Game Compatibility List: Virtual Desktop + Oculus Quest

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What SteamVR games work in Virtual Desktop on the Oculus Quest? In this guide, we have a full game compatibility list for which games work in Virtual Desktop on the Oculus Quest.

Full credit goes to oursoul on the Steam community forums for maintaining this list. We’ve simply imported it into this page for ease.

Full Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest Setup Guide

Click here to go to our comprehensive Virtual Desktop setup guide for the Oculus Quest.

In that guide, we’ll show you:

  • How to setup Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest
  • The best settings for Virtual Desktop
  • Tips for reducing latency in VR

How to Add a Game to the List

The list below is community maintained. If you play a game in Virtual Desktop on the Oculus Quest, make sure it gets added to the list by filling out the form in the link below.

Click here to add a SteamVR title to the game compatibility list.

SteamVR Game Compatibility List for Virtual Desktop on the Oculus Quest (2 or 1)

The window below shows exactly which SteamVR games are compatible with the Virtual Desktop software. For each game listed, you can see:

  • The newest date the game was added into the list
  • Game title
  • Working status
  • Notes about playing the game in Virtual Desktop on the Oculus Quest
  • How to launch the game
  • What headset the game was tested on

If the table above doesn’t work, click here.

If you have played any other games on Virtual Desktoip, make sure you add them into the spreadsheet and let other VR players know what is working and not!

You can also comment below and let us know and we will be sure to update the list for you.

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