Best Logitech Chorus Alternatives: Headphones for the Meta Quest 2

logitech chorus alternatives for the quest 2
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The Logitech Chorus are semi-official off-ear headphones for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. If the price point or any of the features have you a little bit nervous, I’ll show you the best Logitech Chorus alternatives that you can buy for the Quest 2 headset.

For each alternative, I’ll tell you:

  • Reasons why I like each headphones as alternatives
  • Key features you will be interested in
  • How to buy each alternative today

If you want to recommend any other Logitech Chorus alternatives or Quest 2 headphones, comment down below and let me know.

What are the Best Logitech Chorus Alternatives for the Quest 2?

  1. Premium Deluxe All-in-One Audio and Battery Strap
  2. Orzero On-Ear Earbuds
  3. Vive Deluxe Audio Strap and Adapter for the Quest 2

I’ll go into each alternative in a ton of detail below. If you have any more questions, let me know.

What are the Logitech Chorus?

Before I go into the alternatives you should look at, let’s go over what the Logitech Chorus are first. The Chorus are off-ear headphones made specifically for the Quest 2 VR headset. They sit off your ears, hanging off each side of your side strap.

The Chorus headphones have some really cool features for the Quest 2, including:

  • The ability to automatically mute when you flip the speakers up to the sides.
  • USB-C passthrough so that you can charge the headset while the headset is connected.
  • An open-back design so that you can hear your surroundings while you wear the Chorus

The Chorus is available for $99.

Despite its tight integration with the Quest 2, there are a few things that people don’t like about the Chorus. The open-back design is less immersive than other off-ear and on-ear headphones. The price is also more expensive than other third party options.

The Chorus is also hard to find in stock.

Use the button below to buy the Chorus, or take a look at the alternatives below.

Reviews of the Best Logitech Chorus Alternatives

Premium Deluxe All-in-One Audio and Battery Strap

The Premium Deluxe All-in-One Audio and Battery Strap are premium headphones for the Oculus/Meta Quest 2. They come with high-quality leather earmuffs and forehead and back head pads to keep things really comfortable. These headphone delivers 3D 360-degree sounds that are calibrated by distance and direction.

The Premium Deluxe All-in-One Audio and Battery Strap are similar to the Chorus on many fronts. They produce high-quality audio with decent bass loud enough to dive you into the world of VR.

While the Chorus gets electrical power from the Quest 2, the Premium Deluxe All-in-One Audio and Battery Strap have a built-in battery that provides extra 2 hours of playtime.

This headphone is rotatable, foldable, and convenient for storage and carry.

What I Like About These Headphones

If you are planning on buying an extra battery for your Quest 2, then you get two-in-one with these headphones. The sound quality isn’t the absolute best, but it is an improvement over the Quest by itself.

Orzero On-Ear Earbuds

The Orzero On-Ear Earbuds are another alternative to the Chorus on-ear headphones for VR. Each earbud is made of high-quality materials that aid quality sound reproduction. The wires are well-managed, giving you a better gaming experience.

Like the Chorus, Orzero On-Ear Earbuds produce high-fidelity and premium stereo sound with enhanced bass. Orzero On-Ear Earbuds can take your VR gaming experience to a higher level.

You can place these earphones up and down freely as you need, bringing a strong, comfortable feeling. In fact, the headphones rotate a full 360 degrees if you need them too.

What I Like About the Orzero On-Ear Headphones

Orzero makes a handful of third-party Quest 2 accessories that are worth checking out. The On-Ear Earbuds are near replicas of the Chorus, released before them too. I like how they rotate 360 degrees to be up and out of the way if you need them to be.

Vive Deluxe Audio Strap and Adapter

The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is still one of the most comfortable head straps for virtual reality. If you buy the Vive DAS, you can also buy Quest 2 converter snaps separately. The converter snaps will let you wear the head strap with the Quest 2.

The adapter is sturdy ABS plastic, ensuring safety, stability, and comfort. The adapter is easy to install/uninstall and suitable for people who would love to improve the Quest 2 audio over the original head strap.

Like the Chorus, The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap and Adapter have integrated headphones but a full head strap. It delivers impressive sound quality for more comfortable gaming. The earphones come with angle and height adjustments to suit your ears. The improved weight distribution and comfort padding guarantee comfort during immersive VR gameplay.

What I Like About the DAS and Quest 2 Adapter

If you have the DAS strap already, then this solution is a no-brainer. If not, there is a reason it is the highest rated headstrap and audio solution for virtual reality of all time. This strap is comfortable to wear and the off-ear headphones are high quality. The Quest 2 converter clips are made of hard practice and do a great job attaching the DAS to your headset.


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