How to Setup Virt a Mate: The Ultimate Tutorial Guide [2021]

This guide teaches you all about Virt a Mate, one of the top rated VR porn games ever created. We’ll teach you:

  • What Virt a Mate is and why it is so popular
  • How to install Virt a Mate
  • Why you should install the vamX plugin for extra features
  • The best Virt a Mate plugins, extensions, and scenes to install
  • Other tips and tutorials to check out

We’ll also show you the cheapest way to get access to Virt a Mate including all new updates as they come out.

If you have any questions, make sure to comment below and let us know.

How to Buy Virt a Mate

Already have an idea what you want? Download Virt a Mate right now and then follow along with the rest of the tutorial below. Here are the ways you can get the game:

  1. On – With a membership, you get the Entertainer version of Virt a Mate, plus access to over 8,000 adult VR scenes and 30 other VR games. It is one of the best adult VR websites on the internet today
  2. On the official VaM Patreon

What is Virt a Mate

virt-a-mate best vr porn game

Virt a Mate (sometimes called Virt-a-Mate or VirtaMate) is a VR porn sex simulator game. It is an open sandbox where you can move, manipulate, and play out virtual (adult) fantasies in virtual reality.

The core Virt a Mate game includes realistic movements and physics. Characters move accurately and render in whatever scene or environment you place them in.

The power in Virt a Mate comes from third party mods, extensions, and plugins that add special animations and abilities to each character. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. We have instructions on how to install the main game and also plugins below.

Virt a Mate can be installed on any PC and played on a PC VR headset. You can also play VaM on your Oculus Quest through Oculus LinkAir Link, or Virtual Desktop.

Installing Virt a Mate is easy and there are two main ways to get the game:

  1. You can install it as part of your membership. In addition to Virt a Mate, you also get access to dozens of other VR porn games and over 5,000 high quality videos.
  2. You can buy Virt a Mate alone from their official Patreon.

If you subscribe to VRPorn for a full year, you get VaM for the same price as if you buy it alone. It’s the easiest way to get access to this game and a ton of other content.

Plus, also has a number of precompiled VaM scenes for you to download, view, and play as well.


Virt a Mate comes with a ton of features which make it a fan favorite VR game:

  • Realistic body movement and physics which allow you to manipulate characters however you want
  • The ability to record scenes for playback later
  • Full customization of all characters, environments, scenes, poses, and positions
  • The ability to add in new Virt a Mate atoms for more functionality

Virt a Mate Atoms

Atoms are additional pieces which can be installed and added into a specific Virt a Mate scene. Examples of atoms are:

  • People
  • Animation Patterns
  • Lights
  • Props
  • Clothing
  • Environments

We’ll show you how to add these Virt a Mate mods into the game below. If you don’t have the Creator package, you cannot add atoms. Don’t worry though, a lot of the custom scenes and props you can get are awesome on their own.

Overall, Virt a Mate is an open sandbox. It works as well as you make it. This is good for power users who can pick up on the controls, but can seem complicated for casual players. Luckily, an extension for Virt a Mate called vamX simplifies the whole thing for players.

Which Virt a Mate Tier Should You Buy?

Virt a Mate is available in a few different pricing and feature tiers.


The Teaser tier is $2 per month and comes with the following features through Patreon:

  • Access to posts and videos detailing development
  • Access to “Teaser” builds of Virt-a-Mate. “Teaser” builds unlock nearly all capabilities except the following limitations: 
  • 1. You cannot save scenes or packages 2. You cannot create new animations 3. You cannot add new atoms (objects) to the scene.


The Entertainer tier is $4 per month and comes with the following features through Patreon:

  • Access to “Entertainer” builds of Virt-a-Mate. “Entertainer” builds unlock the ability to save scenes and packages, allowing you to save your changes and share with others. “Entertainer” builds have the following limitations: 1. You cannot create new animations 2. You cannot add new atoms (objects) to the scene.
  • Plus all previous rewards


The Creator tier is $8 per month and comes with the following features:

  • Access to “Creator” builds of Virt-a-Mate. “Creator” builds unlock the ability to 1. Create new animations 2. Add new atoms (objects) to the scene. Limitless possibilities.
  • Plus all previous rewards Virt a Mate Tier

With a membership, you get a license to the Entertainer tier. In addition to VaM, you will be able to view over 8,000 other videos and over 30 other VR games to play.

What is vamX

vamX is an extension for Virt a Mate which makes the sandbox game more straightforward. Instead of being an open sandbox, vamX allows you to manipulate characters into predefined positions and actions such as:

  • More accurate arousal and mood indicators
  • Sittings or standing
  • Lap dances and other activities
  • Specific positions and sexual actions

Instead of downloading indivsomes, props, and characters, vamX comedouble-clicking content preinstalled and ready to go.

Once installed, you can change positions and scenes with a single button. vamX is a must-have plugin for VaM, and we’ll show you how to get it below.

How to Install Virt a Mate

Like we mentioned above, you can install the game as part of your membership or by itself. 

To install VaM, sign up and then log into with your membership.

Then in the top search bar, search for Virt a Mate.

1 - how to install virt a mate

Click on the Virt a Mate (Fully Updated) option in the search results.

2 new - how to install virt a mate

Click on the blue download button to download the game to your computer.

3 - how to install virt a mate

In the folder that downloads to your computer, double-click the VAM_Updater.exe file.

4 - how to install virt a mate

Click the green Install button to install the latest version of Virt a Mate onto your computer. Let the installer work its magic to install everything. Your folder will fill up with files.

5 - how to install virt a mate

If you would like to change the default settings, start by double-clicking on the VaM (Config).bat file. Here, you can adjust some of your graphical and input settings.

6 - how to install virt a mate

When you want to launch the game, you can double-click on VaM (Desktop Mode).bat or VaM (OpenVR).bat, depending on whether you want to play the game on your computer or your VR headset.

When the game launches for the first time, the home screen will only show you the Everyone game mode, which is the free version. In order to unlock premium features, click on the key at the bottom of the screen. Enter the code given to you in the folder when you downloaded the game.

7 - how to install virt a mate vr

After your code has been accepted, the “Teaser” or Higher option will light up.

Congratulations! You have just installed Virt a Mate and can play it on your VR headset by running the OpenVR bat file.

How to Use the VaM Hub

The left option when you launch Virt a Mate is to go to the VaM Hub right from the main menu of the game. The Hub is where you can install special addons, characters, and scenes into VaM.

Remember that by itself, Virt a Mate is just a physics sandbox. You need to install things from the hub in order to use and view them in the game.

Launch the VaM hub from the main menu.

virt a mate home screen

Once inside the hub, you can filter different addons in different ways:

  • free or paid
  • addon type
  • the creator
  • different tags and keywords
1 - vam hub main screen

When you click on an add-on, you will open the description page for it. This page gives an overview of the add-on, screenshots, and a list of dependencies and packages required to use it.

Click on Download All to download everything required by the add-on. This will place everything in your library and ready to add into a scene.

2 - vam hub mod page

How to Load and Save Scenes

Once you’ve downloaded assets to play with in scenes, you need to launch the Scene Browser from the main menu.

The Scene Browser will have a list of all default and custom scenes you have downloaded for Virt a Mate. Scenes can include a combination of different assets such as:

  • characters
  • flooring
  • furniture
  • props
  • lighting
  • pre-defined movement

After you launch a scene, you can edit all component within a scene from your menu on the right-hand side.

Saving the scene is also an option from the menu.

virt a mate controls

Scenes are great, but it still requires a lot of manipulation in order to play scenes out. If you prefer to just sit back and watch a scene around you, then the vamX plugin is what you want.

Next, we will show you how to install and use vamX.

How to Install vamX

You can install vamX by first clicking on the VaM Hub option from the main menu.

Search for vamX in the search bar and click on it in your search results. Select the Download All option to install vamX on your computer.

If you are prompted if you want to allow loading plugins from vamX.1.5, click Always Allow.

In a scene, you can activate the vamX user interface by clicking the trigger button on your VR controller or by clicking on vamX UI in your regular Virt a Mate menu.

In the vamX user interface, you can automatically enable a number of scenes, poses, positions, and movements automatically on your characters. It is the quickest way to get things setup.

If you want to add some of your own scenes from the VaM Hub, we showcase the best Virt a Mate scenes, plugins, and mods below.

Best Virt a Mate Scenes

Here are some of the top-rated and best Virt a Mate scenes you can download from the in-game hub.

Free Scenes

  • Intimate Moment  – a long and continuous scene to run in VaM. There is over 30 minutes of animation packed into this scene with 12 different positions.
  • Scene Pack 1-10  – a collection of ten different Virt a Mate scenes.
  • Maria’s Wild Ride  – a scene featuring Maria, your secretary.
  • 2061  – This VaM scene is based off of visuals and concepts from the Cyberpunk video game series.
  • The Massage  – In this fantasy scene, Melinda and her daughter walk into the massage parlor where you work.

Paid Scenes

  • vamX  – check out above why vamX is a must-have for scenes and additional content.
  • The Interview  – This scene is a choose-your-own-adventure with professional voice actors and different endings.
  •  Be Rough With Me  – In this scene, you take control of Christina for your pleasure.
  • Weekend Bundle  – This bundle of 4 VaM scenes were created with motion capture for maximum accuracy in the animations.
  • Kinky Pleasures  – This is an interactive BDSM scene for Virt a Mate.

Best Virt a Mate Plugins

Plugins can advance and extend this sandbox game in even more realistic ways.

Free Plugins

  • Timeline  – An easy way to set up scenes and transitions.
  • Life  – Increases the life and action of your movements.
  • MacGruber Essentials  – This kit is a collection of 9 different plugins which improve the game.

Paid Plugins

  • DirectorNeoVAM  – This is an all-inclusive mod for improved sounds, animation, and assets.
  • Relax – Life and Death  – This VaM plugins lets you bring your characters to life or death with adjustable personality.
  • Balance  – This plugin makes it easier to set up animations and poses that are lifelike.

You can find other Virt a Mate mods and plugins on the VaM Hub page. This includes individual clothing, hairstyles, textures, and other guides worth checking out.

Go buy and check out Virt a Mate today!

Virt a Mate Video Tutorials

Still confused about how to install and set up Virt a Mate? Below is a collection of tutorial videos we found to be extremely helpful in getting things going!

Virt-a-Mate Tutorial - Install and Setup
VaM Basics: Triggers

As you can probably tell from our Virt a Mate guide, this sandbox game is packed with features. It is as flexible as you make it.

If you have any other questions, comment down below, and we will try to help you out.

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