Logitech G PRO vs G333 For the Oculus Quest 2

Logitech G PRO vs G333 For the Oculus Quest 2
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Alongside the Oculus Quest 2, Facebook announced a partnership with Logitech on two VR headphones for the device. In this guide, we compare the Logitech G PRO vs G333 headphones so that you can decide which pair is right for you!

Quick Buy Links For the Logitech G PRO and G333

If you’d like to buy the G PRO and G333 for your Oculus Quest, use the links below!

G Pro

Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset for Oculus Quest 2 - Oculus Ready - Custom-length Cable - PRO-G Precision Gaming Audio Driver - Steel and Aluminum Build - Low-Latency 3.5 mm Aux Connection
  • The official over-ear audio solution for Oculus Quest 2. Designed with the world’s leading esports pros.
  • Custom-length cable and passive noise isolation let you fully immerse into the VR world with no outside distractions.
  • Designed specifically for the optimal gaming experience, delivering amazingly clear and precise sound imaging for the breathtaking VR experience.

Click here to buy the G Pro directly from Logitech.


Logitech G333 VR Earphones for Oculus Quest 2 - Oculus Ready - Custom-length Cable and Straps - Dual Driver Audio Designed for Gaming - Durable Aluminum Housing - Low-Latency 3.5 mm Aux
  • Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain the correct sound qualities or call performance. Change the earbud tips to ones that fit more snugly in your ear
  • Designed for Oculus Quest 2 – The official earphones for Oculus Quest 2 provide audio only you can hear, so you can take yourself further into the virtual world.
  • Custom-length cable and straps let you focus on your game. 3.5 mm aux connection provides minimal latency for optimal realism.

Click here to buy the G333 directly from Logitech.

What is the Logitech G PRO VR Headphones?

The Logitech G PRO is a pair of over-hear headphones designed specifically for the Oculus Quest 2. They were designed with leading e-sports pros. The headphones sit comfortably on top of the Quest 2 top strap and come with a 3.5 mm headphone cable that is the perfect length for the Oculus Quest 2.

The speakers are covered in leatherette padding that offer passive noise isolation when you wear them. The audio driver is optimized for VR gaming.

The G PRO headphones retail for $99.99.

Below, we deep dive into the specifications of the G PRO vs G333 earbuds outlined below.

logitech g pro vs g333 phones

What is the Logitech G333 VR Earbuds?

The Logitech G333 earbuds are an in-ear audio solution designed with Oculus specifically for the Quest 2. The silicon ear tips and aluminum housing provide you with immersive sound while blocking everything out for those around you.

The G333 contains a custom-length cable mapped specifically to the Quest 2 so that you never have dangling or tangled wires. The color scheme matches the headset too.

The G333 earbuds retail for $49.99

Next up, we do a deep dive between the G PRO and G333.

logitech g333 earphones

Logitech G Pro vs G333 Specs

Take a look at the table below, which compares the specs in the G PRO vs G333 headphone.

Logitech G ProLogitech G333
StyleOn-Ear HeadphonesEarbuds
Weight320 grams12 grams
Cable Length10.24 inches10.24 inches
DriverHybrid mesh PRO-G 50 mm2 dynamic drivers: 5.8 mm + 9.2 mm
Impedance35 ohms24 ohms ± 20%
Sensitivity91.7 dB SPL @ 1 mW & 1 cm101.6±3 dB @ 1 kHz SPL
Frequency Response20 Hz-20 KHz20 Hz-20 KHz
Noice CancellationYes (Passive)No
MicrophoneElectret Condenser with a frequency response of 100 Hz-10 KHzN/A

Logitech G PRO vs G333 For VR


Logitech G PRO vs G333 For the Oculus Quest 2

The biggest difference in sound between the G PRO vs G333 is obviously the over-ear vs earbud design. The G PRO headphones offer 16 dB passive noise isolation which will block out your surrounds nicely. They have 50 mm audio drivers on par with other gaming headsets on the market.

The G333 has dedicated dual audio drivers – one for bass and one for high and mid-range sound. The aluminum housing does a good job of keeping sound in your ears and not in your surroundings.

Both headphones offer a frequency response between 20 Hz and 20 KHz, standard for most headphones.

The G PRO headphones also has a 6 mm built-in microphone included too. This will allow your voice to come in crystal clear online in any game you need to chat in.

Logitech G PRO vs G333 For the Oculus Quest 2


The Logitech G PRO headset is particular built for extra comfort in mind. The headband and each earpad is built with soft memory foam which is wrapped in premium leatherette. The headband is reinforced with aluminum and steel to provide some durability too.

One drawback is that the G PRO weighs 320 grams. With the Oculus Quest 2 headset, you’ll have nearly 2 pounds of electronics sitting on your head when you play. If you are someone who finds a VR headset to be heavy already, this might not be an ideal option.

The Logitech G333 has three different sizes of silicon tips to fit any ear size. The aluminum housing is sturdy in your ear. Overall, the headphones should stay put even when you are playing high motion games.

G PRO vs G333, the G333 earbuds only weigh 12 grams. Plus, they don’t put any extra weight on your head.

Both headphones come with a custom 10 inch headphone cable so that you can plug into VR without any dangling wires.

Both headphones come with a custom 10 inch headphone cable so that you can plug into VR without any dangling wires.

Final Verdict

If you are deciding between the Logitech G PRO vs G333, which pair of headphones should you buy? Both will give you immersive sound and a great VR gaming experience. If you are a hardcore gamer, then the G Pro is a worthy pair for you. They’ll give you great sound that really takes advantage of the Quest 2’s 3D spatial audio.

For most people, the first thing you’ll notice about the G Pro is 60% of extra weight added to your head by the headphones. If this worries you, then you’ll be glad to know that the base sound and the G333 are awesome options to consider.

The G333 earbuds do a great job of keeping audio isolated to your ears. They are lightweight, come with adjustable tips, and are rich in bass and high quality sound.

Our personal preference is to go with the G333 earbuds and use the money savings to look at the elite strap accessory for the Oculus Quest 2.

Logitech G PRO vs G333, which headphones do you like? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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