6 Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories Worth Buying Today

best apple vision pro accessories
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I’ve tried out all official Apple Vision Pro accessories and a ton of third party ones and these are the best ones you need to buy. Below, I’ll go through why each accessory is key, one specific feature I like the most, and how they integrate with your Apple Vision Pro.

If you need one recommendation, the Apple Vision Pro travel case is a must-have, especially if you plan on ever leaving your house with your Vision Pro.

Check out that, along with other top accessories, below.

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What are the Best Apple Vision Pro Accessories?

  1. Official Travel Case

  2. ZEISS Optical Inserts

  3. An Extra Vision Pro Battery

  4. Vision Pro Light Seal

  5. Apple Magic Keyboard

  6. Apple Magic Trackpad

Official Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

The Official Apple Vision Pro Travel Case is a carefully crafted accessory designed by Apple to safeguard your valuable Vision Pro while on the move. This accessory provides a dedicated space for every essential component. The retractable handle and intelligently designed compartments ensure that your Apple Vision Pro, battery, ZEISS optical inserts, Apple Vision Pro Cover, and additional accessories stay organized and safeguarded on the move.

best apple vision pro accessories travel case

One of my favorite features is the ripstop outer shell, which feels premium. The polycarbonate protective structure and microfiber inner lining, does a good job of protecting Apple’s spatial computing device.

This official case is just over 11 inches tall and almost 9 inches wide. These specs are a good balance between portability and ample storage capacity.

apple vision pro travel case review

Key Features I Think You Will Like

  • Durable ripstop outer shell: Shields your device from potential impacts during travel.

  • Soft microfiber inner lining: Cradles your Vision Pro securely and also prevents scratches.

  • Retractable handle: adds a touch of convenience

What I Like About The Official Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

I am particularly impressed with the retractable handle on the Official Apple Vision Pro Travel Case. This thoughtful design element adds a new level of convenience to my VR experience. Plus, this is a feature that is hard to duplicate on knockoffs.

The other big perk I like on this case is the ergonomic design, which exudes confidence in travelling with your $3,500 Apple device.

Click here to view Official Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

ZEISS Optical Inserts

The ZEISS Optical Inserts are a must-have if you normally wear glasses. These magnetic inserts slot into place in front of the Vision Pro lense so you can wear the headset as close to your face as possible. They come in Prescription and Readers varieties, meeting my specific vision requirements.

The Prescription inserts are custom-fit, ensuring clear vision tailored to each of my eyes. The magnetic attachment feature is practical, allowing an easy and secure connection to my Apple Vision Pro.

best apple vision pro accessories zeiss optical lenses

Reader inserts offer three strength levels. This flexibility lets me adjust the magnification for an optimal reading experience in VR.

Key Features I Think You’ll Like

  • Custom-fit Precision: The Prescription inserts accurately correct my vision, making mixed reality much clearer.

  • Magnetic Attachment: Enables quick and easy adjustments to my visual settings.

  • Engraving Option: These personalize my inserts, combining style with functionality.

  • Adjustable Magnification: The strengths of the Reader inserts allow for comfortable reading in virtual settings.

What I Like About the ZEISS Optical Inserts

The magnetic attachment of the ZEISS Optical Inserts stands out. They are easy to insert and attach or take out. This convenience has significantly improved how I use my Vision Pro. I’m not sure how you would use the headset without them if you normally wore glasses.

Click here to view ZEISS Optical Inserts

Extra Vision Pro Battery

The Extra Vision Pro Battery is essential if you plan on using the headset for longer than two hours at a time. Made from machined aluminum, the battery is both elegant and durable. Its woven USB-C cable makes charging straightforward, offering a practical power solution.

I noticed its portability right away. It fits easily into my pocket, providing power wherever I go. Going with USB-C is key for Apple, making this battery compatible with many chargers.

This battery extends the Apple Vision Pro’s life by up to two hours for general use and 2.5 hours for video. It’s invaluable for long gaming sessions or watching VR content, ensuring my Apple Vision Pro keeps up without pause.

Key Features I Think You’ll Like

  • USB-C Port: Offers universal charging compatibility.

  • Durable Build: The machined aluminum construction ensures longevity.

  • Portability: Easy to carry, it supports mobile use of the Apple Vision Pro.

  • Extended Usage: Provides up to two hours of general use.

What I Like Most About the Vision Pro Battery

The portability of the Extra Vision Pro Battery stands out most to me. The battery is slightly smaller than an iPhone and mostly sits out of the way.

Carrying extended power in my pocket allows for longer VR experiences without the concern for battery life. This feature significantly boosts the Apple Vision Pro’s usability, ensuring I’m always ready for another adventure or video session.

Click here to view the Apple Vision Pro battery.

Vision Pro Light Seal

The Vision Pro Light Seal is key if you like a more isolated feeling while you wear your Vision Pro. It fits comfortably against my face, maintaining comfort through long VR sessions and keeping external light out.

The magnetic attachment feature stands out, making it easy to connect securely to the Apple Vision Pro.

best apple vision pro accessories light seal

I appreciate the fit with the Apple Vision Pro Light Seal. It blocks external light effectively, enhancing immersion. The option to engrave the inserts adds a personal touch, which I find appealing.

It comes with interchangeable cushions in two sizes, letting me customize the fit for optimal comfort. This is especially helpful during long gaming sessions or while exploring virtual environments, as it ensures a distraction-free VR experience.

best apple vision pro accessories light seal

Key Features I Think You’ll Like

  • Comfortable Fit: The Light Seal adjusts to my face perfectly, offering both comfort and a precise fit.

  • Blocks External Light: It keeps distracting light out, making my VR sessions more immersive.

  • Magnetic Attachment: This convenient feature allows for a quick, secure connection to the Apple Vision Pro.

  • Customizable Comfort: With two sizes of cushions, I can easily adjust the fit to my preference and clean them without hassle.

What I Like About the Vision Pro Light Seal

What stands out to me is the magnetic attachment mechanism of the Vision Pro Light Seal. It simplifies the process of getting ready for VR, allowing for a quick setup. This ease of use significantly enhances my Apple Vision Pro experience, ensuring I can dive into virtual worlds without delay or discomfort from external light.

Click here to view the Vision Pro Light Seal

Apple Magic Keyboard

Connecting the Apple Magic Keyboard to the Vision Pro makes for a much better experience if you plan on working inside the Vision Pro. The virtual keyboard is okay for casual use, but there is no way you could type up a document efficiently with it.

The Magic Keyboard is flawlessly compatible with the Apple Vision Pro. The wireless and rechargeable keyboard has a long battery life that lasts about a month on a single charge. The Keyboard is compact in size and lightweight, enhancing its portability and making it ideal for use anywhere.

Multimedia keys add functionality, improving my interaction with VR interfaces and typing tasks.

Key Features I Think You’ll Like

  • Superior Typing Experience: Comfortable and precise, making every typing session a breeze.

  • Long Battery Life: Ensures consistent use without frequent recharges, ideal for lengthy VR engagements.

  • Effortless Pairing: Automatically connects with the Vision Pro.

  • Easy Charging: The USB-C to Lightning Cable simplifies charging, keeping the keyboard ready.

What I Like About the Magic Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard’s seamless pairing stands out the most to me. Its ability to connect automatically with the Apple Vision Pro eliminates any setup hassle, enabling a smooth transition between my Mac and VR activities. This convenience significantly optimizes my workflow, making the Magic Keyboard a crucial tool for productivity on the Vision Pro.

Click here to view the Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Trackpad

The Apple Magic Trackpad gives you a convenient input control on your device if eye-tracking and selecting isn’t your thing. The trackpad is wireless, rechargeable, and supports a wide range of Multi-Touch gestures and Force Touch technology. The integration with Apple Vision Pro is seamless, enhancing my control in VR environments with hands, eyes, and voice.

The trackpad’s sensitivity to pressure variations enables precise control for tasks requiring accuracy, like navigating intricate spreadsheets in VR. Its large, edge-to-edge glass surface offers ample room for comfortable scrolling and swiping.

Pairing with my Mac is automatic, simplifying the setup and granting immediate access to my tasks. The long-lasting battery and the included USB-C to Lightning Cable ensure the trackpad is always ready for use.

Key Features I Think You’ll Like

  • Precise Control: The sensitivity to pressure changes allows for meticulous command over interactions.

  • Intuitive Interaction: Offers advanced ways to navigate my Mac, iPad, and VR environments.

  • Comfortable Design: The large glass surface ensures a smooth and comfortable user experience.

  • Long Battery Life: Supports extended use, reducing the need for frequent recharging.

What I Like About the Magic Trackpad

The standout for me is the Magic Trackpad’s expansive glass surface. It offers a generous area for effortless navigation. The trackpad’s smooth surface and precise Multi-Touch gestures enrich my VR experience, making every interaction more intuitive and engaging.

Click here to view the Apple Magic Trackpad.


As you can see, there is a growing list of the best Apple Vision Pro accessories. Third parties have always stepped up to provide Apple accessories at a good price point if you don’t want to pay a premium back to Apple.

The Apple Vision Pro is a unique device and I will be continuously updating this guide with more information and products to check out.

If I had to recommend, the top three Vision Pro accessories are:

  1. Vision Pro Extra Battery

  2. Light Seal

  3. Magic Keyboard


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