33 Beat Saber Tips & Tricks: How to Break New Personal Records

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Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games, enjoyed by new and veteran VR players. It combines frenetic action, good music, and a simple-yet-challenging play style. Follow these Beat Saber tips to improve your scores and get better.

Beat Saber was released on Steam and Oculus on May 1, 2018. it’s compatible with every single VR headset (list below). It’s also available on the Meta Quest and PlayStation VR (PSVR) on the PlayStation 4. 

Click here to learn how to install and play Beat Saber custom songs.

Let’s get started.

What is Beat Saber? 

beat saber guide

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game that combines original music with lightsaber slashing. It’s like Rock Band, Fruit Ninja, and Audioshield all mashed up into one.

Your VR controllers are swords that you use to cut blocks in time with the rhythm of the beat. The game includes a solo campaign with increasingly complex original songs as you progress. The real charm comes from adding custom songs to the game which let you play real songs in the game.

If you don’t mind getting a workout while you game, Beat Saber is perfect for you. It’s a title that’s simple to pick up and try but extremely difficult to master.

What Devices Can You Play Beat Saber VR On?

Beat Saber can be played on the following devices:

A VR-ready gaming computer is needed for all VR headsets except the Meta Quest.

Storage of 200MB, NVIDIA GTX 960 graphics, 4GB RAM, and Intel Core i5 processor are recommended.

Beat Saber Song List

The following original songs come with the game:

OST Volume 1

  • Escape (ft Summer Haze)
  • Legend (ft Back Chat)
  • Country Rounds
  • Turn Me On (ft Tiny C)
  • Breeze
  • $100 Bills
  • Balearic Pumping
  • Commercial Pumping
  • Lvl Insane

OST Volume 2

  • Unlimited Power
  • Rum ‘n’ Brass
  • I Need You
  • Elixia
  • Be There For You

OST Volume 3

  • Origins
  • Reason For Living
  • Give A Little Love
  • Full Charge
  • Immortal
  • Burning Sands

OST Volume 4

  • Into the Dream
  • Spin Eternally
  • It Takes Me

OST Volume 5

  • I Wanna Be a Machine
  • Firestarter
  • Final-Boss-Chain
  • Magic
  • Curtains (All Night Long)
  • $1.78

What is your favorite song to play in the game? Comment down at the bottom of this guide!

How to Play Beat Saber (Scoring)

beat saber scoring

Getting a high score is not as simple as hitting each block. There are three aspects to the scoring. 

First, when you begin to swing at a block, you must start the swing from at least a 90-degree angle. This will award a maximum of 70 points per block.

Secondly, once you’ve cut the block, you want to continue swinging the controller for at least another 60 degrees. This will add another 30 points to your total. 

Thirdly, make sure you cut the block as close to the center as possible. This will give you another 10 points.

Beat Saber Ratings

When you finish a song in Beat Saber, you are given a score depending on how well you did. The following ratings are the game:

  • SS – 90-99.99%
  • S – 80-89.99%
  • A – 65-79.99%
  • B – 50-64.99%
  • C – 35-49.99%
  • D – 20-34.99
  • E – <19.99%

To get that elusive SS rating on a song, you’ll need to get as close to the maximum of 110 points for each block. Simply getting a full combo throughout the song is not enough.

Make sure you maintain your combo as much as possible. Also, don’t be distracted by the background that will regularly switch between calming blue and an alarming shade of red.

The red background does not mean you’ve failed! The developer just likes to keep you on your toes.

Beat Saber Tips: How to Get a Perfect Score

Keep the following Beat Saber tips in mind to get a perfect score in in the game.

  1. Understand how scoring works
  2. Don’t focus too much on the arrow
  3. Don’t be afraid to get into the music
  4. Warm up with lesser difficulties
  5. Try expert mode with “No Fail” enabled
  6. Ensure the motion controller button is spot-on
  7. Experiment with different motion controller grips
  8. Catch your breath and drink lots of water between rounds.
  9. Adjust the in-game height settings for a comfortable reach.
  10. Practice on slower song speeds to perfect your timing.
  11. Use the practice mode to repeat challenging sections.
  12. Keep your wrists loose for smoother swings.
  13. Focus on the direction of your slashes for higher scores.
  14. Learn the patterns of songs by watching others play.
  15. Regularly calibrate your VR headset for optimal tracking.
  16. Take breaks to avoid physical strain or injury.
  17. Use custom songs for variety and challenge.
  18. Watch replays to analyze and improve your technique.
  19. Maintain a balanced stance for better control and movement.
  20. Experiment with different saber colors for better visibility.
  21. Join online communities for tips and support.
  22. Use headphones for better sound immersion.
  23. Practice footwork to enhance your overall movement.
  24. Set personal goals, like beating a high score or mastering a song.
  25. Celebrate your progress, no matter how small.
  26. Adjust the room settings for a safe playing area.
  27. Keep your eyes on upcoming blocks, not just the ones close to you.
  28. Alternate your leading hand to balance skill development.
  29. Find a comfortable grip that doesn’t strain your hands.
  30. Listen to the music outside of the game to familiarize yourself with the rhythm.
  31. Experiment with mods for new experiences and challenges.
  32. Focus on accuracy before speed in your strikes.
  33. Utilize arm movements more than wrist flicks for larger, more effective swings. This not only helps in achieving higher scores by making fuller swings but also reduces the risk of wrist strain during intense gameplay sessions.

Best Beat Saber Mods

Custom mods can be installed in the game to improve performance. Some of the best custom mods you should consider installing are as follows:

  • Song Loader
  • Beat Saver (in-game website integration)
  • Score Saber (if you care about points)
  • Custom colors
  • CameraPlus (if you record/stream)
  • Custom sabers
  • Custom avatars

Beat Saber Demo Gameplay Videos

Check out the following demo videos to get a good idea of what to expect from the game.

Beat Saber beginner
Playing Beat Saber in Expert Plus

What’s your experience with Beat Saber? Use the comment box below and share your thoughts with us.


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