn scenes, ensuring a premium experience for subscribers.

VR Bangers actually loans out its older scenes to VRPorn. However, the latest content can only be found with a subscription to the site.


Navigation and Search

The user experience and interface on VRBangers.com is well-designed and easy to navigate. The platform’s navigation and search features simplify finding the content you’re looking for. I like how the site has increased visibility on special content types, such as 360 degrees and ASMR videos, to help you search.

User Ratings and Comments

VRBangers.com also encourages community engagement through user ratings and viewer comments. This helps users discover popular content and share their thoughts with others.

VR Bangers vs VRPorn.com: A Detailed Comparison

If more is better for you, then VRPorn.com is the undeniable winner. However, things get much closer when you break down VR Bangers vs VRPorn.com into individual categories.

Content Variety and Exclusivity

Both VRPorn.com and VRBangers.com offer an extensive range of categories, ensuring users can find content to suit their preferences and desires.

VRPorn licenses its scenes from other studios around the internet. Most of your membership is paid back to those sites. VRPorn.com does not produce any of its own content. On the other hand, VR Bangers is a legitimate studio that sources and shoots its own content.

vrpon.com studios

VRBangers.com has a slight edge regarding exclusive VR porn scenes featuring high-quality productions with top-tier talent.

Winner: VR Bangers

Performers and Talent

The VR porn performers on both platforms are exceptional, featuring some of the biggest names in the adult industry.

VRBangers.com is particularly known for its focus on top-tier talent, making it an attractive option for those who appreciate high-quality performances from well-known stars.

vrbangers vs vrporn.com home page

VR Porn has a lot of top performers because it can source dozens of scenes onto the website every week. However, the website does tend to skew towards quantity over quality. For every high-quality video, there is a lot of low-quality amateur content. This can be good or bad, depending on what you like.

Winner: It depends. VR Bangers for quality of performances and VRPorn.com for quantity.

Update Frequency and Consistency

Both platforms frequently update their libraries with fresh content. While VRPorn.com may have a slightly larger content library, VRBangers.com’s commitment to consistently delivering high-quality productions ensures that subscribers always have something new and exciting to look forward to.

VRPorn updates its content with at least 30 new videos monthly and sometimes more when it brings on a new studio. Every time you log in to your account, you can expect to find new content.

VR Bangers updates its website with one new scene every week (4 times per month). Since VRB is shooting all of its scenes, it takes much longer to build up its content.

Winner: VRPorn.com


Both websites offer various subscription options, catering to different budgets and needs. Subscribers can choose between monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans, with the latter offering the best value for money.

The costs for VRPorn.com are:

  1. Monthly = $20/month
  2. Yearly = $10/month
  3. Lifetime = $450 one-time

The costs for VRBangers.com are:

  1. Monthly = $20/month
  2. Yearly = $8/month
  3. Lifetime = $250 one-time

Winner: VR Bangers

Discounts and Promotions

Both VRPorn and VRBangers.com frequently runs VR porn discounts and promotional offers, making it easier for you to get a good deal.

Be sure to watch for these deals to get the most bang for your buck. These offers are often time-limited, so it’s worth checking back frequently to snag the best deals.

Use the links below to guarantee the best price.

Resolution and Frame Rate

The VR porn video quality on VRPorn.com is top-notch, with most videos available in 4K or even 5K resolution. The high-definition visuals and a smooth frame rate make for an incredibly immersive experience that’s hard to beat.

VRBangers.com takes VR porn video quality seriously, offering most of its content in stunning 6K or even 8K resolution. The high-definition visuals and smooth frame rate make for an incredibly immersive and realistic experience.

Even scenes licensed to VRPorn.com are often in lower quality than what you’ll find directly from the dedicated site.

Winner: VR Bangers

3D and 180-degree/360-degree Videos

Both VRPorn.com and VRBangers.com feature a mix of 3D porn and 180-degree/360-degree videos to provide a truly immersive adult entertainment experience. The platform’s POV porn in VR is particularly noteworthy, putting you right at the center of the action.

This is a growth area for both sites in the past few years; both now offer many VR scenes in full 360.

Winner: Draw

Supported Headsets

One of the reasons both of these websites are on the top of our list is their headset compatibility. Both sites support the top headsets today:

  • Meta Quest (Pro, 2, and 1)
  • HTC Vive XR Elite
  • HTC Vive Flow
  • HTC Vive Pro
  • Valve Index
  • HTC Reverb G2

All PC VR headsets are supported by both sites. You can also view content if you are an old-school Google cardboard or mobile VR headset owner.

vrporn.com meta quest support

Winner: Draw

Streaming and Downloading Options

Both streaming VR porn and downloading VR porn are available on VRPorn.com. This flexibility allows users to choose the best method, whether streaming content directly to their headset or downloading it for offline viewing.

VRBangers.com also offers both streaming VR porn and downloading VR porn options, giving users the flexibility to choose the best method. This allows for seamless streaming directly to your headset or downloading content for offline enjoyment.

Winner: Draw

The Verdict: VR Bangers vs VRPorn.com

Ultimately, the choice between VRPorn.com and VRBangers.com comes down to personal preference. If you value a larger content library and a more diverse range of categories, VRPorn.com is your better option.

However, if you prioritize high-quality productions and top-tier talent, VRBangers.com is the ideal choice. If you are short on cash, VR Bangers is slightly cheaper. The lifetime deal, in particular, gives you a really good bang for your buck.

Either option you pick will give you a subscription to one of the top virtual reality porn sites on the internet today.

Factors to consider when choosing a platform

When deciding between VR Bangers vs VRPorn.com, consider the following factors:

  • Content variety and exclusivity
  • Performers and talent
  • Video quality and immersion
  • VR device compatibility
  • Pricing and discounts
  • User experience and interface

Considering these factors will help you make an informed decision and ensure you get the most out of your VR porn content and experience.

VRPorn.com and VRBangers.com Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a virtual reality headset necessary for watching VR porn?

While watching VR porn on a smartphone or computer screen is possible, a VR headset is highly recommended for the most immersive experience. VR headsets provide a more realistic and intimate viewing experience, making it the preferred method for enjoying VR adult content.

Are there any health risks associated with watching VR porn?

As with any VR content, taking breaks and monitoring your comfort levels while watching VR porn is essential. Prolonged use of VR headsets can cause eye strain, nausea, or dizziness. Always follow the guidelines provided by your VR headset manufacturer and listen to your body to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

How can I ensure privacy when using a VR porn website?

To protect your privacy, consider using a VPN to mask your IP address and use a secure, private payment method when subscribing to a VR porn website. Additionally, be cautious about sharing personal information in user comments or community forums.

Can I watch VR porn on my smartphone without a VR headset?

Yes, it’s possible to watch VR porn on a smartphone without a VR headset. However, the experience will be significantly less immersive than a VR headset and you will not be able to access 180-degree/360-degree content with 6 degrees of freedom.

Are there any free alternatives to VRPorn.com and VRBangers.com?

While some free VR porn websites are available, they often have limited content and lower video quality compared to premium platforms. VR sites cost a lot of money to produce content and host videos, so it is worth it to pay for content.

Does VRPorn.com shoot any of its own content

No, VRPorn.com aggregates and licenses content from other adult VR studios around the world, including VR Bangers.


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