DeckHD Review: Is This Upgraded Steam Deck Screen Worth It?

deckhd review updated steam deck screen
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DeckHD is a new upgrade for the Steam Deck that gives you a higher resolution display, better color contrast, and a few other cool features. But is the upgrade worth taking your Steam Deck apart to upgrade?

In this DeckHD review, I’ll be sharing my experience installing the new screen on my Steam Deck and I’ll share whether I think it is worth the money.

As someone who’s spent countless hours on my Steam Deck, the promise of a better screen was tantalizing. But, did it live up to the hype?

Let’s dive in.

If you’ve upgraded the screen on your Steam Deck, comment below and let me know what your experience was!

Key Takeaways

  • DeckHD is an upgraded display for the Steam Deck, offering enhanced resolution (from the standard 800p to 1200p), improved color contrast, and other notable features.

  • The upgrade includes anti-glare glass, improved touch panel responsiveness, and flicker-free images across all refresh rates.

  • Despite the visual improvements, DeckHD may decrease frame rates in certain games and reduce battery life.

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What is DeckHD?

The DeckHD display is a cutting-edge screen upgrade designed to improve your Steam Deck’s display resolution and quality. Crafted with a meticulous focus on enhancing visual clarity and color vibrancy, DeckHD offers Steam Deck enthusiasts the opportunity to unlock a new level of gaming immersion.

Now, I’ve always been one to seek out the best visual experience in gaming. I mean, who doesn’t want their games looking pristine?

At its core, DeckHD takes the standard Steam Deck, a handheld gaming device already lauded for its portability and power, and supercharges it with a dazzling 1200p resolution upgrade. This means your gaming sessions have sharper, more intricate graphics, breathing fresh life into classic titles and the latest games.

deckhd review in the box

Steam Deck Screen Mod

This innovative screen mod, developed to provide an unmistakable boost in detail and color accuracy, caters to gamers who crave more vivid visuals and greater versatility for screen resolution.

Being a mod, you have to install the new screen yourself by taking apart your Deck and removing the old display. This isn’t hard to do, but it can make some people nervous.

Other Perks

DeckHD doesn’t stop at resolution alone. It also expands the color spectrum, delivering richer hues and deeper contrasts to make your gaming adventures more visually captivating. This screen mod promises an extraordinary upgrade to elevate your gaming to the next level.

How to Buy

So far, you can only buy this upgraded Steam Deck display screen from the official website here. The device is just coming out of presale and is available to purchase now.

If DeckHD comes available anywhere else, such as Amazon, I will make sure to let you know.

DeckHD Features

Here are some of the features of DeckHD you need to know:

Higher Resolution

The standout feature of DeckHD is its remarkable leap in resolution. With a shift from the standard 800p to a stunning 1200p, every pixel becomes a canvas for intricate details.

Whether exploring the vast landscapes of open-world adventures or diving into the pixel-perfect nostalgia of retro classics, DeckHD’s higher resolution brings out the best in every game.

Better Colors

Beyond resolution, DeckHD also extends your color palette. It boasts an enhanced color gamut, outshining the original Steam Deck’s color spectrum.

This means you’ll encounter richer, more vibrant hues and pronounced contrasts in your favorite games, immersing you deeper into virtual worlds.

Anti-Glare Glass

The DeckHD screen incorporates anti-glare glass as a standard feature. This means you can enjoy your gaming sessions without distractions caused by reflections, indoors or outdoors, in various lighting conditions.

The anti glare coating is standard on the default 512 GB version of the Steam Deck. However, devices with a smaller hard drive don’t get this feature.

Improved Touch Panel Responsiveness

While the touchscreen responsiveness may not change significantly, the anti-reflective coating enhances the fluidity of your finger’s movement across the screen. This makes your touchscreen gaming more responsive on the Steam Deck.

Flicker-Free Image on all Refresh Rates

DeckHD ensures flicker-free images across all supported refresh rates, contributing to a smoother, more comfortable gaming session.

deckhd review in hand installed

What’s Included in the DeckHD Box?

When you invest in DeckHD, you’re not just getting an upgraded screen. You receive a complete package designed to make the installation process as smooth as possible.

Inside the DeckHD box, you’ll find everything you need to improve your visuals:

  • DeckHD Screen: The star of the show, the DeckHD screen itself, is the primary piece of the box you receive.

  • Installation Tools: DeckHD understands that only some people are tech experts, so they provide a comprehensive set of installation tools to assist you throughout the process. From screwdrivers to adhesives, they’ve got you covered.

  • BIOS Flashing Kit: Getting the most out of your DeckHD screen requires flashing the Steam Deck’s BIOS. The DeckHD box includes a flashing kit to help you through this crucial step.

  • Detailed Setup Guide: A detailed setup guide is included to simplify the installation process. Clear instructions and step-by-step illustrations ensure you can confidently proceed, even if you’re not a seasoned modder.

deckhd review wahts in the box

Optional Accessories

While not included in the standard package, DeckHD also sells a few other optional accessories if you’d like, including:

  • screen protector

  • lens cover

These tools can help protect your investment and enhance your gaming experience even more.

With these components in hand and the guidance provided, you’ll be well-equipped to take your Steam Deck’s visuals to the next level. It’s a comprehensive solution to simplify the upgrade process and ensure you get the most out of your gaming device.

deckhd opening box

DeckHD vs the Standard Steam Deck Screen

Display Resolution

  • DeckHD: 1920×1200 Resolution

  • Standard Steam Deck: 1280×800 Resolution

DeckHD wins in terms of resolution, offering a significant upgrade from the stock screen. This increased pixel density allows for sharper visuals and more detail in your games.

sRGB Coverage

  • DeckHD: 87% sRGB Coverage

  • Standard Steam Deck: 67% sRGB Coverage

DeckHD also excels in color accuracy, offering a broader sRGB coverage, translating to more vibrant and accurate colors in your games.

Display Size

Both DeckHD and the standard Steam Deck feature a 7″ IPS display, ensuring a consistent screen size for your gaming experience.


Both screens offer a similar 400 nits screen brightness, providing ample illumination for gaming in various lighting conditions.

Refresh Rate

DeckHD and the standard Steam Deck offer a 60Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth gameplay.

Anti-Glare Coating

DeckHD includes anti-glare coating as standard, while the standard Steam Deck only features it on the highest-end 512 GB model.


DeckHD promises improved touchscreen responsiveness, making interactions with your Steam Deck smoother and more precise.


Here’s a summary table between the stock option vs DeckHD:

FeatureDeckHDStandard Steam Deck
Display Resolution1920×12001280×800
sRGB Coverage87% sRGB Coverage67% sRGB Coverage
Display Size7″ IPS Display7″ IPS Display
Brightness400 nits400 nits
Refresh Rate60Hz60Hz
Anti-Glare CoatingIncluded as standardOnly on the highest-end 512 GB model
TouchscreenImproved touchscreen responsivenessStandard responsiveness

What I Like About DeckHD

After installing DeckHD on my Steam Deck and spending some quality gaming time with it, I think several aspects of this upgrade stand out.

First and foremost, the enhanced resolution is a game-changer. Going from the standard 800p to 1200p might not seem like a massive leap on paper, but in practice, it’s like switching from regular to high-definition television. Every game I played exhibited a remarkable boost in clarity and detail.

Textures also appear crisper, characters are more defined, and the overall visual fidelity is significantly improved. It’s a noticeable transformation that makes my gaming sessions more immersive and enjoyable.

The improved color range is another feature I appreciate. The richer hues and deeper contrasts added vibrancy to my gaming worlds. Games that I thought I knew well took on a new life with DeckHD. It’s remarkable how engaging and captivating the visuals become when colors are more true to life.

This feature makes me reluctant to return to the standard screen, as it feels like I’m experiencing my favorite titles anew.

deckhd review better display

What I Don’t Like About DeckHD

While DeckHD undoubtedly offers a fantastic visual upgrade, a few aspects might differ from everyone’s liking, and they’re worth considering before making the switch.

One notable drawback is the impact on performance. Running games at 1200p, while visually stunning, does come at a cost. I noticed a decrease in frame rates, particularly in more demanding titles. It’s a trade-off between visual fidelity and smooth gameplay. Suppose you prioritize high frame rates for competitive gaming or value seamless performance. In that case, you might be torn between the improved visuals and the potential hit to your gaming experience.

The other drawback is the lessened battery life from the extra display. For every two hours I got with the standard screen, I only get about 90 minutes with DeckHD.

The installation process, particularly flashing the Steam Deck’s BIOS, can be challenging for those unfamiliar with such procedures. While the included instructions are helpful, it’s more complex than a plug-and-play solution.

It’s crucial to follow the steps meticulously, which might feel daunting for some users.

Who is DeckHD For?

So, after all of this, who is DeckHD made for?


If you like to tinker, then DeckHD, along with a new Steam Deck SSD hard drive upgrade, are your top two choices.

The new screen will improve the visual quality on your device and make games clearer on your screen.

Those Who Need a Replacement Screen

If your default Steam Deck screen is broken or cracked, then DeckHD is a logical replacement. You have to open up your Steam Deck anyway, so you might as well complete a screen upgrade if you can.

DeckHD costs about the same price as a new OEM Steam Deck screen, and you get higher quality.


DeckHD significantly upgrades the Steam Deck from 800p to 1200p resolution, enhancing gaming visuals and immersion. The upgrade kit is comprehensive, catering to both tech enthusiasts and novices.

However, potential users should weigh the visual benefits against potential performance and battery life trade-offs. For those seeking sharper graphics and richer colors on their Steam Deck, DeckHD emerges as a compelling choice.

Check it out for yourself today.


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