The Best SexLikeReal Alternatives and Similar Sites

best sexlikereal alternatives and similar sites
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SLR is one of the most popular adult VR porn websites for the Oculus Quest and other VR headsets. In this guide, we break down the best SexLikeReal alternatives to try out.

SexLikeReal has a lot of great features, but some drawbacks as well:

  • The cost is too high for some
  • Good scene updates can be infrequent
  • It doesn’t contain other VR sex content: games, toys and other interactive content
  • The app doesn’t always work great

If you have another SexLikeReal alternative you prefer, comment down below at the bottom of this guide!

NOTE: The pictures in this article are technically safe for work (SFW), but the content is intended for a mature audience only.

The Top SexLikeReal Alternatives

If you don’t feel like reading our reasoning, check out the best SexLikeReal alternatives by clicking the links below and seeing for yourself.

  2. POVR
  3. VR Bangers
  4. SLR Originals
  5. VRHush and VR Allure

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What is SexLikeReal?

SLR is an adult VR website that contains thousands of streaming VR porn videos. Their website features free videos, high quality content, and videos from over 50 professional studios. SLR has catered major to Oculus Quest users and has optimized their website for the headset. It has made them one of top VR porn websites on the internet.

Virtual reality porn is a growing industry, with hundreds of new videos offered each month. VR videos offer a unique experience, offering 3D video right on your face. Unlike regular porn which can be freely accessed in full on many websites, VR porn is different. The cost to shoot scenes is much higher, with special cameras recording in higher quality. 

VR porn is like Netflix – it requires a subscription in order to access it the way it was meant to be.


  • Over 8,000 videos from over 30 studios
  • Over 4,000 and growing premium-only videos
  • More than 30 new releases every month
  • A Netflix-style interface and dedicated app where users get FREE full length videos
  • Regular promotions and special content

Click here to view SexLikeReal.

sexlikereal best vr porn website

SexLikeReal Similar Sites Criteria

What criteria did we use to find the best SexLikeReal alternatives?

One of SLR’s best features is that it contains thousands of videos from over 30 different adult studios. SLR licenses scenes from these studios. They pay a royalty in exchange for offering scene streams to their subscribers.

Most of the SLR alternatives below have a large video selection from multiple studios as well. If they don’t, we explain our reasoning for including it in this list! We also highlight other differences between SLR and our alternatives.

Some of SLRs drawbacks are that they don’t include any VR porn games and little gay or trans content on their site. Some alternatives below do a better job offering this content for visitors. They are all premium websites which cater to VR headset owners.

Next, lets take a look at some top SexLikeReal alternatives! – Best SexLikeReal Alternative is our pick for the top website similar to SexLike Real. Like SLR, VRP contains thousands of scenes which are licensed from dozens of studios. VRPorn contains scenes from over 90 different studios, more than double what SLR offers. Full 360-degree videos shot in 5K and 8K video quality are available to stream and download.

VRPorn also offers a comprehensive VR porn games list. You can play adult games for the Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets right from the website!

Finally, there is a large gay and trans section on the website for those that are interested. There is also a decent number of “for women” videos which are shot from a woman’s point-of-view. ranks high on our best VR porn websites list, so it makes sense to be at the top of the list here too.

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POVR Review – Best Freemium SLR Alternative

POVR is another SexLikeReal alternative that compiles scenes from different adult studios. It contains thousands of videos from 11 different studios including Lethal Hardcore VR, VR Conk, Reality Lovers, and more.

POVR really shines because it contains more free scenes than other VR websites. The free scenes are not 5K high quality and are not recent, but they give a good idea of what to expect.

When you subscribe to a POVR account, you get full HD access to thousands more scenes. POVR has multiple updates each week to check out and is the third largest website behind SLR and VRPorn.

Click here to view POVR.

povr sexlikereal alternative

VR Bangers Review – Best Single Studio SexLikeReal Alternative

VR Bangers is a single adult studio for VR content. It features multiple scenes per week which are shot in 5K quality or better and 60 frames per second (FPS). The production quality is top-notch and some of the top porn stars in the world have shot for the studio.

VR Bangers licenses its scenes to SLR, VRPorn, and other compilation websites, so you should be familiar with them. VRB does not license their latest scenes though. They keep them as exclusive videos on their website. If you want to view the latest scenes and newer stars on VR Bangers, then take a look at the dedicated site.

One nice feature is that VR Bangers features a filter for different positions, which not every website has.

Click here to view VR Bangers.

vr bangers best vr porn website sexlikereal alterrnative

SLR Originals Review – Best Cheaper SexLikeReal Alternative

SLR Originals is a sub-brand of SexLikeReal that shoots original scenes. This website contains some of the most popular scenes inside the SexLikeReal website.

SLR Originals is the closest Sex Like Real experience that is lighter on your wallet. An Originals’ membership is $10 per month (even more with the regular discounts that are offered) cheaper than SexLikeReal. You don’t get access to the dozens of other studios that have videos in Sex Like Real. However, you do get some of the high quality videos that SLR offers.

SLR Originals has a ton of other nice features:

  • The world’s biggest porn stars
  • Production from an award-winning AVN team 
  • 5K video quality on all new scenes for crystal clear quality
  • Compatibility with all VR headsets

Click here to view SLR Originals

slr originals sexlikereal alternative

VRHush and VR Allure Review – SexLikeReal Alternative

VRHush and VR Allure are part of the same studio. One membership gives you access to both websites, which is a nice perk.

VRHush features both 180 and 360-degree videos shot in full 5K quality and multiple scene angles. This means that you can be part of the action or a watcher on the side. The production quality at VRHush is high and features some of the most popular adult starts today.

VR Allure’s main focus is on single girl POV action. If your thing is girls with toys, then you get a front row view to the action in almost any video. Updates are weekly and feature some well-known and new adult stars. SLR contains plenty of single-girl scenes, so fans will enjoy VR Allure’s content.

The combination of VRHush and VR Allure together under one membership make these sites a great SexLikeReal alternative. 

Click here to view VRHush / VR Allure.

vrhush and vr allure slr alternative

What is your favorite SexLikeReal alternative? If you have any other similar sites to SLR, comment down below and let us know.

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