Meta Quest 3 128 vs 512 GB Storage Guide: Which Model is For You?

meta quest 3 128 vs 512 gb storage size comparison guide
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Are you interested in how many games the Meta Quest 3 can accommodate? In this guide, we compare the Meta Quest 128 vs 512 GB in detail to help you decide which size of hard drive to buy to go for!

This guide will cover:

  • The number of games the Meta Quest 3 can store in each storage option.

  • Game sizes for Asgard’s Wrath 2, Assassin’s Creed Nexus, and other new VR games to help you decide.

  • Which storage size is optimal for the Meta Quest 3: 128 vs 512 GB?

  • How to delete games off of your Quest 3 if storage is full.

  • The distinctions, if any, between the 128 and 512 GB Meta Quest 3.

If you have more queries about the Meta Quest 3’s storage, drop your questions in the comments below!

Meta Quest 3 Storage Options: 128 vs 512 GB

The Meta Quest 3 offers two hard drive choices. Do you opt for the standard 128 GB model or leap to the 512 GB variant for a premium? This choice comes into sharper focus, especially when the highest storage option for the Meta Quest 2 was 256 GB.

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The considerable gap in storage capacity raises the question: should you invest in the larger model? Or divert those funds towards enhancing the overall VR experience with accessories?

Your decision largely hinges on the volume of content you foresee retaining on your VR device.

Types of VR Content

Various content types can be loaded onto your Quest VR headset:

  • Official Games: Official games are directly sourced from the official Meta Store. These games auto-update, ensuring you always have the latest version.

  • Unofficial Games: Given that Quest runs on the Android OS, users can sideload third-party APKs not featured on the official store, often via platforms like SideQuest VR. Typically free or less expensive, these games can be loaded in bulk.

  • Media (Videos and Pictures): You can store personal videos, movies, and TV series on your device. Certain media files can consume up to 10 GB, quickly filling up storage. With the best display in a VR headset ever, you might want to watch a movie on your headset more than before.

Actual Available Space on 128 vs 512 GB Meta Quest 3

Factoring in the space reserved for the operating system, default applications, and demo files – which total approximately 10 GB – you’re essentially looking at a 118 vs 502 GB comparison.

Considering this, knowing game sizes becomes imperative. For instance, a high-end VR game could take up as much as 30 GB of hard drive space or more. And with Meta continually collaborating with premier developers, expect future VR titles to demand significant storage.

For those requiring more space, game uninstallation is always an option. SideQuest offers a feature to back up game data, allowing players to pick up where they left off after reinstalling.

Meta Quest 3 128 vs 512 GB Storage Guide: Which Model is For You?

VR Game Sizes on the Meta Quest 3

To help you decide which model to buy, we’ve compiled the table below with the game sizes for some of today’s most popular VR games.

As you can see above, some of the premier games take tons of space space. If you buy the 128 GB version of the Meta Quest 3, you can only fit between 4-6 of these at a time.

Asgard’s Wrath 225 GB
Assassin’s Creed NexusTBD
The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners (with Trial Mode)9.5 GB
Myst4.2 GB
The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners (without Trial Mode)6.8 GB
Doom3Quest (on the SideQuest VR store)6 GB
Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge6.7 GB
Vader Immortal: Episode 34 GB
Trover Saves the Universe3 GB
Warhammer 40,0002.7 GB
Onward2.7 GB
Dance Central VR2.6 GB
Jurassic World: Aftermath2.35 GB
Face Your Fears 22.2 GB
Five Nights a Freddy’s2.1 GB
Population ONE2.04 GB
Arizona Sunshine2.0 GB
Pistol Whip1.8 GB
Superhot VR1.8 GB
The Climb1.64 GB
Job Simulator1.6 GB
Poker Stars VR1.6 GB
Holofit by Holodia1.58 GB
Space Pirate Trainer1.4 GB
Apex Construct1.3 GB
Thrill of the Fight1.1 GB
In Death: Unchained1.1 GB
Vacation Simulator1.1 GB
Fit XR1.0 GB
Creed: Rise to Glory954 MB
Bigscreen VR932 MB
Mare904 MB
Drunkn Bar Fight876 MB
Rec Room762 MB
Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition754 MB
I Expect You To Die728 MB
Until You Fall597 MB
Fruit Ninja VR464 MB
Beat Saber455 MB

Is there any difference between the 128 and 512 GB Meta Quest 3?

Beyond storage capacity, both models have identical physical features features.

Meta Quest Plus

The 512 GB version of the Quest 3 has a nice launch feature until the end of January 2024. You get 6 months of Meta Quest Plus, the game subscription service, for free.

With Quest Plus, you get two free VR games monthly to download onto your headset. If you keep your subscription, you can play these games for free.


Can you upgrade the Meta Quest 3 storage later?

Unfortunately, the internal storage of the Meta Quest 3 cannot be upgraded post-purchase. Like other Android devices, the Meta Quest 3 supports external hard drives via USB-C.

While not ideal for gaming, this can be a viable solution for media storage. When you use the USB-C port for external storage, it can’t simultaneously be used for charging or Meta Link.

How to Backup and Restore Game Data in SideQuest VR

With SideQuest VR, backup and restoration of game data are streamlined. Just install SideQuest and plug your Quest 3 into your computer.

From within SideQuest:

  • Backup: Connect the VR headset, navigate to the ‘Installed Apps’, select the desired game, and click on ‘Backup Game Data’.

  • Restore: Reinstall the game, navigate to ‘Installed Apps’, select the game, choose the relevant backup, and restore.

5 - uninstall app

How to Uninstall Games on the Meta Quest 3

  1. Put on your VR headset and access the Quest library.

  2. Navigate to apps.

  3. Hover over the game to be uninstalled and select ‘Uninstall’.

Regularly removing dormant games can free up significant space, making your Meta Quest 3 128 vs 512 GB decision less critical.

Final Verdict: 128 vs 512 GB Meta Quest 3. Which Should You Choose?

If your usage is centered around media, especially movies and TV shows, the 512 GB variant is worth considering. However, the 128 GB should be fine for the average user if you’re mostly into gaming. Realistically, I only play two or three different games at a time. So, you can just offload and uninstall some games you aren’t playing and then reinstall them from the cloud later.

Regardless of your choice, the backup and restoration features of platforms like SideQuest VR mean that storage management remains flexible.

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Share your Meta Quest 3 128 vs 512 GB storage choice and experience in the comments below!


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