Complete List of Oculus Quest Voice Commands and How to Use Them

oculus quest voice commands
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Voice commands make life easy. And so do Oculus Quest voice commands, too. In this article, you’ll learn everything about the Oculus Quest voice commands along with a list of the best commands you can use right away on your Quest headset.

Here’s a quick overview of the contents of this article.

Should you have any questions regarding the Oculus voice commands, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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The Most Useful Oculus Quest Voice Commands

Don’t have time to read our entire guide? Here are the most useful Oculus Quest voice commands we recommend you try out today:

  1. Open up a specific app or settings screen on your Oculus Quest
  2. Take a picture of your game quickly
  3. Ask about the weather outside
  4. Open up a specific website or trigger a search query on your headset.

As you can see, you can use voice commands on your Quest VR headset to do a lot of things. Check out the complete list of Oculus Quest voice commands down below.

Before that, we’ll go over the feature and outline how to trigger a command.

What are Oculus Quest Voice Commands?

oculus quest voice commands
Use Oculus Quest voice commands to launch apps, navigate settings, and do more

Oculus Quest allows you to use your voice to get answers to your questions and also to get certain things done on the Quest. The voice commands feature uses your voice to let you perform various actions without the need for touch controllers or hand-tracking.

These commands come in really handy when you are in the middle of an intense match or simply don’t want to put in the effort to get certain things done.

From navigating settings, launching apps, getting weather updates, or enabling your favorite feature on Oculus Quest, voice commands are there is to help you through and make sure your experience on the Quest is seamless.

Note that, the voice commands feature is only available to Quest users in the USA with English as the default language.

How to Trigger a Voice Command on Oculus Quest?

Follow the below step-by-step procedure to activate and trigger a voice command on the Oculus Quest.

This step-by-step guide shows you how to activate and trigger voice commands on the Oculus Quest.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Go to the universal menu

On your right touch controller, press the Oculus button to open the universal menu.

Go to Settings

In the universal menu, go to Settings by selecting the gear icon.

Select Voice Commands

Select the voice commands option (near the mic icon) from the Quick Actions menu.

Start setup

In the voice commands window, select Start Setup.

Complete setup

Between Continue Setup and Set Up Later, choose one the option for you and then select Enable Shortcut. This allows you to use activate voice button on double pressing the Oculus button.

Alternatively, you can manage this feature in Settings > Device > Voice commands and skip the Oculus button shortcut.

That is all!

The voice command feature will now be enabled on your Oculus Quest. It’s time you start using voice commands.

Check out how to do that below.

How to Use Voice Commands on the Oculus Quest?

You can use voice commands on the Quest in three ways. The third feature is a fresh addition to the Quest that Facebook recently enabled.

Use voice commands using shortcut

If you activated the Oculus button shortcut, press the button twice and give a voice command when prompted. Choose a voice command from the above list or try saying “What can I say” to open up the list of supported voice commands on the Quest.

Use voice commands from Settings

As a second option, you can press the Oculus button on your right Touch controller and open the universal menu. Now, select Settings > Quick actions > Voice commands icon. Once prompted, give a voice command to get started.

Use voice commands with “Hey Facebook” wake word

Some users can now use the “Hey Facebook” command as an experimental feature on Quest 2 to activate voice commands. To opt-in for “Hey Facebook,” you need to login to Quest with your Facebook account. Here’s how to use voice commands on Quest 2 with “Hey Facebook.”

Press the Oculus button on your right Touch controller to open the universal menu. Now, go to Settings > Experimental Features > Turn on “Hey Facebook”

Note that the “Hey Facebook” feature may affect the performance of some apps. If that happens, the feature will turn off by itself and leave you a notification. You can still directly access the feature from Home.

With three different options, there are lots of ways to activate Oculus Quest voice commands on your headset.

Complete List of Oculus Quest Voice Commands

Here’s the full list of Oculus Quest voice commands that you can use on your VR headset.

Device controlOpen Library / Open Search / Go to Store
Open Oculus TV / Open TV / Go to TV
Open browser / Open internet / Go to browser
Open Settings / Go to Settings
Shut down / Turn off / Power off
Exit app / Go to Home
Open experiments / Open Quick settings / Open device settings
Turn the volume up / Turn the volume down / It’s too quiet / It’s too loud
Turn on passthrough / Turn off passthrough
Quit / Stop
Go to sleep
Restart / Reboot
Go to WiFi / Open WiFi settings
Change Guardian / Change floor height / Change to room scale
Open device settings / Open quick settings / Open experiments
Media and captureStart casting / Stop casting
Take a picture / Take a photo
Show me my photos / Show me the camera roll
Start recording / Stop recording
Start live stream / Stop live stream
SocialWho’s online? / Show me who’s online
Start a call / Create a party / Open parties
Open my profile / Show my profile
Open messages / Open chats
Show me events
Oculus FAQsHow do I center my view?
How can I log out?
How do I change my background?
How do I check my battery level?
How do I cast what I’m seeing in my Oculus Quest 2?
How much storage do I have left?
How do I reboot?
How do I set up Guardian?
How do I pair my phone to Oculus?
How do I change my profile picture?
How do I reset my controllers?
How do I connect to WiFi?
How can I factory reset?
PlaybackPause / Play / Resume / Stop
Go back / Go to previous / Previous one
Next one / Go to next
Oculus MoveEnable health tracker / Disable health tracker
Show activity tracker / Hide activity tracker
Show calorie tracker / Hide calorie tracker
Content and appsOpen Blade and Sorcery / Open Beat Saber / Play Amazon Prime Video / Play Netflix
Find racing games / Find adventure games / Find puzzle games
Open / Open / Open / Open
Show me puppy videos / Show me space videos / Show me nature videos
WeatherWhat’s the weather like today? / What’s the weather like this evening?
What’s the weather like next Monday? / What’s the weather like on November 11?
Is it going to be hot at 1 pm? / Is it going to be cold at 6 pm?
MiscellaneousAny question you might want to ask
Full list of Oculus Quest voice commands you can use

Things You Can’t Do With Voice Commands

While Facebook has been consistently adding new voice command options to the headset, there are still a few things that you can’t do yet.

Buy apps and games

This one might be a safety risk, but you can only scratch the surface in terms of the Oculus app store. Currently, voice commands only let you search and discover games. Then, you need to take over control with your controller to navigate and finish any purchases.

It would be nice if Meta provided a safe way to complete game purchases.

Update specific settings

There are voice commands for opening up your settings and other menus in the interface. However, you can’t update very many of your settings with your voice.

It would be nice to quickly enable or disable hand tracking and other experimental features when they start acting up.

Specific game support

All current Oculus. Quest voice commands revolve around the main operating system. It would be nice if Meta would open up voice command support to game developers. Then, you could control specific games with your voice.

For example, how cool would it be to give specific voice commands to your computer teammates in a first-person shooter game? Or use your voice as God in Deisim? The possibilities would be endless.

FAQs about Oculus Quest Voice Commands

How do you see the recent voice commands you’ve given?

You can see the recent voice commands on the Oculus mobile app. Open the Oculus app and tap your profile picture in the top left corner. Go to Account settings and tap Voice Activity.

How do I delete the list of spoken commands on Oculus Quest?

Open the Oculus app and tap your profile picture in the top left corner. Go to Account settings and tap Voice Activity. Under Voice Activity, select Clear All followed by OK to confirm.

What is the difference between voice commands and voice dictation?

With Voice Commands, you can perform certain actions on the Quest using your voice. On the other hand, Voice Dictation is a speech-to-text functionality that uses a microphone and speech for typing in place of a keyboard.

Does Facebook collect any information when I use Voice Dictation?

As per Oculus, the system “creates a short recording and transcription to process.” On the completion of dictation, Quest deletes the voice recording and transcription unless the user chooses to provide feedback on the feature experience.

Wrapping Up!

Oculus Quest voice commands are a great way to get things done quickly on the VR headset. With the release of the v34 software update, you can control playback on Oculus TV and other select apps.

What do you think of these voice commands on Oculus Quest? Would you like Facebook to add more commands to this list?

Let us know in the comments section down below.

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